Monday, November 12, 2012

‘John and his wife filed for divorce amicably’

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Short-film producer Jerrit John, arrested on Saturday for a chemical attack on physiotherapist Aryanka Hozbektar, had on the Friday (November 2) before last gone to court, along with his wife, to file divorce papers. “Next day, they and their five-year-old son had breakfast together. Jerrit hugged his wife and child, before dropping them to the airport for a flight to Nagpur,” said John’s younger brother Jerrish, who came to Mumbai the week before last from Dubai, where he is an an executive with a private firm. “I had come only for a week on work, but due to this case, I have extended my leave.”
   Jerrish said that after reaching John’s residence in Vashi, “I came to know that my brother and sister in-law were preparing for divorce—amicably. I tried to reconcile them, but Jerrit said there were personal issues, which he did not elaborate.”
   Jerrish said he did not see any anger between the couple. “After they returned home from the court, Jerrit spent most of the day with his son. Next morning, all of us had breakfast together. John played with his son; I, too, played with the kid. I told my sister-in-law (a teacher) that perhaps I would not be able to meet her upon my next visit to India.
   “After dropping his wife and kid at the airport, Jerrit went to his office. He did not return home that night. He works in his office for hours on end and it’s common for him to be away from home for long periods of time.
   “I, too, was busy and so could not meet him. It was Wednesday when a police team arrived inquiring about John. I was taken aback and learnt that my brother was wanted in a case. It was shocking for me since my brother cannot commit a crime.”
   Jerrish said he spoke to John at the police station after his arrest. “Jerrit told me it was Aryanka who counselled him for divorce. She knew he had a five-year-old son and told him she would take care of the child after they got married. She would even play with Jerrit’s son at his Bandra office; there is photographic evidence to prove this.” 
No Nonsense head and chemical attacker Jerrit John’s younger brother Jerrish arrived in Mumbai the week before last. He spoke to TOI on what he has witnessed about Jerrit’s personal life since then
On Friday, November 2, Jerrit John and his wife went to the Thane family court to file for divorce
After returning home from the court, Jerrit spent most of the day with his son, playing with him
Next day, they, their five-year-old son and Jerrish had breakfast together Jerrit hugged his wife and child, before dropping them to the airport for a flight to Nagpur
After that, Jerrit went to his office and did not return home at night 

On Wednesday (November 7), a police team arrived at his Vashi residence, inquiring about him
It was around 5am that day that Jerrit allegedly attacked physiotherapist Aryanka Hozbektar with a chemical

Jerrit John, arrested accused

The Times of India, November 12, 2012

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