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Ex-staffer of slain sr citizen’s daughter held for her murder

The accused at the crime branch office

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Mumbai: In a major breakthrough, the crime branch has arrested a 20-year-old youth from Rajasthan in connection with the Nirmala Vora murder case. The accused was a former employee at the juice centre run by the victim’s daughter, Chetna (52).
    The 73-year-old Nirmala was found in a pool of blood by her daughter in their Malad (W) residence late on Sunday. Crime branch officials said the alleged killer, Girvar Singh Devda, also stole Rs 35,000 in cash and 35 tola of gold ornaments worth over Rs 12 lakh, from the house as he “needed money to get his sister married off”. While robbery appeared to be the motive behind the murder, the police said it could also be a case of revenge as Devda was angry with the Voras over alleged non-payment of salary.
    Devda was picked up from Udaipur on Tuesday night. Joint commissioner of police (crime) Himanshu Roy said Devda planned the murder before visiting the family’s house on Sunday afternoon: “He knew that Nirmala would be alone at home and bought a knife near Malad station. As he had worked at the sugarcane juice centre run by Nirmala’s daughter, he knew the family well. On Sunday afternoon, he visited their house and Nirmala opened the door as she knew him. There was no forced entry. Soon after entering the flat, Devda took the cash and jewellery and attacked Nirmala. Her throat was slit,” he explained.
    Roy said Devda, a Class X dropout, is originally from Rajasthan. His elder brother, Manojsingh, used to run an icecream shop in Malad. In 2011, he brought Devda to Mumbai to work in the shop. Later, Manojsingh moved to another shop in Mumbai Central and Devda started working for the Voras. However, he was employed in the Voras’ juice centre for only 22 days in September and quit after a fight with Chetna. While he was working there, Devda visited the Vora residence several times and observed that Chetna’s mother had a lot of gold jewellery.
    “Devda said he left the job as the work hours were too long,” said a police source. The accused also claimed that he did not get his salary for the 22 days he worked at the juice centre. “On Sunday morning, Devda had drinks with some acquaintances before leaving for Malad railway station. He bought a knife there and then went to the Voras’ residence,” the police said.
    After killing Vora, Devda headed for Rajasthan on a train. “As he knew that the police would try to locate him, Devda did not go to his hometown and instead went to Udaipur. We got information that he was hiding in Udaipur and picked him up from there. He was brought to Mumbai and arrested formally here. We will hand him over to the Malad police,” an official said.
    Devda has reportedly sold the jewellery in Rajasthan and the police are now trying to zero in on the buyers. “Devda disposed of the jewellery soon after reaching Jaipur. He then went to Udaipur. The police will call the buyers for interrogation,” the police said.
    The investigators also confirmed that the knife used in Nirmala’s murder was not taken from her kitchen. “In her statement, Chetna said both knives in her mother’s kitchen were intact. This indicated that the murder was planned well in advance and the accused brought a knife along,” an official said.
    Reacting to the news of Devda’s arrest, Chetna—who is unmarried and had lost her father some years ago—said: “I shared a very special bond with my mother. We were like friends and our relationship was a lot more than a regular mother-daughter one. I cannot forget the sight of my mother lying on the floor, caked in blood, when I returned home from work on Sunday night. I cried like crazy and couldn’t sleep or eat.”
    Referring to the probe, she said: “Officers from the local police station, the crime branch and the anti-robbery squad visited us. I’ve spent the last three nights and the entire Wednesday doing rounds of the police station. Now, I’m exhausted. I think they have done an excellent job in bringing the killer to book so quickly.”
    (Inputs from Nitasha Natu)
WHO IS GIRVAR SINGH DEVDA? 20 years old | A Class X dropout, originally from Rajasthan
Devda’s elder brother, Manojsingh, brought him to Mumbai in 2011 to work in his ice-cream shop in Malad
Later, he started working at the Voras’ juice centre, but quit the job after only 22 days following a spat over long work hours
On November 4, Devda bought a knife near Malad station and went to the Voras’ house. Nirmala Vora (73) opened the door as he had visited the house earlier. He stole Rs 35,000 and 35 tola of gold ornaments worth over Rs 12 lakh before slitting Nirmala’s throat
Devda then fled to Rajasthan. On Tuesday night, he was arrested from Udaipur
THE PROBABLE MOTIVES While robbery appeared to be the motive behind the murder, the police said it could also be an act of revenge as Devda claimed that he was angry over non-payment of salary by the Voras

The Times of India, November 8, 2012

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