Thursday, October 11, 2012

Probe into how Varsha got the pistol

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The probe into the suicide of Varsha Bhosle, the 56-year-old daughter of singer Asha Bhosle, is now hinged on the gun with which she shot herself. “We are investigating who had the gun before it reached Varsha,” said a senior police officer.
    On Tuesday, “Ashaji said the gun belonged to her. But it had been stolen around 30-35 years ago and she had informed the police. She said she didn’t know where it had been all these years”, said Krishna Prakash, additional commissioner of police, south region.
    An officer attached to the probe said if Varsha, who was suffering from acute depression, had the gun all this while, she could have used it in the past. Varsha had attempted suicide twice before. “Why did she use it now?” wondered the officer. The gun and the bullets have been sent for forensic test to find out if it had been used in the past. The fingerprint section is also on the job. 
    Varsha’s acquaintances are still struggling to come to terms with her death. “Varsha was almost like Ashaji. She was a happygo-lucky girl,” said Rajesh Roshan made her sing in Lootmaar.
    Fellow columnist Dilip D’Souza added: “We had strong disagreements but those were in our columns. Never in our personal meetings and email exchange, in which she was invariably affectionate. I wasn’t Varsha’s close friend but had a mutual respect and I think we understood each other. Only now after she is so tragically gone, I am coming to understand the depth of that understanding.” 
The Times of India, October 11, 2012

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