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Ultras played ‘victims’ to get money




Funds For Bombs Were Collected By Terrorists Who Posed As Riot Survivors, Said They Were Helping Rehabilitation


Mateen Hafeez | TNN

    While investigations into the July 13, 2011 blasts initially seemed at a deadend, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) had actually picked up the scent as early as August 2011 when it arrested Mumbra resident Haroon Naik in a fake currency case after his arrival at Mumbai airport from the Middle East. Naik has now been arrested in the 13/7 case and is supposed to be an important part of the hawala chain that sent Rs 10 lakh for the blasts from Dubai.

    The five arrested in the 13/7 case have confessed that Indian Mujahideen (IM) and LeT fund-raisers collected money for the attack by posing as victims of riots in India and saying that the money would be used to rehabilitate riot victims. “In 2002, an arrested person (in another case) told the Mumbai police
that the LeT had an office to raise funds in Dubai,” said a senior ATS officer. “This office was shut after the outfit was banned. Now, this outfit and the IM are collecting funds in the Gulf by posing as riot victims. ATS sources said Riyaz met Naik in the UAE, held meetings for the blasts and gave him money to send to India.
    Five people are absconding in the case for the blasts at Opera House, Zaveri Bazar and Dadar, which killed 27 and injured 127. The ATS has arrested Naik, Bihar residents Naqi Ahmed, Nadeem Shaikh and Kafeel Ansari, and hawala operator Kanwar Pathrija. The wanted include IM Indian operations chief Yasin Bhatkal, two Pakistanis Waqqas and Tabrez, suspected Dadar bomb planter Tahseen Shaikh and 65-year-old Bhatkal resident Muzaffar Kola. The ATS filed a chargesheet in May against four men. A supplementary chargesheet against Kafeel will be filed soon. “We have submitted the forensic reports, evidence and seized materials to court. We are hoping the trial begins soon,” said the officer.
    “IM members are assigned various jobs. Those responsible for collecting funds have two basic issues, the Babri demolition and Gujarat sectarian violence,” said the police source. “Sometimes they show clippings of violence and photos of riot victims and give a narration alongside. Donors then agree to give money for rehabilitation and financial help. This modus operandi of the IM and LeT has resulted in them getting a lot of money for terror-related activities.” Police sources said the donors are unaware of how their money is used. “They donate money in good faith, not knowing that it could be used to create terror,” said an ATS officer.
    The outfits also use fake Indian currency. Naik was arrested with fake currency of Rs 97,000 at Mumbai airport. Yasin, who was the operations in-charge, is suspected to be in south India, while the two Pakistani bombers may have reached Nepal. The ATS may ask the court to discharge Kola, whose Dubai-based company was used to channel the Rs 10 lakh. Kola has told police that he was unaware of the transaction and has been in India for two years when he has been diagnosed with cancer. JULY 13 BLASTS | 
THE ATTACK | 3 blasts on July 13, 2011 at Zaveri Bazar (6.54pm), Opera House (6.55pm) and Dadar (7.06pm)
TOLL | 27 dead, 127 injured
ACCUSED OUTFIT | Indian Mujahideen
MOTIVE | To strike a blow against Indian economy
CHARGES | Murder and attempt to murder and other crimes under Explosives Act, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act
PROBE | Across 18 states, with 150 investigators from Mumbai and others in Delhi, Kolkata and Bihar
CCTV | 4 police teams scanned through images from 187 cameras for 29 days
WITNESSES | 12,373
CASE STATUS | Chargesheet filed; trial yet to begin THE ACCUSED 10 (5 arrested, 5 at large) IN 
CUSTODY NAQI AHMED WASI SHAIKH, 22 | From Deora Bandhauli, Darbhanga, Bihar; runs leather units in Delhi and Mumbai
    First booked in SIM card forgery case. Gave SIM cards obtained on forged documents to IM members. Explosives sent from Delhi were received by Naqi in Mumbai. He also received Rs 1.5 lakh from Bhatkal. Stole the scooter in which Zaveri Bazar bomb was planted. Along with the rest, he facilitated, aided and abetted the blasts
NADEEM AKHTAR ASHFAQUE SHAIKH, 23 | Also from Deora Bandhauli, Darbhanga, Bihar
    Stayed at Antop Hill and was first arrested on Jan 12 in the same SIM card forgery case Naqi was booked in. Allegedly ferried explosives from Delhi to Mumbai and stole a scooter used to ferry Opera House bomb 

HAROON RASHID NAIK, 33 | Mumbra resident; hails originally from Beed; ran cloth business in Kolkata Was held at Mumbai airport in August 2011 in a fake currency case soon after the blasts. ATS chargesheet for fake currency says he went to Pakistan for arms training and wanted to avenge
atrocities on Muslims. ATS claims he was trained by Al Qaida and LeT, met Osama bin Laden and fought in Afghanistan. Sent Rs 10 lakh from Dubai to Delhi for the blasts
KANWAR NAYAN PATHRIJA, 43 | Runs jewellery shop at Chandni Chowk; hails from Ghaziabad, UP
    Received the Rs 10 lakh hawala money from Middle East and forwarded it to Bhatkal
KAFEEL ANSARI, around 53 | Hails from Darbhanga, Bihar
    Allegedly gave logistical support, like communications. State ATS took his custody from a Delhi jail

ZARAR AHMED SIDDIPA alias YASIN BHATKAL alias SHAHRUKH alias IMRAN alias SHIVANAND, 30 | Founding IM member; hails from Bhatkal, Karnataka
    Brain behind several blasts, he arranged hawala money for 13/7 blasts. Received money in Delhi and sent explosives to Mumbai. Visited Mumbai; arranged accommodation for two planters. Allegedly escaped due to turf battle between Delhi police and Maharashtra ATS, which ATS denies
WAQQAS & TABREZ | Only two Pakistanis in operation. Known as Accused A and B in the remand papers of other accused, but named in the chargesheet. Waqqas and Tabrez planted the Zaveri Bazar and Opera House bombs, respectively. Stayed at Habib Apartments, Byculla, where accommodation was allegedly arranged by Bhatkal and Naqi. They were reportedly in possession of fake Indian PAN cards, which they showed when renting the flat. Like Bhatkal, they reportedly escaped due to a turf battle between the Delhi police and Maharashtra ATS
TAHSEEN SHAIKH, around 23 | From Darbhanga, Bihar; originally from Mumbra
    Allegedly planted Dadar bomb. Suspected to be near Hyderabad now
MUZAFFAR KOLA, 65 | Resident of Bhatkal, Karnataka; owns Muzaffar Kola Enterprises, Dubai
    His company was allegedly used to transfer the hawala funds

MOST WANTED: 13/7 mastermind Yasin Bhatkal

Naqi Ahmed, an accused

The Times of India, July 12, 2012

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