Wednesday, September 12, 2012

‘Kasab took SC order copy with a smile’

Ajmal Kasab

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: 26/11 attacks convict Ajmal Kasab, lodged in a high security cell of the Arthur Road jail, smiled when he was told on Saturday about the Supreme Court’s order confirming his death sentence. Kasab, say jail sources, smiled and collected a certified copy of the SC’s order.

    Jail sources said they received a certified copy of the SC order a few days ago. “We had not informed him about it as we did not have a copy of the order. Once we received it a few days ago, Kasab was informed about the order,” said a jail official. 

    However, Kasab has remained silent on whether he would file a mercy petition. He is accused of conspiring and
killing 166 people in terror attacks on the city in November 2008. He was the sole gunman to be captured alive as his nine associates were killed in police encounters.
    Now, Kasab has an option of appealing for mercy to the President of India. For this, he will have to approach the government through his lawyer.
    “Kasab is shifted to another room adjacent to his cell whenever we need to clean his specially designed cell,” said a senior jail official. Kasab has been kept alone in a highly guarded cell ever since he was sent to judicial custody in late 2008.
    Jail sources said that fed up of being in a small cell, Kasab has now taken to karate, which he practises for an hour every day. Sources said, “Qaidi number C-7096 has become restless after months of composure. He has been in this cell for around four years. Life must be monotonous for him. To overcome his frustration, he has taken to karate. He seems to be a champion in the martial art,” said a jail official. “He does not have any props for practice or equipment for exercise, but that is not a hurdle for him. His methods match those of a true professional. He rests after working out and then eats a lot.”
    A jail official had earlier said that Kasab tries chatting with policemen when he feels lonely. “He tries to talk to the policemen, but we have strictly forbidden them from entertaining him since he is a convict in a sensitive case,” the jail official had said. “When no one speaks to him, Kasab starts abusing them,” said the source.

The Times of India, September 12, 2012

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