Monday, May 26, 2008

Madrasa student cracks UPSC

Maulana Waseem is a madrassa product who cracked civil services in 2008

Mateen Hafeez I TNN
Mumbai: At a time when eyebrows are being raised on the kind of education being imparted in madrasas across the country, a maulana from the Darul-Uloom-Deoband in Uttar Pradesh has passed the country’s most elite examination, the Civil Services exam, in his fourth attempt. Moreover, for his interview, the maulana took training from the RSS-run institute Samkalp at Paharganj in New Delhi.

Maulana Waseem-ur-Rehman, 31, is the first madrasa product who has cleared the civil services exams in the country. Brother of a truck driver, Rehman comes from a poor family in Siddharth Nagar, Basti, UP. He stood 404th among the 734 successful candidates. Rehman, who took history
and Persian as hisoptional subjects, wrote his answer paper in Urdu.

Speaking to TOI, Rehman said that he worked hard for four years to crack the exam. “In my three earlier attempts, I failed in the prelim exams. This time, it being my last chance, I worked harder and made it a point to pass the exams. By the grace of Allah I am among
the successful candidates,’’ he said.

Rehman completed his five-year school education from a madrasa, Ahyaul Uloom, before joining the Darul-Uloom-Deoband, the most reputed Islamic institution in the country. He completed the three-year course in Islamic studies, Hadith (sayings of the Prophet), the Quran and Shariat laws from Deoband. “Our Deoband certificate is equivalent to graduation and on the basis of that I took admission in the Bachelor in Unani Medicine and Surgery course in Aligarh. Meanwhile, I realised that students from madrasas hardly think about joining the civil services and becoming part of the system. So I discussed this with my friends and teachers and started collecing books,’’ he said.

‘It was a great time working with Samkalp’

Mumbai: Maulana Waseem-ur-Rehman, who cleared the Civil Service Examination in fourth attempt, is the first madrasa product to pass the country’s most elite exam.

After completing his BUMS, he took admission in Master of Surgery, MD, and also passed this.

Initially, he even did not know that there was a proper syllabus for this exam. “I had to collect the books and notes from several places and would study at night and early in the morning since during the day time I would attend my college for MD course,’’ Rehman said. While his eldest brother does odd jobs, the second is a truck driver and the youngest is doing his MA in Islamic Studies at Aligarh.

Was studying for the Civil Service Exam difficult, since he came from a different academic background? “Yes, but madrasa education has given me the power to think and I have a good knowledge of philosophy as it was explained properly in the madrasa. I worked hard and the rest was in the hands of Allah,’’ said Rehman. Those on the interview panel for the exam asked Rehman to explain why the ratio of males to females is more equal for Muslims than for other communities. “I answered everything in the light of Islam and they were convinced by my replies,’’ he added.

Talking about his experience at the RSSrun Samkalp, Rehman said, “It was a great time. They even informed me that I was selected for the coaching class and called me up regularly until I joined them. I did not feel any biased attitude over there. They are doing a good job,’’ he said. Of 825 IAS aspirants trained by Samkalp, 295 have passed the exam this year.

The Times of India,

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Police seek Jolie’s bodyguards

THE BODY & THE GUARD: Hollywood star Angelina Jolie with her ‘racist’ minder

Kartikeya & Mateen Hafeez I TNN
Mumbai: The three bodyguards of star Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are wanted to stand trial for allegedly intimidating, insulting and assaulting parents at a local school during the shooting of the film A Mighty Heart in Mumbai have failed to turn up for a single court date.

On a visit to Anjuman-e-Islam school in South Mumbai for the shoot on November 16, 2006, a scuffle broke out between the three men—Thomas McAdam (47), Robert Dunn (35) and Michael Brett (50)—and parents who had come to pick up their children. One of the men is alleged to have abused a parent by calling him “You bloody Indian’’. All three bodyguards were arrested the next day and later released on bail.

Jolie herself had strongly denied the charges saying that she would never employ anybody who was racist as her own family was of mixed race. Brad Pitt, who was one of the producers of the film, had even met the then police
commissioner A N Roy and said that his men could never hurt children.

But now when the time has come to prove their innocence in court the men are not to be found. All three are British nationals and booked under Section 323 of the IPC for “voluntarily causing hurt’’, under section 504, for “intentional insult to provoke breach of peace’’ and under section 506 for “criminal intimidation’’.

A chargesheet was filed in February 2007 but as the bodyguards failed to appear in court summons were issued asking them to remain present. “The address given by them was the Taj Hotel. The police went there but were told that they had left a long time ago,’’ said inspector Dhananjay Sonawane.

Cops to seek non-bailable warrants for Jolie guards
Mumbai: Thomas McAdam, Robert Dunn and Michael Brett, the British bodyguards of Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who have been accused of intimidating, insulting and assaulting parents of the students of Anjuman-e-Islam school, have for the last one
year failed to turn up whenever the matter has been called out in court. The police said they will now ask the court to issue non-bailable warrants against the accused. The next hearing is on July 8.

The complainant in the case, Zubair Ahmed, a parent who was allegedly roughed up by the bodyguards, said he wanted the trial to start.

“If the men are as innocent as Angelina claimed, then why don’t they come to India and face trial?’’ Ahmed asked.


One of the accused, Michael Brett, was charged in June 2006 with assaulting a restaurateur in Namibia and injuring his eye. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were in Namibia to
have their first biological child. Brett was granted bail.
The bodyguards were caught on camera roughing up a British cameraman in Pune

The Times of India, May 24, 2008