Saturday, September 22, 2012

Police to request for fast-track trial of riot case

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The Mumbai crime branch will request the state law and judiciary department to try the August 11 rioting and murder cases in a fasttrack court. 

    “We are talking about it and will take a final decision within a couple of days,” said Himanshu Roy, crime branchchief. “The aim isto getspeedy trial and conviction.” As many as 54 people arrested for the rioting are in jail, while a minor boy is in a juvenile remand home. A mob went on the rampage on August 11 during a rally organized to object to alleged atrocities againstMuslimsin Myanmar and Assam. “Once the trial begins in a
fast- track court, it will help the prosecution bring allthewitnessestocourt. The incident is fresh and hence, the witnesses may narrate everything easily whatever they witnessed at Azad Maidan,” said Roy.
The post-mortem report of two youths killed during the violence stated that they had died of bullet injuries, but it is still unclear whether they werekilledin policefiring or by a member of the mobwhohadsnatched a self loading rifle from a policeman.
    “We have more than 60 witnesses with us. Their statements have been recorded and they will be summoned once the trial begins. We are also considering a witness protection programme to keep our witnesses’ stand in court,” said a police officer.

The Times of India, September 22, 2012

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