Tuesday, July 24, 2012

‘I did not sleep for 60 hrs during 26/11’

Jundal Guided Attackers Over Telephone

Mateen Hafeez | TNN

Mumbai: Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal, who is being questioned for his involvement in the 26/11 terror attacks in the city, told police that he did not sleep for 60 hours while handling operations from November 26, 2008. Jundal was continuously in touch with the Pakistani terrorists over the phone and guided them on how to go about the operations. 
    Niket Kaushik, additional commissioner of police (crime branch), said Jundal, who followed the Hanfi sect, began with the Ahle Hadees sect in 2003. “In 2005, he began getting training in terror operations. He got in touch
with the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) through Aslam Kashmiri. Jundal was introduced to Kashmiri through another accused, Aamir Shaikh, from Aurangabad,” said Kaushik. Shaikh and Kashmiri are in jail now. 
    Jundal told investigators that the final touches for the 26/11 operation were given four months prior to the attack. “I did not sleep during the operation. I was entrusted with handling the gunmen in Mumbai,” he told police. Jundal said he visited Nepal in 2005 and attended a meeting of LeT sympathizers. In 2006, after reaching Pakistan, he met militants in camps there. “Jundal had easy access to Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan. Jundal underwent terror training twice,” said Kaushik, contradicting the Delhi police special cell’s claim that he never underwent training as he was suffering from back pain.

Observes fast in lock-up, unlike Kasab
    Abu Jundal is observing roza (fast) in the crime branch lock-up. “He told us he wants to observe a fast and adequate arrangements be made for him to have saheri (food at dawn) and iftaar to break his fast. We have agreed and made adequate arrangements,” said crime branch officer Niket Kaushik. However, another terrorist, Ajmal Kasab, who was convicted in the 26/11 case, does not fast at the Arthur Road jail, police officials said. Jundal has been kept on the second floor of the lock-up. “There is no one (else) on that floor. He wakes up at 3.30 am and has his saheri. Later, he offers prayers,” said an officer. For iftaar, crime branch sleuths get him fruits, juice and other
food. He breaks his fast after sunset. 
The Times of India, July 24, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

‘26/11 was hatched across 5 nations’

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The interrogation of Zabihuddin Ansari, alias Abu Jundal, by the Delhi police’s special cell and central agencies has shown that the 26/11 suspects operated out of several countries.
    The police believe that the conspiracy was meticulously executed in Pakistan, the US, Italy, Spain and Thailand. Still, they are taking Jundal’s account with a pinch of salt. A source said his information about the international nature of the operation had loopholes. “He has given us incorrect or partial information about the accused. It seems the LeT has not kept him in the loop about each and everything. It is pertinent to note that the LeT carried out this operation in a planned manner, but not all its members may have known about the entire conspiracy. Nevertheless, whatever information we have got so far from Jundal indicates the involvement of suspects from various countries,” said a source in the security establishment.
    The ten 26/11 gunmen were trained in Pakistan’s Muridke and Muzaffarabad camps, but they were provided with logistical support by Pakistanborn US citizen David Headley, who was initially a CIA agent but later defected to the LeT. The ten terrorists kept in touch with their handlers via VoIP (internet telephony) connections bought by agents in Italy. “Fake identity cards were most likely provided to them by an international fake passport ring operating in Spain and Thailand,” said a police officer.
    The Mumbai Police had earlier stressed the importance of interrogating Pakistani nationals associated with the ring to establish a “definite connection” with the 26/11 attacks. “We need to get official information and the opportunity to interrogate them. It all depends on that country’s courts,” said an officer. “Unfortunately, we have not been able to question a father-son duo arrested in Brescia, Italy, in 2010 (see graphic). Though a letter rogatory (a formal request from a court to a foreign court) was sent to an Italian court, authorities there have yet to get back to us.”
    The arrest of Zabihuddin Ansari, alias Abu Jundal, has given investigators a much clearer idea of how the 26/11 terror attack was a multi-country operation, involving places in Pakistan, the US, 
Spain, Italy and Thailand  
Pakistan-born American citizen David Coleman Headley, initially a CIA agent who defected to the LeT, was arrested in the US in October 2009
    He admitted to making many trips to India. In Mumbai, he did reconnaissance of the Oberoi and Taj hotels, CST railway station, Nariman House, Mumbai Port Trust properties, the Gateway of India, Naval defence areas and other military and governmental installations
    He admitted to sending information to Pakistani terrorists. He was not mentioned as an accused in the 26/11 chargesheet
    In 2010, US national security adviser James Jones said India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) had been given access to Headley
    During his interrogation by the NIA, Headley admitted to meeting several Pakistani handlers in Karachi and other places. It now appears that one of the handlers was the recently arrested Zabihuddin Ansari, alias Abu Jundal

ITALY On November 21, 2009, Pakistani nationals Mohammad Yaqub Janjua (60) and his son Aamer Yaqub (31) were arrested in Brescia, Italy
26/11 CONNECTION | Accused of transferring money to activate a VoIP connection, used by the 26/11 attackers
    The duo owned a money transfer firm in Brescia, which they used to transfer funds for 26/11
    The Mumbai crime branch believes there is a connection between the Janjuas and a non-resident Pakistani
national, Javed Iqbal, who has been named in the 26/11 chargesheet
    VoIP service fi rm Callphonex’s owner, a US citizen of Asian origin, deposed in the 26/11 trial against Ajmal Kasab. The terrorists’ Callphonex account was set up by an individual who used the e-mail account kharaktelco@yahoo.com, which Mumbai Police says is fake
Status | Mumbai Police sent a letter rogatory (a formal request from a court to a foreign court) to Italy, but they didn’t respond. The accused are in an Italian prison

SPAIN On November 30-December 1, 2010, Pakistani nationals Junaid Humayun, Atiqur Rehman, Jabran Asghar Malik, Iftikhar Ahmad, Saddique Begum and Tanveer Arshad, and Nigerian national Babatunde Agunbiade were arrested in Barcelona, Spain  
26/11 CONNECTION | Preliminary reports suggest they helped provide fake identity cards to the 10 terrorists. They allegedly worked with the LeT in staging the attack and had links with al-Qaida and the LTTE  
MAIN ROLE | It was to steal passports from unsuspecting tourists in Barcelona and send them to Thailand, where they were doctored. The passports were then given to terror agents to enter countries illegally. Spanish police suspect the module had helped the ten 26/11 terrorists procure fake identity cards whereby they posed as students of colleges in Bangalore and Hyderabad
Mumbai Police are not sure whether the group had anything to do with fi nancing the VoIP connection that the gunmen used to communicate with their handlers during the siege
STATUS | The six Pakistani and one Nigerian nationals are in a Spanish jail

The 26/11 chargesheet listed 35 LeT terrorists and their aides as responsible for training the 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai on November 26, 2008, and providing them with logistical support between December 2007 and November 2008
    On November 25, 2009, a Pakistani anti-terrorism court charged seven suspects with planning and helping execute the Mumbai attacks. They were Zakiur-Rehman Lakhvi, Zarar Shah, Abu al-Qama, Hamad Amin Sadiq, Shahid Jamil Riaz, Jamil Ahmed and Younas Anjum. All are in a Rawalpindi jail
    A probe by the Mumbai police found that Lakhvi and Shah were the main handlers of the 10 terrorists and motivated them before the attack to kill people
THAILAND On November 30-December 1, 2010, two Pakistani nationals and one Thai citizen were arrested as part of the Barcelona operation
26/11 CONNECTION | The three worked with the Spanish group and helped doctor stolen passports. Police suspect they had procured fake identity cards for the 26/11 terrorists. A Thai police statement at the time of their arrest said: They are suspected of... many terrorist attacks in Spain and other European Union countries
STATUS | The trio is in a Thai jail

The Times of India, July 23, 2012

Jundal subjected to prolonged questioning

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai:LeT’s terrorist handler Zabihuddin Ansari, alias Abu Jundal, was subjected to sustained interrogation on Sunday. During questioning, he said he was initially not aware of the use of the 2006 Aurangabad arms haul weapons. Jundal is said to have supplied the weapons to the people arrested in the arms haul case. 

    A source said Jundal, who is being questioned for his alleged role in the 26/11 attack, told the crime branch he came to know about the intended use of the consignment a year
later in Pakistan, when his mentors there told him it was to be used for a terror attack in Mumbai or killing a prominent politician in Gujarat.
    On 26/11, Jundal said he attended conspiracy meetings twice in Rawalpindi. “It was (LeT operational head) Muzammil (Butt) who gave the idea of shortlisting a group of 10 young boys who could be dispatched to Mumbai for the attacks,” Jundal is believed to have told his interrogators.
    He said that after fleeing Maharashtra, he went to Kolkata and then Bangladesh, where he obtained a fake passport for Rs 15,000. From there, he went to Pakistan.
    “Jundal is being questioned on the roles of the individuals involved in the 26/11 case,” said a crime branch officer. “He said he learnt using VoIP in Pakistan, which he used during 26/11 to communicate with the terrorists.” 
The Times of India, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jundal in cop custody, will be made to face Kasab

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: A day after the state Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) was granted the custody of Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal, the key 26/11 plotter was brought to the city on Saturday and produced before an additional chief metropolitan magistrate. The judge remanded Jundal in the crime branch’s custody for ten days after the police sought his custody for two weeks saying they wanted to confront him with convicted Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab. 
    Jundal, who belongs to Beed, was deported from Saudi Arabia on June 21 and booked in an arms haul case by the Delhi police. He was brought to the Esplanade court at 11.40am clad in a kurta-pyjama, his face covered with a black cloth. The cops removed the shroud to reveal his face to judge S D Rathor. Jundal, who was brought barefoot like all other accused, looked calm and relaxed.

    Special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam began his arguments in the court pointing out that Jundal was one of the key 26/11 conspirators.
26/11 CASE
Crime branch to request HC to constitute special court
Mumbai: Terror suspect Abu Jundal was produced in court on Saturday.
    “We have voluminous evidence against him. We also know that some state actors took part in the attack,” Nikam said. He pointed out that the Bombay high court had said the 26/11 strike was a “war against India”. He further said Jundal was present in the control room set up in Karachi during the attack and his role was much bigger than thought earlier. “We want to confront him with Kasab. We have eyewitnesses and documentary evidence against Jundal. Investigators want to probe the deep-rooted conspiracy of the attacks, so we need his custody,” Nikam said. Reading out sections of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, he said the police could demand a 30-day custody as per the Act but were seeking Jundal’s custody for only 14 days. When the judge asked Jundal in Hindi if he wanted to say something, the terrorist replied in the negative. Judge Rathor then said, “He is rem anded in custody till July 31.” 

    Jundal is accused of conspiring in the 26/11 attacks
with the Lashkar-e-Taiba brass. During the strike, he guided, motivated and instructed the terrorists through a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) facility. Till then, nobody had imagined the presence of an Indian in the Karachi control room. During his interrogation, Kasab had said that one Abu Jundal had given them training in speaking Hindi and even supervised their training sessions and mock drills for the attack. In 2010, there was suspicion that Jundal could be an Indian and perhaps the same Zabihuddin Ansari wanted in the 2006 arms haul case. 

    Meanwhile, the crime br a nch has decided to reque st the Bombay high court to constitute a special court to hear Jundal’s case. The cr ime br anch has formed th ree te ams—one to grill Jundal, the second to do the paperwork and the third for out do or duty. Crime branch offi cers said they will first try to find out how the Beed man got close to LeT’s leaders like Hafiz Saeed, Zarar Shah and Zaki-ur-Rehman La khvi. “It’s not easy for an Indian to directly reach a co ntrol room run by the Pakistani terror outfit,” an offi cer said.

The Times of India, July 22, 2012

Suspect to be in Kasab’s lockup

Mateen Hafeez | TNN

Mumbai : City crime branch’s lockup is terror suspect Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal’s first home in Mumbai. This ground-plusthree-storey building within the premises of the police commissionerate at Crawford Market will be Jundal’s interrogation room-cumbedroom. It is the same lockup where 26/11 gunman Ajmal Kasab had been lodged during investigations.
    The lockup is a drab room that has, in the past, housed don Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Iqbal Kaskar, Dawood aide Ejaz Pathan, actor Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt and film financier Bharat Shah. The building is guarded by at least six cops. Security in and around the building was beefed up further on Saturday after Jundal was sent in the crime branch’s custody. 

    Next to the lockup building is the office of crime branch’s Unit 1, which is investigating 26/11 terror attack cases. Additional commissioner of police Ashok Durraphe, the chief investigating officer, also sits in the
neighbouring building. Crime branch bosses and other investigators, too, are in the next building. The compound has offices of police commissioner Arup Patnaik, three joint commissioners, two additional commissioners and half a dozen deputy commissioners of police. 

    There are two policemen on each floor; more cops are posted outside Jundal’s cell. “Each floor in this building has four small cells. There are no fan or pillows. Two tubelights service the passageway. An accused gets food prepared by a governmentapproved contractor and water from a common tap,” said a police official. However, mo re tubelights have been installed in his cell, monitored by CCTV cameras.

The Times of India, July 22, 2012

Kasab could be rearrested

Mateen Hafeez | TNN

Mumbai: Convicted Pakistani gunman Ajmal Kasab is likely to be rearrested in the 26/11 te rror case so that he can be co nfronted with his handler, Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal. 

    “We cannot question an accused in judicial custody and hence we will have to rearrest Ka sab in the case. The purpose of making Kasab face Jundal is to verify our information that the latter was the one who trained them in Hindi and was one of the handlers for the Nariman House terrorists,” said a Mumbai crime branch officer.
    The officer, though, added that they will take a legal opinion on how to go about it since a convict cannot be rearrested twice for the same offence in the same case.  “We have Jundal’s voice during the 26/11 terror attack and a fresh voice sample will be taken for testing. These will be sent to the Mumbai or Chandigarh FSL.” The officer added, “We have formed teams to probe various aspects of the 26/11 case. A special team will interrogate him. A total of three teams will handle the probe; one for interrogation, another for paperwork and the third to make investigation trips outside Maharashtra, if required. At least 50 members will be involved.” 

    To avoid any security risk, Jundal’s medical examination will be done within crime branch premises. A multi-layer se curity cordon has been sp read around him, including quick response team commandos. 
The Times of India, July 22, 2012

Nine-car convoy, commandos accompany Abu Jundal to court

Mateen Hafeez | TNN

    The city police had made a tighter security arrangement for terror suspect Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal than for any other accused so far. Jundal was brought to Esplande court on Saturday morning in a nine-car convoy with two dozen armed-to-theteeth commandos and two armoured vehicles.
    While the Cama Hospital lane gate of the court premises was shut to the public, only a 
sea of police personnel could be seen at the two gates leading from the St Xavier’s College end. Police personnel belonging to the state reserve police force (SRPF) and some from the city police’s intelligence wing and special branch were roaming in mufti.
    The police allowed only those with a valid identity card to enter the court premises. They were also seen carrying mirror equipment to check vehicles before allowing them inside. Women police personnel were deployed on the ground floor. Approximately 50 police personnel were on the first floor of the court where Jundal was to be brought. Service revolvers of some of the crime branch personnel could be seen easily as they had tucked their weapons near the belt. Policemen from the Azad Maidan police station were also deployed in huge numbers at all the gates.
    At 11.40am, soon after Jundal was brought in a special crime branch vehicle accompanied by two armoured vehicles and a huge van full of commandos in bullet-proofjackets, carrying AK-47, the gates leading to the first floor of the court were closed to the public. A handcuffed Jundal was surrounded by more than a dozen police personnel from crime branch’s Unit 1 and property cell officers. Media personnel, who were waiting for Jundal’s entry, were forbidden even to read newspapers in the courtroom. Policemen carrying wireless were seen roaming in the court compound while additional commissioner of crime branch police Niket Kaushik was also present in the courtroom to supervise the police work in court.
    Hundreds of onlookers gathered outside the gate to see as what was happening. The police tried to disperse the mob, but none showed any signs of leaving.
    The route to bring Jundal in and take him out of the compound was, therefore, changed.
What led to his arrest May 9, 2006 | Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal fl ees from Aurangabad highway after dumping arms. He goes to Bangladesh and then Pakistan where he joins LeT’s training camps
May 2011 | He is spotted in Saudi Arabia. Indian police, along with Saudi intelligence, identify him, monitor his calls and prepare to bring him to India
June 21, 2012 | He is deported to New Delhi
June 25, 2012 | He is formally arrested by Delhi police in arms factory case
June 26, 2012 | He admits he was present in LeT’s Karachi control room to monitor the 26/11 attack
July 5, 2012 | He is produced before a Delhi court and his custody is extended for 15 more days
July 20, 2012 | Police of Gujarat, Maharashtra and National Investigation Agency battle for his custody. Delhi court gives him in Maharashtra ATS custody
July 21, 2012 | He is produced in a Mumbai court
State ATS will later arrest him in these cases
German Bakery Blast | ATS wants to question Jundal in connection with the 2010 German Bakery bomb blast in Pune, which killed 17. He was allegedly present at a Colombo meeting where the conspiracy for the blast was hatched and Himayat Baig, who has been arrested, was tutored  
Aurangabad Arms Haul | Jundal is wanted in the case for the 2006 haul, in which police seized 43kg RDX, 16 AK-47 rifl es, 3,200 bullets and 50 grenades
Nashik Police Academy Terror Plot | ATS arrested one Farid Baba Shaikh alias Bada Bilal, and seized 700gms RDX. Jundal is listed as an accused in the case
Security cover on July 21 Jundal was brought to court in a nine-car convoy with two dozen commandos and two armoured vehicles. Over 100 police personnel were deployed. The commandos were carrying AK-47 rifl es
What he told the Judge Additional chief metropolitan magistrate, S D Rathor, asked Jundal in Hindi, “Do you want to say anything?” A relaxed Jundal said, “I don’t want to say anything”  
    Jundal will be kept in the crime branch lockup. This ground-plus-three-storey building within the premises of the police commissionerate at Crawford market will be Jundal’s interrogation room
cum-bedroom. It is the same lock-up where 26/11 gunman Ajmal Kasab was lodged during investigations
    This lockup had earlier housed don Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Iqbal Kaskar, Dawood aide Ejaz Pathan, actor Salman Khan, fi lm fi nancier Bharat Shah and actor Sanjay Dutt
    Security in and around the building was increased on Saturday soon after Jundal was given in crime branch custody

Cases against Abu Jundal Mumbai police (crime branch) 26/11 Mumbai attacks | He reportedly taught terrorists Hindi, gave them tips on Mumbai, motivated them during the attacks from a Karachi control room, and was present when they sailed from Karachi

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mumbai finally gets its hands on 26/11 ‘mastermind’

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The man who remote-controlled the November 2008 Mumbai terror attack that killed more than 150 people will finally land in the city on Saturday.
    A Delhi court on Friday granted the custody of Lashkare-Taiba (LeT) operative Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal to the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). The court also asked the state cops to produce Jundal before the Mumbai chief metropolitan magistrate to decide on his further custody. The 31-year-old Beed resident faces charges of killing 183 people in Maharashtra alone—166 in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks of 2008 and 17 in the Pune German Bakery blast of 2010. Meanwhile, ATS chief Rakesh Maria said that he had agreed to give the city crime branch the first shot at interrogating Jundal.
May 9, 2006 Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal flees from Aurangabad highway after dumping arms and ammunition. He goes to Bangladesh and then to Pakistan where he joins LeT’s training camps
November 2008 Directs Pakistani gunmen in Mumbai through VoIP 

May 2011 Spotted in Saudi Arabia. Indian police, along with Saudi intelligence, identify him, monitor his phone calls and arrest him
June 21, 2012 Jundal is deported to New Delhi 
 PRIZE CATCH Jundal to be produced in city court today
Mumbai: A Delhi court granted the Maharashtra ATS the custody of LeT handler Abu Jundal. ATS chief Rakesh Maria said, “I have spoken to crime branch head Himanshu Roy. I told him to take Jundal’s custody as the 26/11 attacks was the bigger case. In the interest of investigation, we have decided that the ATS will not object when the crime branch seeks Jundal’s custody in the 26/11 case on Saturday,” said Maria.
    Jundal will be produced before the Esplanade court on Saturday. “I have also informed the special public prosecutor, Ujjwal Nikam, about our decision not to object to the handover of Jundal’s custody to the crime branch,” said Maria. Besides the 26/11 and German Bakery cases, Jundal is an accused in the 2006 Aurangabad arms haul and the Nashik Police Academy conspiracy. The police said Jundal had “instructed and motivated terrorists” to attack and kill people during 26/11.
    Jundal was deported from Saudi Arabia on June 21 and formally shown as arrested (by the Delhi police) on June 25. After Saudi Arabia agreed to deport Jundal, the government decided to put him on a flight to Delhi instead of Mumbai. Though the most serious offence against him was involvement in 26/11, the government did not want another fight to erupt between Delhi and Mumbai police. Delhi has named him an accused in an arms manufacturing case. During the 13/7 Mumbai blasts case, the Delhi police had accused Mumbai ATS of arresting their informant, Naqi Ahmed. 

    The Delhi court, which handed over Jundal’s custody to the ATS on Friday, also directed the media not to publish “clear” photographs or show video footage of him citing security concerns. The court said the media should show or publish only blurred images of the 26/11 handler. The LeT operative is being guarded by the Delhi police’s
SWAT team and CRPF commandos. Jundal was born on November 30, 1980, in Beed. His father Zakiuddin used to work as an insurance agent. Jundal studied till Class X in Georai and joined the Industrial Training Institute in Beed. He joined SIMI in 2000 and went to Pakistan. In May 2006, while the police were after him near Aurangabad, Jundal dumped arms and ammunition and escaped to Kolkata with the help of his aides, Shahid Bilal and Abdul Khwaja.
    He later moved to Bangladesh and obtained a Bangladeshi passport for Rs 15,000 before entering Pakistan. He stayed there for around five years and had a Pakistani passport under the name, Riyasat Ali. This passport (QL1790941), issued on Jan 28, 2009, in Pakistan, showed him as a resident of Punjab province. In India, the last passport issued in his name bore the number E7845118. 
The Times of India, July 21, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cops knew of plan to attack Nashik police academy


Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: What Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) handler Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal said about a possible 26/11-like terror attack on the Nashik police academy was something the Maharashtra cops knew since September 2010, when they arrested a key Indian Mujahideen suspect, Bilal Baba Hussain Shaikh alias Bada Bilal (27). 

    Jundal told the Delhi police that after the 26/11 attacks, the LeT shortlisted the Nashik academy—a state-level training institution for Maharashtra Police personnel—as a terror target. The plan was to emulate the 2009 attack on a police training academy in Lahore.

    “What Jundal told the Delhi police about the plan to attack the Nashik academy was already known to us. Necessary instructions for the academy’s security were issued after that. Shaikh was arrested in September 2010 along with German Bakery blast suspect, Mirza Himayat Baig,” said a source in the state police. The ATS had arrested Shaikh, a college dropout, for allegedly planning terror attacks on the Nashik police commissionerate, the academy and the cantonment there.

    “During interrogation, Shaikh admitted to having visited the Nashik police academy and surveyed the entire location. He had even told his mentors that the main gate should not be used to launch the attack as there was
a lot of security there. He had suggested that another gate with relatively less security should be used. He had even given a description of the academy to his bosses,” said a source in the security establishment.

    Baig’s name had cropped up during interrogation. “Baig has visited Nashik several times. Shaikh conducted a recce of the sites in Nashik and told Baig about them. Baig was aware of this conspiracy,” the police said, claiming to have seized 700gm of RDX from Shaikh.

The Times of India, July 20, 2012

Lack of proof bails out 7 Jalna blast suspects

Rakesh Dhawade is also an accused in the 2008 Malegaon bomb blast

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: A Jalna sessions court on Wednesday acquitted seven accused, including antique dealer Rakesh Dhawade, in the Qadriya Mosque bomb blast case due to lack of evidence. Dhawade, arrested and chargesheeted within eight hours in November 2008 in Jalna, is still in jail for his alleged role in the 2008 Malegaon blast case.
    Those acquitted include Yogendra Deshpande, Guru Raj, Jayaram Toptewar, Rahul Manohar Pandey, Sanjay Vitthalrao and Maruti Wagh. A bomb was hurled into the mosque on August 27, 2004. The case was later handed over to the Jalna crime branch.
    Dhawade was first arrested for his role in the Malegaon blast, along with Lt Col Prasad Purohit and others. “We will appeal in the high court against this acquittal,” said public prosecutor Pradip M Jadhav.
    Pune-based Dhawade was an arms and armour expert. He has a collection of nearly 2,000 historical artefacts and was also a consultant for the Aamir Khan-starrer Bollywood film ‘Mangal Pandey: The Rising’. Some of the rare articles in his collection are a sword — about 300 years old — with the Devi Kavacham stotra inscribed on its hilt and a 700-year-old Nepali sword belonging to a royal family. 

    After the ATS arrested Dhawade in the Malegaon case, he was handed over to the Jalna police for his alleged role in the mosque blast. The Jalna police had questioned him and filed a 56-
page chargesheet an hour later on the same day. TOI had then written about the ATS’s hasty investigation.
    The Jalna police had then said that Dhawade participated in a terror camp where 7-8 youths were trained. These youths were also picked up for the Nanded, Parbhani and Purna (Parbhani) blasts. Dhawade has been accused of collecting funds for the rightwing group, Abhinav Bharat.
    Dhawade had told the police that he was the only Indian member of the Arms and Armour Society, London. He was awarded the UK Travel Award 2000-01 by the Nehru Trust at the London museum for research on the “study and exchange of themes of conservation and preservation of historical arms and armour in the UK”.

The Times of India, July 20, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jundal’s co-accused was LeT’s western India commander

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Suspected Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) handler Zabiuddin Ansari aka Abu Jundal’s co-accused in the 2006 Aurangabad arms haul case, Faisal Shaikh, was the western India commander of the terror outfit, said the police.
    Faisal, now 36 years old, was arrested on July 27, 2006, for his alleged role in the 11/7 train blasts in Mumbai. Originally belonging to Nagpada, he had allegedly planted a bomb on a local train along with a Pakistani national, the blasts chargesheet stated. His younger brother, Muzammil, a software engineer, was also arrested for the train blasts.
    “While Jundal headed the arms haul operations and acted as a handler during the 26/11 attacks, Faisal was operations chief during the train blasts,” said a police officer. Faisal had also allegedly sent at least six people to Pakistan for terror training.
    Questions had been raised over detection of the train blasts case by the ATS as the crime branch had in 2008 said that those arrested for the explosions were not involved in the terror strike, and a group of Indian Mujahideen operatives had executed the bombings.
    “It was Faisal who provided money to a wanted accused, Raheel Shaikh, to flee the country after the arms haul case. Faisal had arranged visa documents for SIMI member Fayyaz Kagzi and five others for going to Pakistan,” the chargesheet said.
    Sources in the security establishment said after the arms haul case, wherein Jundal was suspected to have brought firearms and ammunition into Maharashtra, Faisal helped other accused evade arrest. Faisal was trained in Pakistan’s Bahawalpur camp under Azam Cheema, a LeT trainer and wanted accused in the 11/7 and the 26/11 cases.
    Faisal reportedly had an “export-import’’ business. However, crime branch officers who picked him up said the “small business’’ was only a front for routing hawala money for terror purposes. “We have come to know that he got hawalarouted money that was used to recruit youths for terror activities,’’ a crime branch officer had said. 

    Faisal visited Pakistan twice in 2004 and 2005 for weapons training and stayed there for six months each time. Muzammil, who used to stay on Temkar Street in Nagpada, sold his house in 1996 and shifted to Mira Road. He joined the Bangalore unit of an MNC on a salary of Rs 40,000 a month.

• LeT handler Zabiuddin Ansari aka Abu Jundal headed 2006 arms haul and 26/11 terror cases while Faisal Sheikh was operations chief during 11/7 train blasts

• Police had seized 43kg of RDX, 16 rifles, 3,200 bullets, 50 grenades, two swords etc while probing arms haul case in which both Jundal and Faisal are accused

• ATS is probing Aurangabad arms haul and 11/7 train blasts cases

The Times of India, July 18, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Jihadis cheat bosses, pocket terror funds

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Can dedicated jihadis involved in acts of terrorism also be selfish cheats out to line their own pocket? The answer seems to be a resounding yes going by the investigations into several bomb blast cases in the country. Not only foot-soldiers but even the top brass of the banned outfit Indian Mujahideen (IM) have duped their foreign-based handlers of lakhs of rupees. Money meant to fund terror activities or recruit new operatives was on many occasion siphoned off and used for ‘personal benefit’.
    “The latest example was slain terror suspect Qateel Siddiqui who was murdered in Pune’s Yerwada jail on June 8. He was paid Rs one lakh to enlist new faces into IM. However, when we questioned him about the use of money, he was reluctant to reply. On sustained interrogation, he admitted that he had spent the money on two girls, and that the IM top functionaries were unaware about it,” said an officer in the state’s anti-terrorism squad (ATS) who personally questioned him. Siddiqui was accused in the 2011 Delhi Jama Masjid firing case and the 2010 Chinnaswamy stadium blast case. “Siddiqui told us that he was not interested in following IM’s ideology but was more interested in getting funds for his personal use. He had even opposed several programmes of IM,” the officer added.  
IM’s India chief invested terror funds in real estate
Mumbai: Many terror operatives routinely use their sponsors’ money to meet their personal ends. Among the more interesting stories about such self-serving mercenary terrorists is that of Indian Mujahideen’s Indian chief Yaseen Bhatkal alias Shahrukh. “Several suspects caught recently told us that Bhatkal wanted to become a developer,” said the ATS officer. “To begin with, he invested Rs 14 lakh in an underconstruction project in Nalasopara. The money was routed to him by his foreign-based mentors in early 2010 to take care of the legal expenses of the jailed IM members. Nobody knew what he did with the money. We have learned that he was interested in investing more money in other projects. Perhaps the founder-members of IM and those who control the outfit’s reins trust Bhatkal blindly,” said the officer.

    Bhatkal, who is wanted in the German Bakery bomb blast case, the 13/7 triple blasts, the Delhi arms factory case and the Jama Masjid firing among others, allegedly oversees all IM operations in India. He has been able to dodge the police twice in the past. He even spent some time in a jail but police could not recognize him. 

    The money is sent to IM operatives in India by the outfit’s fund-raising members based either in Pakistan or the UAE through hawala.
    Similar is the case of Mirza Himayat Baig, the lone arrested suspect in the German Bakery blast that killed 17. Baig attended a conspiracy meeting with IM leader and accused Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal and Fayyaz Kagzi in Colombo prior to the blast. Later, he was sent Rs 12.5 lakh for the terror ‘mission’. While he used Rs 10 lakh on operational expenses, the remaining Rs 2.5 lakh went towards paying off his various debts. “Most IM operatives use this modus operandi since there is no accountability where money is concerned in the outfit. The top functionaries are bothered only about operations. The money does not come out of their pockets and they do not care to keep tabs on it,” said the officer.

The Times of India, July 16, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

No terror angle, it’s a murder case: ATS

Laila Khan murder case:


Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The Maharashtra anti-terrorism squad (ATS) said on Friday the Laila Khan matter was a murder case and there was no terror angle to it.
    Initially, a case of kidnapping was registered against Parvez Iqbal Tak, the main accused and Laila’s mother Saleena’s third husband, andAasif Shaikh, Saleena’s second husband.  “We told the director general of police that this was a caseof murder and no terror angle was involved,” said an ATS officer. “The DGP took a call on the matter and handed over investigation to the crime branch of Mumbai Police.” 

    A section of the media had reported aboutlinksbetween Laila and LeT terrorists. “But there is no evidence to prove this. It’s a rumour,” the ATS officer said. “We summoned several people and questioned them to verify if Laila or any of her family members had any connection with terror outfits. But such a link could not be established.”

    He said the ATS never questioned Tak. “He was on the run and finally caught by J&K Police. Some people have said that we questionedhim,butcould notextract any information. This is not true.”

The Times of India, July 14, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ultras played ‘victims’ to get money




Funds For Bombs Were Collected By Terrorists Who Posed As Riot Survivors, Said They Were Helping Rehabilitation


Mateen Hafeez | TNN

    While investigations into the July 13, 2011 blasts initially seemed at a deadend, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) had actually picked up the scent as early as August 2011 when it arrested Mumbra resident Haroon Naik in a fake currency case after his arrival at Mumbai airport from the Middle East. Naik has now been arrested in the 13/7 case and is supposed to be an important part of the hawala chain that sent Rs 10 lakh for the blasts from Dubai.

    The five arrested in the 13/7 case have confessed that Indian Mujahideen (IM) and LeT fund-raisers collected money for the attack by posing as victims of riots in India and saying that the money would be used to rehabilitate riot victims. “In 2002, an arrested person (in another case) told the Mumbai police
that the LeT had an office to raise funds in Dubai,” said a senior ATS officer. “This office was shut after the outfit was banned. Now, this outfit and the IM are collecting funds in the Gulf by posing as riot victims. ATS sources said Riyaz met Naik in the UAE, held meetings for the blasts and gave him money to send to India.
    Five people are absconding in the case for the blasts at Opera House, Zaveri Bazar and Dadar, which killed 27 and injured 127. The ATS has arrested Naik, Bihar residents Naqi Ahmed, Nadeem Shaikh and Kafeel Ansari, and hawala operator Kanwar Pathrija. The wanted include IM Indian operations chief Yasin Bhatkal, two Pakistanis Waqqas and Tabrez, suspected Dadar bomb planter Tahseen Shaikh and 65-year-old Bhatkal resident Muzaffar Kola. The ATS filed a chargesheet in May against four men. A supplementary chargesheet against Kafeel will be filed soon. “We have submitted the forensic reports, evidence and seized materials to court. We are hoping the trial begins soon,” said the officer.
    “IM members are assigned various jobs. Those responsible for collecting funds have two basic issues, the Babri demolition and Gujarat sectarian violence,” said the police source. “Sometimes they show clippings of violence and photos of riot victims and give a narration alongside. Donors then agree to give money for rehabilitation and financial help. This modus operandi of the IM and LeT has resulted in them getting a lot of money for terror-related activities.” Police sources said the donors are unaware of how their money is used. “They donate money in good faith, not knowing that it could be used to create terror,” said an ATS officer.
    The outfits also use fake Indian currency. Naik was arrested with fake currency of Rs 97,000 at Mumbai airport. Yasin, who was the operations in-charge, is suspected to be in south India, while the two Pakistani bombers may have reached Nepal. The ATS may ask the court to discharge Kola, whose Dubai-based company was used to channel the Rs 10 lakh. Kola has told police that he was unaware of the transaction and has been in India for two years when he has been diagnosed with cancer. JULY 13 BLASTS | 
THE ATTACK | 3 blasts on July 13, 2011 at Zaveri Bazar (6.54pm), Opera House (6.55pm) and Dadar (7.06pm)
TOLL | 27 dead, 127 injured
ACCUSED OUTFIT | Indian Mujahideen
MOTIVE | To strike a blow against Indian economy
CHARGES | Murder and attempt to murder and other crimes under Explosives Act, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act
PROBE | Across 18 states, with 150 investigators from Mumbai and others in Delhi, Kolkata and Bihar
CCTV | 4 police teams scanned through images from 187 cameras for 29 days
WITNESSES | 12,373
CASE STATUS | Chargesheet filed; trial yet to begin THE ACCUSED 10 (5 arrested, 5 at large) IN 
CUSTODY NAQI AHMED WASI SHAIKH, 22 | From Deora Bandhauli, Darbhanga, Bihar; runs leather units in Delhi and Mumbai
    First booked in SIM card forgery case. Gave SIM cards obtained on forged documents to IM members. Explosives sent from Delhi were received by Naqi in Mumbai. He also received Rs 1.5 lakh from Bhatkal. Stole the scooter in which Zaveri Bazar bomb was planted. Along with the rest, he facilitated, aided and abetted the blasts
NADEEM AKHTAR ASHFAQUE SHAIKH, 23 | Also from Deora Bandhauli, Darbhanga, Bihar
    Stayed at Antop Hill and was first arrested on Jan 12 in the same SIM card forgery case Naqi was booked in. Allegedly ferried explosives from Delhi to Mumbai and stole a scooter used to ferry Opera House bomb 

HAROON RASHID NAIK, 33 | Mumbra resident; hails originally from Beed; ran cloth business in Kolkata Was held at Mumbai airport in August 2011 in a fake currency case soon after the blasts. ATS chargesheet for fake currency says he went to Pakistan for arms training and wanted to avenge
atrocities on Muslims. ATS claims he was trained by Al Qaida and LeT, met Osama bin Laden and fought in Afghanistan. Sent Rs 10 lakh from Dubai to Delhi for the blasts
KANWAR NAYAN PATHRIJA, 43 | Runs jewellery shop at Chandni Chowk; hails from Ghaziabad, UP
    Received the Rs 10 lakh hawala money from Middle East and forwarded it to Bhatkal
KAFEEL ANSARI, around 53 | Hails from Darbhanga, Bihar
    Allegedly gave logistical support, like communications. State ATS took his custody from a Delhi jail

ZARAR AHMED SIDDIPA alias YASIN BHATKAL alias SHAHRUKH alias IMRAN alias SHIVANAND, 30 | Founding IM member; hails from Bhatkal, Karnataka
    Brain behind several blasts, he arranged hawala money for 13/7 blasts. Received money in Delhi and sent explosives to Mumbai. Visited Mumbai; arranged accommodation for two planters. Allegedly escaped due to turf battle between Delhi police and Maharashtra ATS, which ATS denies
WAQQAS & TABREZ | Only two Pakistanis in operation. Known as Accused A and B in the remand papers of other accused, but named in the chargesheet. Waqqas and Tabrez planted the Zaveri Bazar and Opera House bombs, respectively. Stayed at Habib Apartments, Byculla, where accommodation was allegedly arranged by Bhatkal and Naqi. They were reportedly in possession of fake Indian PAN cards, which they showed when renting the flat. Like Bhatkal, they reportedly escaped due to a turf battle between the Delhi police and Maharashtra ATS
TAHSEEN SHAIKH, around 23 | From Darbhanga, Bihar; originally from Mumbra
    Allegedly planted Dadar bomb. Suspected to be near Hyderabad now
MUZAFFAR KOLA, 65 | Resident of Bhatkal, Karnataka; owns Muzaffar Kola Enterprises, Dubai
    His company was allegedly used to transfer the hawala funds

MOST WANTED: 13/7 mastermind Yasin Bhatkal

Naqi Ahmed, an accused

The Times of India, July 12, 2012

‘Poor police coordination helped big fish flee’

Mateen Hafeez | TNN

Mumbai: Had the Delhi police special cell not tried to pick up Indian Mujahideen (IM) leader Yasin Bhatkal and two Pakistani bombers on their own while in Mumbai, the Maharashtra police might have got the main perpetrators of the 13/7 blasts, say state police sources.

    Two Pakistani bombers, Waqqas and Tabrez, were living discreetly at Habib Apartments, Byculla when a Delhi police team came to the city
with its informer, Naqi Ahmed. Naqi was later picked up by the Maharashtra Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS) in a fake SIM card case. Police sources said that during the time Naqi was with the Delhi police, he was not making his frequent visits to Habib building. This might have tipped off the bombers, which led them to flee. Had they been picked up, they could have been used to trap mastermind Yasin Bhatkal. 

    Sources said the Delhi police did not contact the ATS, but took help
from the Mumbai Crime Branch at a time when the ATS was the prime agency probing the 13/7 strikes. Crime branch sleuths even arranged the accommodation for the Delhi police, said sources. “If the Delhi police were aware of the conspiracy and Naqi’s role, they should have contacted the ATS and shared inputs. A joint effort would have yielded a better result,” said an ATS officer.
    The ATS was probing a racket in which SIM cards were obtained with fake documents. But while it was searching for Naqi, he was with the Delhi police. “Had it been a joint operation of two states’ police teams, Bhatkal might have been in police custody,” said a senior police officer.
    It is also learnt that the Delhi police visited a gym where Waqqas worked out, seized the visitors’ register and collected the rent agreement for the room at Habib Apartments. The register and rent agreement are still with the Delhi police. “This is how we lost vital evidence in the case,” said a police source.
Hawkers move court
Hawkers who were banned from working near Opera House, one of sites of the 13/7 blasts, have approached the Bombay High Court seeking permission to resume business there. The petition is filed by Pancharatna Hawkers Vendors Welfare Association. The association said its members were operating stalls for years before the blasts. TNN

The Times of India, July 12, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 yrs later, no clarity on real culprits behind train blasts

Cops Claim ATS-Crime Branch Infighting Delaying Detection

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Six years have passed since seven bombs ripped apart seven locals, killing 187 people and injuring hundreds, but still, there is no clarity on the real culprits.
    “Owing to the infighting of the ATS and crime branch, we are yet to zero in on the actual culprits,” a source said.   The 13 suspected SIMI members who were said to be re
sponsible for the blasts are still behind bars but the crime branch in 2008 had claimed that they were not responsible and that the carnage was the handiwork of the now-banned outfit, Indian Mujahideen (IM). 

    Seven RDX bombs, planted in the first class compartments of seven trains, exploded during the evening peak hour on July 11, 2006, near Matunga, Khar, Bandra, Borivli and Mahim stations. “An IM operative,
Sadique Shaikh, arrested by the crime branch in September 2008 had said the blasts were engineered by the IM and not by those (suspected SIMI members) arrested,” a senior crime branch officer had said. He had claimed the bombs were made at Raza Tower in Sewree.
    But the anti-terrorism squad, which has been investigating the case, has different theories, which have been questioned several times. According to the ATS, it was the SIMI members who were responsible and that the bombs were made in Govandi. The ATS had also claimed 11 Pakistanis had entered Mumbai, assembled bombs and planted them on trains, before fleeing. But not a single Pakistani was caught. On August 22, 2006, the ATS shot dead Abu Osama alias Umaid, suspected to be one of the 11, a deserted building in Antop Hill. During a probe on the trains, ATS officers had come across the torso of a man, whom they had claimed to be a Pakistani bomber, Saleem. “Post-media reports, the ATS took into custody IM member Shaikh, but discharged him,” said a source.
    The accused face charges under MCOCA and the trial is being heard by special judge Y D Shinde. After examining 188 prosecution witnesses, the court is recording the accused’s statements. “The trial is expected to end in three-four months,” an advocate said.
July 20, 2006 | ATS begins arrests  
July 25, 2006 | Unani doctor Tanvir Ansari held. 16 arrests till date  
Oct, 2006 | 3 acquitted  
June 20, 2007 | Trial begins in MCOCA court  
Aug 23, 2007 | An accused appeals  
Feb 29, 2008 | Supreme Court admits appeal, trial stayed  
Oct 5, 2009 | SC reserves order on appeal  
July 2010 | Trial resumes  
June 2012 | Recording of statements of the accused starts

The Times of India, July 11, 2012

Jundal case witness freed


Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: A 2006 Malegaon serial blast accused, Noorul-Huda, who was booked for keeping jihadi literature six years ago, was taken into magisterial custody and released on surety on Monday. Huda is a prosecution’s witness against key 26/11 handler Zabihuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal and in the Aurangabad arms haul case. 

    Advocate Farooque Memon, Huda’s lawyer, said, “He was first arrested in 2006 for
allegedly keeping jihadi literature and then booked after a fake bomb was found. Later he was booked for the serial blasts. During that time on October 22, 2006 the court granted him bail in the jihadi literature case but he was already in jail in the blast cases. He was finally released in the blast cases in November last year. We approached the court asking to maintain the bail order of 2006. Interestingly, he was still in jail as per police records since some papers were misplaced.” Formally, Huda was taken into magisterial custody for some time and released on surety in the sixyear-old case. He was facing the charges under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).
    After Abu Jundal escaped from Malegaon and dumped his Indica car there, five youths, including a doctor, were arrested from the textile town of Malegaon in the arms haul case. Huda’s father, Shamsud Duha, had then told TOI, “After the Aurangabad arms haul, the police picked him up and took him to Mumbai on May 11, 2006. They interrogated him and then let him go.’’ He had added, “Huda, as usual, was taken by the police for questioning. We are used to seeing him being picked up often,’’ Duha said.

The Times of India, July 11, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Zabihuddin Ansari @ Abu Jundal Interrogation Report IR

 Saiyed Zabiuddin @ Daud @ Abu Jundal @ Asif Ashraf @ Abu Ikrama @ Riyast Ali @ Bhatti @ Azam Khan @ Sameer @ Rashid s/o Saiyed Zakiudeen  r/o Mohalla Hathi Khana, Kagzi Darwaza, Tahsil and District Beed, Maharastra, India.


Full name with aliases
Saiyed Zabiuddin @ Daud @ Abu Jundal @ Asif Ashraf @ Abu Ikrama @ Riyast Ali @ Bhatti @ Azam Khan @ Sameer @ Rashid
Father’s name
Saiyed Zakiuddin
Date & place of birth
1981, At Beed, Maharashtra
Married with Mariam in Pakistan
Religion and caste        
Muslim  (Zulaha)
Descriptive roll
31 Years
Round Face
Black Normal Eye
Short Hair
Mark of identification
Mole at the center of forehead
Wears spectacles or not
Photograph, if available
Permanent address
Mohhalla Hati Khana, Kagzi Darwaza, Distt. Beed,  Maharashtra .
Present address
Education Qualification
ITI in Electrician, BSC, M A Hindi Part I.
Languages known
Hindi, Urdu, Marathi.
Passport Number
Date of issue

Whom/which agency passport was Got prepared
Pakistan Passport Authority


Sayeed Zakiuddun
Rihana Begum
Abdul Saboor
1.     Shahana Parveen w/o Sheikh Ayub r/o Gevrai,   Maharashtra      worked as a reporter in Lok Parkashan, Kerosene dealer.

2.      Rafea Parveen w/o Saiyed Sadik r/o Dulia,      Maharashtra
Own cloth shop.

3.     Nikhat Parveen w/o Saiyed Siraj r/o Riyaz, Saudi Arebea
     Worked in a food technology.

4.     Alia Tahniyat w/o Md. Nasir r/o Riyaz, Saudi Arebea
     Worked as a M.B.A.
5.     Amira Fahreen d/o Saiyed Zakiudeen

Relatives in defence forces, paramilitary forces, government (Central and State)
Occupation before joining Crime
Identity related documents (such as driving licence, bank account, credit card etc.) held by the subject
Person/agency through whom/which these documents were obtained.



Whether committed member of a Muslim outfit and, if so, which one, and position held therein
Economic status and source of funds for the activity for which arrested
Poor Economy Status
Main financier
Countries visited, period and purpose

Bangladesh:- To run from India to Pakistan.
Pakistan:- To hide himself from arrest.
Saudi Arab :- Recruitment and Money transfer for Lashker-e-Tayaba.
Particulars of arrest:-
Place of apprehension
Case Crime No.

Mobile Phone, Passport, Two Identity card
List of hideouts and harbourer
Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi.
Links with politicians, lawyers, intellectuals, socio religious organizations
Modus-operandi for carrying out actions
Bomb Blast, Firing at public places.
Assessment of interrogator(s):


Date of birth: - 13/11/1981 (Age 30 Years)
          10th   1997           Jila Parishad High School, Gevrai, Maharashtra
          ITI     1999           Electrician Government ITI, Beed, Maharashtra
          12th   2001           Balbhim College Science, Beed, Maharashtra
Ø                  Sept 2002-Sept-2003-Apperntship in 2003 at Jai Bhawani Sahkari Sakhar Karkhana, Gari, Tahsil Georai, District        Beed, Maharashtra.
Ø                  BSc-2001-June 2004-Milia College, Beed
          M .A.  1st year2004          Hindi, KSK College, Beed, Maharashtra

·        Dawood code name was given by Zunaid in nepal on my grand father’s name.
·        Abu Jundal-Code Name given by Muzammil during his entry in Pakistan.
·        Asif Ashraf-fake ID generated by himself in 2007.
·        Abu Ikarma-Code name given by Muzammil after 26/11.
·        Riyasat Ali-for identification card given by Muzammil

·        FAMILY:

Saiyed Zakiudeen ( Insurance Agent ). Earlier he use was partner in Geetanjali Talkies.
·        Shahana Parveen w/o Sheikh Ayub r/o Gevrai,   Maharashtra         worked as a reporter in Lok Parkashan
·         Rafea Parveen w/o Saiyed Sadik r/o Dulia,      Maharashtra. Worked in a cloth shop
·                                                                                      Nikhat Parveen w/o Saiyed Siraj r/o Riyaz, Saudi Arebea, Worked in a food 
·                                                                                      Alia Tahniyat w/o Md. Nasir r/o Riyaz, Saudi Arebea.Worked as a M.B.A.
·                                                                                      Amira Fahreen d/o Saiyed Zakiudeen

Mariam D/o Shahbaz Ismail r/o upper mera, Beside Industrial Estate Mujjafra bad Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakiatan
Abdus Saboor (2 years old)

He was born and brought up at his native place in Beed. After passing out his 12th standard, he started apprentice ship work at a factory. He simultaneously took admission in BSc in 2001. In 2002 he become “Al Hadishi”. In the same year Godhra episode took place and he felt insecurity about Muslims. After completion of his Apprenticeship in Sept-2003, he restarted his electrician work for this he used to purchase the electrical appliances from Satya Electricals & Universal Electricals, Paithan Gali, Aurangabad.


Converted in Ahle-Hadees in 2003 :-
My maternal uncle  Dr. Sohail Ahmad is a dentist Clinic at Zuna Bazar, Aurangabad. I used to visit my maternal uncle’s house.He toldme  the right way to offer Namaj, which was diffrent from normal way. I willingly converted myself as Ahle-Hadees.

Meeting with Aamir(LeT operative):–
In the beginning of 2005, one day Zabiuddin went to “Tawa Spot” a Chinese food court in Aurangabad for meals. There Zabiudin met with Amir r/o Aurangabad, the owner of that hotel “Tawa Spot”. Later they both visited to Amir at his hotel several times. After, some meetings, they discussed about atrocities on Muslims in India and also about the future plans against such atrocities. They discussed that Zehad is the correct way to be adopted in this regard. Amir also told that he has done “ALIM” from Madarsa, Ahmedabad, Gujrat. One Aslam Kashmiri was also “ALIM” from that same Madarsa. During “Khatme Bukhari (concluding ceremony) Amir and Aslam Kashmiri had discussion over Jehad.

Meeting with Aslam Kashmiri:-
(LeT operative)-Here Zubiuddin introduced another person Aslam Kashmiri, stating that he is an LeT terrorist working for the rights of the Muslims. That time Aslam told that Faiyad (who was sent to Kashmir by Amir for Jehad) had been encountered by Indian Army. Zabiuddin developed friendship with Aslam Kashmiri and Amir and simultaneously got inclined to Zehad.
Aslam Kashmiri asked Zabiudin to came with him to Kashmir but he  denied. Then he said ok do something from your own place.

Raamzaan 2005 Planning to go Nepal :-

We started living normally offering our Namaz in the holy month of Ramzan. Started doing our job.  In the last week of Rammjan. Zubiuddin got a message by Junaid that he wants to meet him in Nepal. He brought a Railway map and started to locate route to Nepal. The day he decided reach at Aurangabad Railway station We (Zabiuddin and Akif) waited for a while and then Akif came. Akif wants to do “DAWAT” work for Lashker. We both took our train from there to Gorakhpur. From there we went to Natkariyaganj by train reached there in the morning and took a passenger train from there to Rakhsaul and crossed border in Rikhsaw reached at Birganj around 11 AM. We took a taxi for Kantipath (Kathmandu)paid 250/- INR per head and reached after 4-5 hours run.

Meeting with Rehan @ Junaid @ Waii (Pakistani LeT operative):-

They stayed in a hotel at Kantipath area in Kathmandu, Nepal. We send an E-mail about Hotel name and hotel’s phone number to Rashid @ Juned from a cyber café. After “Makrib/Namaz” Rashid @ Juned made a phone call on hotel’s phone number and talked to us and told to come in a nearby mosque. So all of them reached in that Mosque and met Rashid @ Juned and talked on normal topics and thereafter they return back to their hotel.

                  Next day Rashid @ Juned again made call to hotel’s phone number and then all of three went to meet Rashid @ Juned in Mosque and there Rashid @ Juned asked them to come Mujaffrabad, Pakistan but they denied.

                  In the next two days Rashid @ Juned taught Zabiudin how to make a Bomb from crackers and gave task of “Dawat” to Akif. Rashid @ Juned gave another task to Zabiudin to received delivery of weapons at Nasik Road, India after some days and gave code name “Pappu” to Zabiuddin and also told the name of person’s name of that person who deliver the weapons would be Ahmad.

                  On the last day they met Rashid @ Juned at Bala Zoo Park, Kantipath, Kathmandu, Nepal and Rashid @ Juned gave $ 500/- to Zabiudin and gave task to Zabiudin to fire on VHP shops/offices or Blast somewhere in India. Thereafter they return back to India.

Ahmedabad Railway Station Blast  February 2006 :
-After returning from Nepal Zabiudin planned to carry bomb blast in train. They purchased some crackers, bike’s bulb, thermacol, knobs, battery, watch and box etc Zubiudin assemble a suitcase bomb and planted in a train moving towards Ahmedabad, which exploded at Ahmedabad Railway station.

April 2006 :-

Zubiuddin on the advice of Rashid @ Junaid, purchased a second hand mobile and a Airtel SIM card and send that mobile number to Rashid @ Junaid through E-mail for further communication.

Aurangabad arms haul case- May 2006 :-

  Zabiudin, Aizaz Sheikh went to Mumbai by a Tata Sumo car with driver Abdul Azeem.  In Mumbai they received a phone call from one Ahmad to collect the delivery of weapons from Nasik Road and also asked about the vehicle we have then they said that we have a Tata Sumo but Aehmad tell us that Tata sumo is not enough for that delivery because the consignment is in large quantity. Aehmad also told them about his identification that I am wearing White Shirt with Black Pant and standing road side after Ojjhar, on that Nasik Road. So Zabiudin went there with driver Abdul Azzem to collect the delivery of weapons. Zabiudin made a call to Amir to arrange a car and come to Nasik road because it was not possible to carry 16 cartons of CPUs containing weapons in a single Tata Sumo car. Accordingly Zabiudin with driver Abdul Azzem reached Ojjhar, Nasik road from Mumbai by Tata Sumo.  After reaching Ojhar, Nasik road, Zabiudin received a phone call from Ahmad. Zabiudin (Pappu) asked Ahmed that how much CPU he had so Ahmed replied that he had 16 CPUs containing AK-47 Riffles, After some time Amir along with two persons namely Tanvir and Zubair came in an Indica car.   They took delivery put 11 cartoons in Tata Sumo and rest of the 5 cartoons in Indica Car and left for Beed, Maharashtra. They exchanged their vehicles also. Zabiudin and Tanvir were in the Indica car and other persons in the Tata Sumo. On the way Zabiuddin made call to Amir by Tanvir’s mobile phone and Amir told him that they were being chased by some persons, so Zabiuddin became alert. After some time Zabiuddin again made call to Amir but Amir’s phone was found switch off. This raised suspicion and Zabiuddin fled and reached at Chanvak, Malegaon, Maharashtra and made call to Bilal and asked for a safe place to put CPU for some time. Bilal gave Zabiuddin one phone number of Dr. Sharif, then Zabiuddin made a call to Dr. Sharif and tell him that his car was broken down and he had to put his CPU’s at some place. Dr. Sharif led them to his institute and allow them to put their CPU,s in his institute.And left their Indica Car at Dr. Sharif’s house. Then after they both came back to the bus stand and took a Government Bus for Aurangabad. From Aurangabad Tanvir depart to his home and Zabiuddin went at a nearby Masjid.Zabiuddin watched news on TV about Arms recoveryand arrested persons in that case. That night Zabiuddin stayed in a Mosque at Aurangabad.

Escape to PakistanMay 2006-

Next day Zabiudin send an E-mail to one of his friend from the organization about that incident. He gave him phone number of Sahukat and asked him to go to Kolkata and contact at the number of Shaukat. He also told to come to Pakistan with the help of Shaukat. Zabiudin talked to Shaukat and he told him to come at Ravinder Sarni Area of Kolkata then Zabiuddin took a train from Aurangabad to Kolkata after reaching Kolkata he stayed at Ravinder Sarni area in Best Hotel and in that evening made a call to Shaukat. Shaukat asked him to come in front of Siyaldah (Calcutta) Railway Station with a white handkerchief on right hand on next morning. On next day Shaukat accompanied Zabiuddin and asked him about his identification which was Dawood. Sahukat took him to Benapool and in the evening Zabiudin with Shaukat crossed the Bangladesh border and reached Dhaka. Zabiudin stayed in an under constructed building with for one week. Shaukat also gave him instruction that do not open window, do not use flush, do not speak loud. After a week Sahukat came to me and said that be prepare on next morning we have to go he also gave me new cloths and new “Chhapals” Next morning Shaukat came there with four bags two small bags full of Lichi and two Large bags full of Sarees. We took a taxi from there and reached at Air Port Bangladesh. At the airport there was no immigration and security checking was took place. We entered at boarding counter freely. Shaukat arranged a passport for Zabiudin on the name of Mr. Saeed and they both boarded for Pakistan by PIA from Dhaka, Bangladesh. After reaching at Pakistan Air Port Shaukat tell me to sit in the lobby and said I am coming back in 40 minutes. After that Shaukat came there around an hour and pointed out Naushad and said stay alongwith Raza while checkout from Air Port. Naushad took both of them to the room of Shahbaz, at Hyderabad Colony, Karachi. Shaukat left for some unknown place from there, however, Zabiudin stayed there with code name Dawood.      After one week Shahbaz and Zabiudin @ Dawood shifted in another room and stayed with Saif and Jahid.

          Note:- Shaukat:- Age 40 years, Height 5’5”, Complexion Shallow, Hair grey, Clean Shave, Built Average, Language Urdu and Bangla.
          (Note: - Shahbaz, Saif and Jahid belong to Hyderabad, India).

Stay in Rawalpindi:-
Thereafter Shahbaz arranged Air ticket to Zabiudin @ Dawood for Rawalpindi and Zabiudin @ Dawood reached Rawalpindi, where one Raza received him at Rawalpindi Airport. Then Raza and Zabiudin @ Dawood reached at Sava Garden, Rawalpindi. There Zabiudin @ Dawood met Rashid @ Junaid and Mujjammil and Zabiudin @ Dawood. Zabiudin @ Dawood started stay with him for two moths i.e. June-July 2006.
(Note: - Rahil Seikh along with Zabiuddin were wanted in Mumbai train blast)

Militancy training - September 2006:-   
In august 2006 Mujjamil came to meet him and asks him about Aurangabad Weapon case failure. Zabiuddin suspected that the person namely Aehmad informed to the police about their consignment. Then Mujjamil assure him that he will find out the cause and gave punishment to the culprit. Mujjamilgave a new name to Zubiuddin, (Abu Zundal) and asks him to come at Mansera for Dura Aama for which Zubiuddin gave his consent. Raza dropped Zubiuddin at Mansera camp with a person namely Dr. Wakas.

DR of Dr. Wakas:-
Ø      Age around 40 to 45.
Ø      Long haired.
Ø      Healthy, Round face.
Ø      Resident of Shekhupura, Panjab, Pakistan.

There were around 15-20 boys present in Mansera, Markaz. Next morning Dr. Wakes arranged a vehicle (Toyota Hayes) and took all of them to Ugi Camp where there are three instructors namely Fahadullah, Shoeb, Osama. Fahadullah gave musketry training (AK-47, Pistol, Granade, Rocket Launcher). Zubiuddin completed his firing with pistol there. Shoeb used to teach religion (Dini Taleem). Osama used to give Physical exercise training. After the completion of Daura Aama Raza took Zubiuddin at Bait-ul-Mujjahiddin camp where Zubiuddin met first time with Abu Anas (Incharge of Bait-ul-Mujjahiddin)and Abdur Rehman (Khadim/office boy in Mujjamil’s office) Zubiuddin stayed at Bait-ul-Mujjahiddin till the end of 2008.

          In November 2006 Zubiuddin did the training of Daura Sufa at Muridke, Lahore (it’s a 21 days training). Raza brought him Muridke Markas. The instructor is Mufti Saeed there and approx. 20-25 boys are there for the said training. Zubiuddin also met Abdus Saleem Buttvi (Incharge of all the Madarsa’s of Jamat-ul-Dawa) there. There was a Madarsa (Jamia-Mahbur-Islamia), a school (Ad-Ava model School) and a hospital in Tayba Markas.

          Dura sufa is for physical improvement. After the completion of Dura Sufa he returned to Mujjafrabad. In Bait-ul-Mujjahidin camp Mujjamil introduced him Hafeez Saeed  (Name not conformed) who was a software engineer. Mujjamil tasked Zubiuddin to provide help to the ___________in the making of Web Pages and uploading videos, books on those web pages. Where they made a web page namely www.wayeden.com which exists 7 to 8 months. They uploaded Darul-Andulus on that web so the hosting party objected on the copy write of that uploaded book and due to that reason www.wayeden.com was blocked by the server.       

He met with Zakiuddin at Badiala Jail (Rawalpindi) and told him that there is a threat of arrests but Zakiuddin promised him they have talked to Pakistan administration that no arrests are going to take place further.

2007:-introduction to  Khawaza - In 2007 one Abdul Aziz introduced Zabiuddin to one  Khawaza. 

Introduction to Rahil Seikh r/o Mumbai
After some days Azbiuddin was introduced to one Rahil Seikh r/o Mumbai by Rashid @ Junaid at his residence in Rawalpindi.
          For some days, Zabiuddin was not allowed to go outside from his room. However he learnt website making and e-mail creating on computer with the help of one Zishan @ Imran.  After some time Zabiuddin got freedom to go outside from his room and he got work of excavator in Mujjaffrabad .

March 2008:- Sazid Majid @ Khalid @ Wasi become commander for Indian operation instead of Muzammil.

July 2008:- Zabiuddin was residing at Baitul Muzahiddin, Mujjafrabad with Sheikh Azaz and Massod all r/o Beed, Maharashtra, India.

 Preparation/ training for Mumbai operation - August 2008:- 

                               Muzammil told Zabiuddin that for the purpose of operation in Mumbai, he has to teach Hindi and local Mumbai language to 10 boys namely (1) Abu akasha, (2) Ismail, (3) Abul rahman big, (4) Abul rahman small, (5) Umar, (6) Fahadulla, (7) Azmal kasab, (8) Umer, (9) Ali, and (10) Musab.  

(Note :- Total 12 persons had completed their arms training at that time, but 2 persons namely Abdulla and Qasim left the operation). Asim @ Abu Kahafa r/o Rahim yar khan, Pakistan was the main handler of the 10 persons.

Arrangement of Indian SIM cards for 26/11 operation in Mumbai:-
One day Sazid Meer @ Khalid @ Wasi asked Zabiuddin regarding arrangement of Indian SIM Cards.  Zabiuddin told him that there were so many mobile companies in India. Later on Zabiuddin came to know that 15-20 Indian SIM cards had already been arranged through Abu Zarar, who was commander of Lashkar in Kashmir at that time.

September 2008:-Zabiuddin started teaching Hindi and local Mumbai language to 10 persons (as mentioned above) at Baitul Muzahiddin, Mujjafrabad for 10 days. After completion of Hindi course all 10 persons were sent to Karachi.

First attempt to enter into India: - In September 2008 all 10 persons were being sent to Mumbai but their Boat got broken so they returned to Karachi and stayed at Kaiydabad area.

26/11- Mumbai attack-
On the direction ofMuzammil,  Zabiuddin went to Karachi and met Khalid in Kaidabad, Karachi. Khalid told him to teach Hindi again to Akasha and Fahadulla ( 2 persons of 10 members of 26/11/2008 ) so Zabiuddin again gave coaching to Akasha and Fahadulla for 3 days. Zabiudidin stayed at Kaidabad, Karachi with Asim @ Abu Kafa and Shahid @ Nadeen and 10 trainees.

On23/11/2008 in the evening Zabiuddin went to barber shop for shaving.  When he returned, he saw that Asim @ Abu Kahafa along with all the 10 members had departed from there.   Those 10 persons (whom Zabiuddin taught Hindi language) departed for Mumbai by a boat “ Al Hussainy “ and that boat was driven by one person namely Dara, who returned to Karachi after dropping them at Mumbai, India. Zabiuddin found a dairy of Asim @ Abu Kahafa left in that room and he read that dairy which contained reason of boat broken in the month of September 2008 :- Selection of wrong time,  (2). Situation of Moon was not Good.

On 24/11/2008 in the evening Zarar along with Shahid @ Nadeen came there (and met Zabiuddin) from Mujjafrabad and took 4 laptops, some lan wires and installed phone software in those laptops. He recharged internet phone and thereafter packed all the 4 laptops. That night Shahid @ Nadeen and Zarar stayed there with Zabiuddin.

On 25/11/2008 in the evening Zabiuddin, Shahid @ Nadeem and Zarar reached at Yaqoob’s office in Malir, Karachi, Pakistan with all the instrument i.e. 4 laptops and some lan wires etc. 2 television were already available in that room. Zabiuddin and Zarar installed the setup of laptops while Shahid @ Nadeem installed setup of Dish TV.

26/11/2008:-     Zabiuddin, Shahid @ Nadeem and Zarar installed the setup at Yaqoob’s office in Malir, Karachi. At 05:00 pm Shahid @ Nadeem brought food for at least 10 persons. At about 07:00 pm Zakiur Rehman, Abu Alkama, Abu Kahafa and Khalid @ Wasi came there. 4 bodyguards of Zakiur Rehman were sitting outside the room. Zakiur Rehman, Abu Alkama, Abu Kahafa and Khalid @ Wasi offered Namaz of Magrib and then they all took dinner together. There after Zarar opened TV and set on India TV and Zee TV. They all did Namaz of Isha. Zarar opened all the laptops. They all were viewing TV news silently. Khalid stand up outside the room with a satellite phone and when news started on TV about the attack on Mumbai he came inside the room. In starting news channels showed that it was a gangwar in Mumbai but after ½ an hour it was declared on TV by news channels that it was a Terrorist attack.     


(1)  Zaki-ur-rahman
(2)  Abu alkama
(3)  Abu kahafa
(4)  Khalid @ wasi
(5)  Zarar
(6)  Shahid @ Nadeem
(7)  Zabiudin

26/11/2008:-     10 persons in Mumbai, INDIA
(1)  Abu akasha
(2)  Abu umar
(3)  Ismail
(4)  Azmal Kasab
(5)  Abul rahman big
(6)  Abu Fahadulla
(7)  Abul rahman small
(8)  Musab
(9)  Umer
(10)          Ali

Zabiudin talked to Abu Akasha and Fahadulla from the control room.
After 26/11/2008 training camps of Baitul Muzahiddin, Mujjafrabad were shifted to Dulai. On 27/11/2008 Zabiuddin and Shahid @ Nadeem left the control room and reached at Baitul Muzahiddin, Mujjafrabad. There both of them watched news in Zakiur Rehman’s office.

On 30/11/2008 :- 
All person of control room reached at Batul Mujahiddin, Mujaffarabad.  Here they came to know that Ajmal Kasab was arrested instead of Ismai

l1/12/2009:-  F.I.A reached there and Zakiur Rehman, Mujammil, Abu Alkama and Zarar were arrested.  At that time Zabiuddin, Khalid and Abu Kahafa were in the office of Mujammil so these were succeeding to run away from there.
Before Army released Mujammil and he gave order to vacant all the camp of Baitul Mujahiddin.  On the same day army reached at Baitul Mujahiddin, Mujaffrabad and seized all the weapons found there.

Thereafter, Zabiuddin, Abu Kahafa, Khalid and Abdul Rehman stayed at Chela Bandi, Mujjafrabad.  After some days Abu Kahafa and Khalid were called by army to Islamabad and after interrogation both were released.

January 2009:-  Zabiuddin got passport on the name of Riyasat Ali S/o Khushi Mohammad r/o Mohalla Rehmanpura, Dauok, Tehsil and P.O. Mauridke, District Shekhura, Pakistan.  After that Zabiuddin and Anas went Faislabad and stayed there for a month and then return back to Chela Bandi, Mujaffarabad.

August 2009:- on 04/08/2009 Zabiuddin got married with Mariam s/o Shahbaz Ismail r/o Upper Mira, back side of industrial area, Mujaffrabad, Pakistan.

January 2010:- Zabiuddin shifted his house to Rawalpindi because his wife was suffering from some allergy.
Zabiuddin asked Mujammil to go to Jail to meet Zakiur Rehman so Mujammil told that you should go with Khalid, so Zabiuddin went to jail with Khalid and met Zakiur Rehman.

March 2010:- Zabiuddin shifted his house to Islamabad in Rashid @ Junaid’s house at Karal, Islamabad.

April 2010:- Zabiuddin shifted his house to Rawalpindi at H.No. 115, Gali No. 15, Manaver Colony, Dhama Mod, Rawalpindi, Pakistan and stayed there till end.  He had a net connection in that room.

August 2010:- Zabiuddin made passport for his wife Mariam and son Abdul Saboor.
Zabiuddin started work of sale-purchase of old cars on the basis of 2% commission with one person namely Musa r/o Rawalpindi (friend of his father-in-law Shahbaz Ismail).

October 2010:-  Zabiuddin told Mujammil to go Saudi Arabia for Haz and Zabiuddin contacted a company namely Golden Falkan near Sabista Cinema, Lahore for a package of Haz and in 2,00,000/- Zabiuddin got a package for Haz as well as VISA of 3 months.

In October Zubiuddin went to visit Haz. The tour and travels is Golden Falkan the owner of Golden Falkan is Malik Iqbal.Zabiuddin reached Macca, Saudi Arabia by P.I.A  and stayed with other members of tour in Ibrahim Khalid Hotel.  After one week he made call to his sister Nikhat Parveen w/o Saiyed Siraj and they came Macca and stayed at Madina Hotel near Nabi Masjid, Macca.  Next day Zabiuddin reached in their hotel and met them and stayed with them for that night.

After 3-4 days Zabiuddin went to Madina with tour.  There he saw AbdulRafe (his relative) on a red light and he chased Abdul Rafe till a hotel namely Al-Madina in Madina.  Abdur Rafe was doing a job of receptionist in that hotel.  Abdul Rafe was very surprised to see Zabiuddin.  They took tea on that day and talked on normal topics.  Next day Zabiuddin again met Abdul Rafe and then Abdul Rafe gave him Zakiuddin @ Zaki’s phone number ( Zakiuddin @ Zaki s/o Nizamuddin r/o Beed).Zubiuddin called Zaki but he recognized Zubi and refused to talk. Zubiuddin also took the number of Abdul Rafe From Pakistan. In January 2011 Abdul Rafe called Zubiuddin and informed that he is going India after one week. Next day he went in Mujjamil’s Office and asked about the financial favor of those boys “Asiro”.who are arrested in Aurangabad Case. Mujjamil Gave him 4000/- Riyal for that cause. Zubiuddin gave the address of Kashif brother of Arif presently arrested in Aurangabad Jail. Zubiuddin send that money to Abdur Rafe through Hawala. After some time Zubiuddin phoned Rafe and asked about the money then Rafe told that he couldn’t find the address so he is trying to trace down and assure him that he will deliver the amount as early as possible. In January 2011 he left Khalid’s office and came at Mujjamil’s office.But Abdul Rafe didn’t give that money to Kashif’s family.

Faburary 2011:-
Mujjamil told Zabiuddin to go to Saudi Arabia for recruit new members in LeT and send money in India for the on-going operations.
After some days Zabiuddin tried for VISA of Saudi Arabia but all his efforts are in vain. Then after he went to Mujjamil and ask him to phone Akram Salfi. Mujjamil  gave him the permission to contact Akram Salfi. When he phoned Akram Salfi he said that he will see what could he do. Then after three or four days later Akram Salfi called Zubiuddin and said that he have to arrange 16000/- Riyal Zabiuddin borrow that amount from Mujjamil. After arranging that as directed he contacted one agent Bilal Butt at Dar recruiting agency, Mausi Road, Rawalpindi and gave money and ten Passport photo graphs to Bilal Butt and he said to come after ten days. I return back to my house and after ten days again visited their then Bilal Butt gave me my passport and directed to go for medical test at Urgent Diagnostic Centre after that I came back at home and his wife had some medical problem so he stayed for at least two and half months their Aset got VISA of Saudi Arabia. Bilal Butt arranged English Shinakhati Card for Zabiuddin and conducted his medical examination.

April 2011:- Malik Irfan told Shakeel to give some work to Zabiuddin @ Riyasat Ali, so Shakeel gave work of electrician to Riyasat Ali and started giving morning meal, lunch and 60 Riyal per day.  Then Zabiuddin started stay with Shakeel and Malik Irfan at Shahna Imam Ali, near Saudi Post, Qateef, Saudi Arabia. 

May 2011:- Zabiuddin @ Riyasat Ali went to a cyber café and on facebook he searched account of “ Abdul Safe” (Abdul Safe brother of Abdul Rafe).
Zabiuddin got marriage card of Abdul Safe on facebook and from that marriage card he got Abdul Safe’s mobile phone number.  Zabiuddin made call to Abdul Safe and asked for Abdul Rafe’s mobile phone number.  Then Zabiuddin made call to Abdul Rafe and asked about 4000/- Riyal ( which he had give to Abdul Rafe for Ashif’s family), Abdul Rafe replied that he could not get Ashif’s address and tried to met Ashif’s brother and thereafter Abdul Rafe disconnected the phone.  After that Abdul Rafe never came into the contact of Zabiuddin.

April 2011:- Zabiuddin got ticket of Saudi Arabia through agent Bilal Butt and called Akram Salfi  in Saudi Arabia (Akram Salfi’s number given by Mujammil).  Akram Salfi gave him a mobile phone number of Naideem Saif r/o Qateef, Saudi Arabia.

26 April 2011:- He depart from Islamabad to Damman by P.I.A at 11.55 PM ( on work VISA)

27 April 2011:- He reached at Damman Airport, Saudi Arabia at about 05.00 AM.  There Zabiuddin asked one person for phone and from that person’s mobile phone Zabiuddin made call to Nadeem Saif.  So outside the Damman Airport Zabiuddin met Nadeem Saif near a coffee shop and with him Zabiuddin reached Quateef by his Toyota car.

Next day Nadeem Saif brought Zabiuddin to Malik Irfan’s shop in Quateef.  There Zabiuddin gave his passport to Malik Irfan’s for making of “Ikame” ( Ikame contains name, photo, nationality and type of work) that day Zabiuddin stayed with Malik Irfan. Next day Malik Irfan introduced Zabiuddin @ Riyasat Ali to one person namely Shakeel. (Shakeel permanent r/o Gujrawalan, Pakistan) (Shakeel was doing work of electrician & Plumber at Quateef)

Next day Yahya made call to Zabiuddin @ Sameer from a PCO so Zabiuddin @ Sameer asked Yanya to met him at Macca but Yahya recognized Sameer as he is Zabiuddin and Yanya disconnected the phone.
After some days Yahya made call to Zabiuddin by his mobile number and told that Sheikh Irfan r/o Shahanshah Nagar, Beed, Maharashtra, India is present in Riyaz, Saudi Arabia and disconnected the phone.  Zubiuddin got an information that Akram Salfi @ Salfi Saheb was arrested in Saudi Arabia and thereafter, Zabiuddin closed his mobile phone number permanently because Salfi Saheb had his phone number.

(Salfi Saheb r/o Harunabad, Pakistan)
(Salfi Saheb helped Zabiuddin for VISA of Saudi Arabia)
Ahmad Malik Ahmad @ Qafeel gave visa to Malik Irfan gave visa to Nadeem Saif gave that visa  Akram Salfi gave that visa Zabiuddin

20 June 2011:- Zabiuddin was arrest on 20.06.2011 from his house at Shahma Imam Ali, near Saudi Post, Qateef, Saudi Arabia.

At 09.00 PM Ahmad Malik Ahmad @ Qafeel came to Zabiuddin house and brought him to a police station without telling anything and thereafter Zabiuddin send into a jail on the same day.

1.     Aijaj @Abu Sherjils/o Abdur Rahim, r/o Beed, Maharashtra. Presently in Pakistan.
2.     Masood @ Abu Zarar s/o Sekh Niya r/o Beed, Maharashtra. Presently in Pakistan.
3.     Aslam @ Abu Musab R/o Rajori Jammu, (Aurangabad, Arms Case).
Arrested by Mumbai Police
Lal Baba @ Abu Jaid r/o Abu Khalis (Nasik Police Academy). Arrested in