Monday, August 13, 2012

Waiting for iftar, family gets Shaikh’s body

Mateen Hafeez | TNN

Mumbai: The family of Mohammed Umer Shaikh, who died in Saturday’s violence, said they were waiting for him to come with iftar to break their Ramzan fast, but instead it was the 25-year-old’s body that reached their home at Garib Nagar slum outside Bandra railway station. “He was fast asleep till afternoon. At 2pm, he woke up, dressed and left saying he was going to Azad Maidan,” said his young er brother Rashid, who had acc o m p a n i e d him. “We were all together till police started lathicharge.” 

    Rashid said they got separated and tried contacting his broth
er but his phone was switched off, so he left for home as it was time to break the fast. “Only an hour later, I received a call saying that there was a body which I have to identify. When I went to the hospital, I was shocked to see my brother lying in a pool of blood,” said Rashid, who sells leather belts at the Bandra railway station’s foot over bridge. 

    Siddiqa, Shaikh’s wife, was inconsolable. “Why did you leave
me alone? Come back and take me with you?” she cried. The couple got married five years ago and has a three-and-a-half-yearold handicapped son Oman. “Oman cannot sit or stand. He just lies down all the time. Shaikh had been trying for his treatment,” said a neighbor. Shaikh, a fitness freak, was to collect his new clothes from the tailor for Eid once he returned from Azad Maidan.

Mohammed Umer Shaikh

The Times of India, August 13, 2012

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