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Interrogation Report of slain IM suspected member Qateel Siddiqui

(Qateel Siddiqui was strangled to death in the anda cell of Pune's Yerwada jail in 2012)

What Qateel Siddiqui told the Delhi and Bangalore Police.
(Only revelations pertaining to Pune German bakery are reproduced)

Delhi Special Cell Report


Special Cell, Lodhi Road, Delhi Police
Accused Photo
Cr. No.

471, 489 (B & C), 120 (B) IPC 16,18,19,20 UAP 3,4,5, Explosive Act.
Name & Rank of I.O.
SI Chandrika Prasad
Accused Name with Alias
Mohd Qateel Siddique @ Sajan @ Javed @ Saleem
Arrested Date & Time
On 22nd Nov 2011  
Birth Date

27 years
5’ 8”







Clean shave


Identification Mark
  A mole on the left wrist
Present Address
i)          Village Barhsamailla, PO Lalganj, PS Keoti, District Darbhanga.
ii)         7307, Aram Nagar, Nabikarim, Paharganj, Delhi (father in law)
iii)       Also resided in the house of Gohar at F-42, Shaheen Bagh, Abdul Fazal Enclave Part II, Okhla, Delhi.
No specific job. He has worked as construction Supervisor and PCO operator. He has also worked at an electrical shop at Nabikarim, Delhi and at a garment shop at Sadar Bazar Delhi with Arif Hasan.
Native Address
Village Barhsamailla, PO Lalganj, PS Keoti, District Darbanga.

Birth Place
Darbanga, Bihar

Relatives Details

i)  Hanif Ansari, age 55yrs, (Father-in-Law (IInd marriage) r/o 7307, Araam Nagar, Nabikarim, Paharganj,Delhi. He sells fruits at Sadar bazaar bridge near old Delhi Rly station.
ii)   Shamima, age 55yrs,(mother-in-law),
iii) Gulzar, aged 30 yrs, (brother-in-law) r/o Dehradoon,         works as junk dealer.
iv) Salman, aged 16yrs, (brother-in-law) r/o Nabikarim studies in 10th class in Govt school at Nabikarim.
Cousin brother

i)  Gulab, aged 45 yrs,r/o Delhi, supplies tiffin.
ii) Firoz aged 45 yrs,r/o Shakurpur Delhi, doing the work  of manufacturing  of suitcases.
Mohd Zafar, 60 yrs

Gulshan, 55 yrs

i)       Shakeel, aged 19 yrs, working in a hotel at Okhla for the last 2 years. Gohar facilitated his job as the hotel owner is relative of his (KARSI, hotel owner). He is presently in Bihar as he is not well.
i)       Shahista, aged 12 yrs, studies in High school Khirma in 8th class in Bihar.
ii)      Shahina, aged 7 yrs, studies in the primary school, in village
i)       Akhtar, 65 yrs, r/o Village Barhsamailla, (having 4 sons and 3 daughter)

a)    Athar aged 45 years is a Professor.
b)   Azhar, aged 40 yrs is a teacher at Village Barhsamailla, in a Private School.
c)    Nadeem, aged 30 yrs, runs a TV shop at Shakurpur Delhi.
d)   Wasim aged 25 runs a TV shop at Shakurpur Delhi.

ii)      Nazeer, aged 62 yrs r/o Village Barhsamailla, (is doing agricultural work. He is having five sons and five daughters  as under:
a)    Aftab aged about 37 yrs - sells school bags in Kolkata.
b)   Hanzala, aged 34 yrs - sells ladies bags in Kolkata.
c)    Humayun aged 25 yrs - resident of Harin Bari Lane, Kolkata. Also sells ladies bags in Kolkata (he went with the Imran to Humayun’s house and stayed there at the time of arrest of Imran by Kolkata Police.)
d)   Mamoon, aged 22 yrs, r/o Village Barhsamailla, and doing agricultural work.
e)    Rashid, aged16 yrs, r/o Kolkata is selling ladies bag along with his other two brothers.
f)     Daughter- Merul, aged 40 yrs, r/o vill. Ijra, distt Madhubani.
g)    Ladli, aged 32 yrs, w/o Ali r/o vill. Chhatmal  Darbhanga. Her husband is doing agricultural work and also running a shop.
h)    Nazneen, aged 29 yrs w/o Shakeel, r/o Nabikarim Delhi. Her husband is running a shop of bags. 
The subject is having 03 aunts.

Associates Details
i)  Nasreen aged 23 yrs r/o vill Hamindi
ii) Shaheen aged 20 yrs r/o vill Barhsamailla
iii)Sabeena r/o vill Jaddobari, Sitamari
iv)Sonia Nqar aged 18 yrs r/o vill Mohidpur, Madhubani
v) Nimmi aged 32 yrs r/o vill Barhsamailla
vi)Shaheen r/o vill Chandersenpur

Education Qualification (Name & Add. of Inst.)
10th class, ITI in plumber from Dharbhanga (Maujabia) and also took admission in Diploma (Mechanical Engineer) at Aligarh namely Rajasthan Vidya Peeth with the help of Gauhar but dropped out after 2 semesters.
Property Details

Wife’s Name
i)          First wife - Zeenat Anjum, aged about 25 yrs, married during 2005, r/o Damla, district Madhubani. Divorced during 2007.

ii)         Second wife-Fatima, aged 22 yrs, (D/o Haneef), r/o 7307, Aram Nagar, Nabikarim, Paharganj, Delhi

Children’s Names
i)          Suraiya, 4 yrs from first wife and is staying with her mother.
ii)  Mariya, expired in 2009 at the age of two years.
 iii) Mariya, 1 yrs
Name & Add. Persons other than relatives from the native place who can identify the accused.

Hanif Ansari, age 55yrs, (Father-in-Law (IInd marriage)) r/o 7307, Araam Nagar, Nabikarim, Paharganj,Delhi. He sells fruits at Sadar bazaar bridge near old Delhi Rly station.

Previous convictions (P. St., Add. Cr. No., U/Sec., Associates, Absconders) 

Name of Identifying the Police Staff and Police Party

Delhi Police
Dress style
Wears normal Pant Shirts

Habits & Addiction
Drinking, smoking and womanizer
Accused associates
i)               Gauhar Aziz (arrested by Spl Cell Delhi)
ii)             Imran Ahmad @ Sharukh @ Yaseen Ahmed @ Shoaib @ Siddi Bappa (absconding)
iii)            Kamal @ Bilal r/o Nabi Karim, Delhi, running a bag factory in Delhi. (absconding)
iv)           Md Irshad Khan(arrested by Spl Cell Delhi)
v)             Md Aftab Alam @ Farooq @ Sheikhchilli (arrested by Spl Cell Delhi)
vi)           Gayur Ahmad Jamali @ Zaid @ Anwar (arrested by Spl Cell Delhi)
vii)          Ajmal @ Adil, r/o Karachi, Pakistan (arrested by Spl Cell Delhi)
viii)        Tehseen @ Monu @ Dilkash r/o village near Muktapur, Samastipur district, Bihar
ix)           Tariq @ Shan r/o Bihar presently residing at Shaheen Bagh, Abul Fazal enclave part II, Delhi.

i)               Imran Ahmad @ Sharukh @ Yaseen Ahmed @ Shoaib @ Siddibappa
ii)             Tariq @ Shan
iii)            Tehseen @ Monu @ Dilkash
iv)           Kamal
Places visited
Delhi, Bihar, Banglore, Pune Mumbai, Nepal
Route of exfiltration and date

Darbhanga -        Nepal  (April & Sept 2011)
Route of infiltration
And date

Nepal            Darbhanga (April & Sept 2011)
Area of operation
 Delhi, Bihar, Banglore, Pune Mumbai, Nepal
Action against army, pmf/police

Action against civilians including vdc etc.

i) Attempt to kill foreigners.
ii) Accused in Bangalore blasts.
Trainers in Pakistan

By whom detected  initially and mode of dectection
Special cell, Delhi Police
Date, time, place &
Circumstances of arrest
 20th Nov, 2011 from Paharganj
Case fir no., offence &police station
Spl Cell, Delhi Police, Lodhi Road.

 Involvement in Pune Blast

After staying for 10 days in village Barhsamailla, Qateel came back to Delhi. In Delhi Imran called him and met him at Nabi Karim. Imran gave him 3/4 thousand rupees. After 15-20 days in the end of Jan 2010, Imran called him from Pune and asked him to come to Pune.  He went to Pune by train and met Imran at a preplanned location i.e. Pune Bus stand. Imran took him to a place named Katraj Dairy where he already had arranged accommodation consisting of two small rooms. Imran took Qateel’s mobile so that he could not use the same. After staying there for two days, Imran took Qateel and went out and visited one vegetable market. (exact place not known). When they came back to the room Imran told him that he would plant a bomb at some place in Pune. When Qateel expressed his unwillingness to do this, Imran told him that some other person was coming for this purpose to help Imran. On the same day both went to one Dagdu Seth Mandir located near the Vegetable Market and Imran revealed that bomb was to be planted there. Imran asked Qateel that if bomb was to be placed by him, how would he place it. Then Imran handed over a bag (consisting some clothing and pair of slippers) which they had brought along with them and asked Qateel to give the bag to a person selling flowers outside the Temple. Qateel did same and went inside the temple to pay obeisance and while returning back took the bag from the same person.

After 2/3 days Imran brought two bags from somewhere (place not known) to the room and told Qateel that one bag is to be placed by him as the other person had not come due to some unknown reason. Imran promised to give him Rs 50,000 for doing this work. After two days Imran told Qateel to place one bag in the temple as he had done earlier. Before this Imran had connected the battery and timer to the two bombs and revealed that time fixed was 06:30 PM. At around 02:30 PM Qateel left the house with one bag whereas Imran stayed back. On reaching the Temple, he tried to hand over the bag to the person selling flowers; however that person refused to keep his bag. Qateel then came to the road near the temple and took autorikshaw for Bus stand. On the way to bus stand while in the autorikshaw he disconnected the Battery from the bomb. At bus stand, he hired a ‘sharing Scorpio’ vehicle for Mumbai. After reaching Dadar he de-boarded the vehicle as it was preplanned by Imran that they had to meet at the gate of Dadar railway station. He then took a taxi and asked the driver to take him towards the sea side. On reaching the sea side when he left the taxi at one bridge (could not give the name of the bridge, however revealed that the bridge was too large as he could not see the other side of the bridge. The bridge could be Bandra - Worli sea link).  At first opportunity he dropped the bag containing the bomb in the sea and came back to Dadar again by taxi. (1)

At Dadar railway station he waited for Imran who did not turn up as planned. Qateel then boarded a train to Delhi. When the train reached Jhansi, Imran came searching for him and joined him in the genral compartment. Imran had also boarded the same train from Dadar as he assumed that Qateel might have been caught by the Police. When Imran came to know that Qateel had thrown the bag in the sea, he got very angry and scolded Qateel. He told him that he could have keep the bag anywhere else. Imran returned Qateel's mobile and got down at some place before Delhi. Qateel could not specify the exact place. Qateel reached Delhi and stayed at Nabi Karim for about 10 days and again left for his village.

Bangalore Police Report

Later after 1month i.e. during February 2010 Imran @ Yasin Bhatkal @ Sharukh called me and asked me to come to pune as he is staying in Pune.  He met me near Kathig Milk Dairy in pune and took me to a room. He stayed alone in that room and informed me that he is waiting for a friend to accompany him in that room and till he comes there I could accompany him.  I stayed with him for 8days.  He used to leave me alone in the room and go outside and also was intimating me not to come out of the room, but I used to go out and come back as I was feeling bore in his absence.  After 4days Imran @ Yasin Bhatkal @ Sharukh  informed me that his friend had assigned the work of planting bomb in Pune as he is not coming he asked me to plant the bomb in Pune.  I did not agree to do the same.  But he reminded me that he had given me 1 lakh rupees and I have not returned it and he would give me more 50,000 and compelled me to do this.  I agreed to this without any other option.

Later Imran @ Yasin Bhatkal @ Sharukh took me to Durgashet Ganesha temple in Pune and showed me the location where I had to plant the bomb.  Imran @ Yasin Bhatkal @ Sharukh gave me a bag loaded with clothes and informed me to keep this bag in the flower market which was crowded with people and to visit the temple, I did the same.  After 2days Imran @ Yasin Bhatkal @ Sharukh got 2bags to the room which was loaded with 2bags each respectively.  I am not aware of who got it and from where did he get it. After 2days Imran @ Yasin Bhatkal @ Sharukh took out 1 bag in which the bomb was packed and he connected the two wires to the battery and informed me that this would blast by 6 in the evening and I have to keep this bag in the flower market near Dagduseth Ganesha temple.  After placing this bomb he asked me to take up a taxi and reach Dadar Railway Station and meet him so that they both would board the train by 10.30 and leave to Delhi.

I took up the bag which had the bomb and boarded an auto to Durgashet Ganesha temple which is 15 km away from the room which we stayed.  I missed the road and with the help of people I could reach the temple by    5 pm.  I requested the person in the flower shop to keep the bag in his shop but he did not agree for that.  I was in the turmoil what to do with that bag later I took up an auto and went to Pune bus stand, on the way I disconnected the wires from the battery of the bomb.  Later I took up a taxi to Dadar bus stand and reached there by 8pm. Then again I took up another taxi and asked the driver to take me somewhere near sea, he took me to a bridge which was 4km away from the bus stand, there I could find a sea and asked the driver to stop me there.  I threw the bag which contained bomb to the sea from the bridge and took up another taxi to Dadar Railway Station and waited for Imran @ Yasin Bhatkal @ Sharukh, but he did not come so I took a ticket to Delhi and boarded Delhi train at 10.30 pm. When the train reached Jhansi junction Imran @ Yasin Bhatkal @ Sharukh came in search of me to my boggie.  I asked him that why he dint meet me in Dadar railway station so that he said me that he had thought that I had been caught by the police so he did not come and he asked me about the bomb. So I replied me that as I could not plant the bomb near Durgashet Ganesha temple I disconnected the wire and got it to Bombay and disposed it in the sea.  So that he told me that I could have kept it in the other place instead and scolded me for disposing the bomb in sea as it costs 3 lakh rupees. He accompanied me till Agra in the train and I am not aware from there where did he go and I reached Delhi.

Courtesy: (May 22, 2013)