Monday, November 12, 2012

Borivli woman is not related to Jerrit, says his brother

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Jerrit John’s brother Jerrish has said the Borivli-based woman whose home John reportedly went to after attacking Aryanka Hozbetkar was not related to the Johns in any way. 

    “If the Borivli woman or her relatives are claiming to be related to us, it’s false. We don’t have any relatives in Borivli and that woman is not even our distant relative,” Jerrish told TOI. 

    A relative of the woman had said on Saturday that she was distantly related to John.   Asked what could have gone wrong between Hozbetkar and John, Jerrish said, “My brother told me he had come to know about Aryanka’s relationship with another man. He called up that man to inquire about this and was upset after that. He felt cheated by Aryanka. He has also rubbished reports that he banged her head against the wall… Our father is in Dubai and may come to India soon. 
    “Another thing, a director tweeted Jerrit’s pic, telling people to inform the police if they saw him. He is a respected filmmaker, but should not be judgmental. Did he hear my brother’s side of the story? How can he conclude who is right and who is not?” 
The Times of India, November 12, 2012

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