Friday, October 19, 2012

Robbers snatch bizman’s bag, fire at crowd and flee

One Injured In Daring Heist At Grant Road

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Sanjay Duttaram Mayekar’s love for coins came in handy in rather unexpected fashion on Thursday, shielding him from a robber’s bullet.

    The 44-year-old Vikhroli resident, who tried to stop three men from fleeing with a businessman’s

bag near Kumbharwada, Grant Road, was injured when one of the robbers fired a country-made revolver at the crowd chasing them. The bullet, which hit the ground, ricocheted off the road and got lodged in Mayekar’s hip pocket. But a sizeable coin collect
ion in the pocket saved him from much grievous injury.
    The robber and his two accomplices managed to escape in the commotion after the shooting.  Police said businessman Kundalik Sawant (48), arrived in Mumbai by the Konkan Kanya Express and proceeded to buy gifts for his family.
    “Sawant went to Gol Deol area at Kumbharwada, to buy something for his family. He bought a few cushions and had a black satchel on him, containing Rs 40,000. All of a sudden, around 10.30- am, three persons sneaked up behind him, snatched his bag and began running.
    Sawant cried for help and began chasing them,” said a policeman. Passersby in the busy marketplace joined Sawant in chasing the robbers.  
Love for small change saves man shot at by robbers
    Mayekar was busy making food arrangements at a n a v r a t r i mandal on Bhandari street near Gol Deol, in the Kumbharwada area.  He saw the three men running with a black bag and being chased by a crowd which was shouting ‘chor chor’.
    Mayekar immediately intervened and tried to catch one of the robbers. But the robber pushed Mayekar back and pulled out a country-made revolver, which he fired pointing towards the floor, ostensibly to scare the crowd. The bullet rebounded and pierced Mayekar’s back pocket, said the policeman.
    The sound of a gunshot managed to create commotion in a city always on the edge. Shopkeepers immediately began downing their shutters and in the melee, the robbers managed to run away. While Sawant found his bag lying on the ground, there was only Rs 4,000 left in it and the remaining Rs 36,000 had been stolen.
    Meanwhile, Mayekar felt some uneasiness in his hip and was taken to JJ Hospital. “The bullet hit his pocket, which had several coins, and pierced his hip. Though the injury is not severe, Mayekar is being treated at the hospital,” police said.
    While no arrests have been made, the JJ Marg police have registered an FIR under various sections of the IPC and Arms Act. They have registered a case of robbery, grievous hurt and using firearm against the three unidentified persons.

    Police have obtained the CCTV images of the incident from a scrap dealer in the area, Lalit. They have also drawn up three sketches and alerted all their informers.

    An injured Mayekar said, “I thought the robber was taking out a knife, but he pulled out a revolver instead. He fired on the floor and I still got hit, but thank God I am alright.”
    Mayekar earlier lived in the Kumbharwada area and had recently shifted to Vikhroli. He had come to attend the navratri function on Thursday with his old friends.

Kundalik Sawant (38), (above, right), a businessman from the Konkan, was shopping for his family in Gol Deol area, Kumbharwada, (left) near Grant Road, on Thursday morning when three robbers snatched a bag he was carrying, containing Rs 40,000. Passersby, including Sanjay Mayekar, chased the three men, but they fired a country-made revolver, injuring Mayekar, and fled. Security was later beefed up in the area (top left)

The Times of India,October 19, 2012

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