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Interrogation Report of suspected Indian Mujahideen member Sadiq Shaikh

Interrogation Report prepared by Ahmedabad Police.
Date of Interrogation- 8/11/2008
Place of Interrogation- Crime Branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Age/D.O.B/Place of Birth- 03/07/1975 at trombay
Father’s name and Occupation- Israr Ali (65) owner of a General store styled as Israr General Store at Chita Camp, trombay
Permanent – Vill:- Para, PO- Rangdih, Tehsil- Fulpur, PS- Sarai Mir
                             Dist- Azamgarh    
Present – C/I/19, Chitah Camp, Trombay, Mumbai-88                             
Nationality – Indian
Sex - Male
Religion –  Muslim
Sect – Sunni,  
Occupation – Working in Godrej Co. Mu8mbai from 1996 to 1999. Presently he joined in Three Eye InfoTech as Desktop engineer since March 2007.
Monthly Income :- Rs. 10,000/- PM.
Height- 5’ 7”
Built- Thin
I/Mark- Oblique cut mark on the face.
Beard & Moustache- Usually clean shaved
Complexion- Fair
Hair- Balck , Thin on Fore head.
Nose-  Long and ridged.
Wound marks - Oblique cut mark on the face.
Eyes – Black
Shape of face - Long
Lips - Thin
Teeth - Normal
Mouth - Normal
Speech –  Soft spoken.
Walking style - Swift
Deformity - Nil

Marital Status Married in April 2005
Wife- Suraiya Parveen
Daughter – I) Ashra (2 ½  Yrs)
                 ii) Rahema and Sana (1 yrs., twin)

Education- The suspect completed his Secondary education from Ideal High School, Bombay in 1991. He admitted in Higher Secondary Course In South City College, Bombay in1991. He dropped himself out in 1992. He joined in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Course at ITI, Habib Technical College, Dongri, Bombay and passed in 1994. Admitted in BA course at Moulana Azad open University in 1999 but not completed.

Language Known – Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, English
Mobile Number : 99695-06112
Email I.D : I)
                  II) bablu78@  (closed about 4 months back)
Password- munnabhai
Passport- Having Indian Passport from Mumbai, according to suspect the passport is lying with Owaiz @ Faiyaz in Nepal. The suspect also got one Pakistani Passport from Karachi which was also taken away by Owaiz in Nepal.
Driving License- Having 2 and 4 wheeler Driving License from Bombay.(No. not Known)
Bank A/c- Savings A/c. in Standard Chartered Bank, Santacruz West Branch (Can’t  recall the number)

Details of family members
Sl no
Israr Ali (65)
C/I/19-Chitah Camp, Trombay Mumbai-88
Asiya Banu (60); House wife
Md. Arshad (40); Stayed in Muscat and worked there as Machine Operator
Elder Brother
Muscat, Oman
Md. Ashad(38); Seller  of potato & Onion
C/I/19-Chitah Camp, Trombay Mumbai-88
Md. Arif (36)
Stayed in Singapore and working in a Constgruction Co.
Md. Tahir (28); working as Desktop engineer in a Mumbai based Co.
C/I/19-Chitah Camp, Trombay Mumbai-88
Israt Jahan (42) W/O Shakil Ahmed
Elder sister
Vill- Nonari, Jaunpur,UP
Parveen Banu (31) W/O Md. Azam
Near Check Post, Dist.- Azamgarh
Shakil Ahmed (50) owned a Medical shop styled as National Medical Shop
Father in Law
Vill- Bairidih, Lalgunj , Dist- UP
Nahini (45) , House wife

After 2/3 months (of the Sakatmochan Blasts) during May 2006 the suspect went to Bombay. By this time Abu Rashid took one flat on rent at Seuri, Mumbai. Dr. Shanwaj and the suspect stayed there. Atif (Ameen) also came there from Delhi. Atif contacted with one Sajid of Andheri Mumbai. The suspect collected 8 timers from Arif Badar. Atif collected explosives from Mangalore through Riaz. Atif prepared 7 (seven) explosives in pressure cooker. The suspect along with the group planted all the explosives in seven local trains at Church gate railway stations. Blast occurred in seven trains. After the blast the suspect along with Atif left for Azamgarh on the next day of the blast. 

            In March 2007, the suspect shifted to Bombay and joined in Three Eye InfoTech as Desktop engineer. He used to maintain contact with Amir Reza Khan and Riaz Bhatkal. In June 2008 Riaz Bhatkal contacted with the suspect and told him that they have taken a big programme. The suspect denied to join them for the time being as his father was ill.  Riaz repeatedly requested him. He agreed to come to Surat. At that time Arif Badar was in Delhi at that time. As instructed the suspect gave Aziz’s name and Phone No to Arif Badar. Arif Badar was asked to purchase clock for preparing timers. The suspect accompanied Arif while he went to purchase clock. Riaz intimated the suspect that this time car will be used and advance emails will be sent. Jakir, Abu Rashid and Dr. Sahanwaj were also informed.  Abu Rashid and Dr. Sahanwaj were sent back. He heard the news of Ahmedabad explosion. On 28th of July he returned back to his village. On 31st July the suspect came back to Mumbai with his parents, wife and children. He was arrested by Mumbai Police in August 2008.              
Interrogation Report prepared by Hyderabad CIC

I along with Atif Ameen and others discussed about our next plan of action (after the Sankatmochan Blasts) and decided to plant bombs in Mumbai local trains in Western Railway First Class compartments, in which Gujaratis travel frequently. I informed the same to Ameer Raza, who asked us to accomplish the task without any risk.  Accordingly, we planted the bombs in Mumbai local trains between Church Gate, Shividi and Dadar in between 5.30 pm to 5.55 pm. At about 6.30 pm all the bombs exploded and many people died in the blasts. I reached Abu Rashed’s uncle house, where I watched the TV.
On 13.11.2006, I and Atif left Mumbai for Azamgarh and others went back to their respective places.
Interrogation Report prepared by Karnataka Police
Mumbai serial train blasts planning: After two or three months (of the Sankatmochan Blasts) while Atif and myself were roaming in the market, Atif told me that we will do some new planning.  We decided that we will do some blastings in Mumbai local trains.  We wanted to keep the bombs in Ist class compartments where more Gujarathi people travel and it will be like revenge of Gujarat roits.  Amer Raza used to arrange the funding for the blasts through Western Union or Hawala.  We told this to Amer Raza who asked us to be cautious while executing this plan.  He told us that he will arrange for the explosive through Riyaz.  Atif went to Delhi and I spoke to Dr.Shahnawaz and Abu Rasheed and told them about the Mumbai blasts and they stated that they will also participate.  I told Abu Rasheed to go to Mumbai and arrange for one flat. 

In June 2006 I came to Mumbai and after 10 days Abu Rasheed and Shahnawaz also came to Mumbai.  Abu Rasheed used to work in GKB optical shop in Andheri west and used to stay in Sewri with his uncle. Abu Rasheed took one flat on rent in Sewri and we started staying in it.  It was June end or July starting.  Atif also came from Delhi to Sewri.  One Sajid R/o Andheri East N/o Sanjarpur who was recruited by Atif also agreed and joined us.  I once again contacted Amer Raza and he gave one telephone number of Riyaz and I contacted Riyaz who told me that he will deliver the explosive at Mangalore. 

Collection of Explosive by Atif at Mangalore: Atif went to Mangalore and brought the explosive from Riyaz.  It was about 30 to 35 Kgs of explosive which was light cream in colour.  The company name “Ameen Explosives” was written on the bag of the explosives. They were like tubes.  We decided to make 7 bombs which will be placed in 7 cookers.  Myself, Atif, Dr.Shahnawaz went and purchased the cookers, bags and prepared 7 bombs.  The timers were brought by me from Arif Badr while I was coming to Mumbai. Myself and Atif prepared the bombs and set the timers of 4 ½ hours.  We brought the train timetable book and decided on the trains in which bombs are to be kept.  We took the Ist class railway passes.  Earlier we even did reccee at Churchgate.  We were 5 persons and the bombs were 7.

Mumbai Train Blasts: We made some planning and on 11th July we assembled in the early morning and by the time we did the packing it was 2 P.M.  It was decided that I will go first with one bag and go to Dadar and from there to Churchgate and keep the bag in Ist class compartment of the selected train and I will get down at the next station Merinlines and again go back to Churchgate.  Next Atif will leave with two bags and come to Churchgate.  I will meet Atif at Churchgate and take one bag from him and be both will board the selected trains and keep the bags in them. After placing the bombs Atif will get down at Dadar and from there he will go to Sewri.  I will get down at Merinlines and come back to Churchgate.  Abu Rasheed and Sajid will take one bag each and keep the bags in the selected trains.  Abu Rasheed will get down at Dadar and return to Sewri.  Sajid will get down at Bandra and proceed to his house at Mahakali, Andheri East. Lastly Dr.Shahnawaz will come to Churchgate with two bags and by that time I will return to Churchgate and take on bag from Shahnawaz and we both will keep the bags in the selected trains.  Shahnawaz and myself will get down at Dadar from our respective trains and return to Sewri flat.  All the bombs were planned at 1830 hrs and I got down at Dadar at 1820 hrs after placing the last bomb in the selected train.  As planned everything went accordingly and the blastings occurred in the local trains.  We returned to our village after that.  On 13th Sep myself and Atif went to Azamgarh and Dr.Shahnawaz went to Lucknow.  Abu Rasheed and Sajid started their regular work in Mumbai.

Interrogation Report prepared by the UP ATS

Explosion in Bombay trains
While Atif (Ameen) and I were in Sanjarpur we decided to strike once again. This time we decided to hit Bombay. Since we had no explosive material left with us we contacted Aamir raza for explosives and told him about this plan. Aamir raza said yes to our programme and asked us to contact Riyaz on mobile. The mobile no of Riyaz were given to us by Aamir raza. Riyaz always kept changing his mobile numbers. After this Aatif went to delhi and I came to Bombay.  I asked Abu Rashid to arrange for  a room. Abu Rashid arranged a room in the Siwdi area on the pretext that some of my friends are coming to Bombay for preparation of interview. Abu Rashid belongs to Bombay and lives in Siwdi area. He originally belongs to Azamgarh. when the room was arranged Shehnawaz came from Azamgarh , Atif came from delhi, and I came from my Bombay house to stay in this house. When we contacted Riyaz on his mobile no he said you come to Bangalore to collect the explosive. Atif went to Bangalore and came back with 35 kgs. of explosive. During this period Aatif had talked to Sajid for participating in this operation. Sajid, who stays in mahakali  andheri area, and also belongs to Azamgarh visited us two three times. During this period we purchased railway time table, pressure cooker and bags. Railway pass was procured for all of us. On 11th july all of us assembled at the flat in the morning. ( Dr. shehnawaz, Aatif, Abu Rashid and I were already on the flat.  sajid also joined us on that day)  then we all put the explosives in the cookers. I had already collected timers from Aarif while coming to Bombay. I had brought 8 timers with me. We put four and half hours time in the timers. Around 4 we started from our flat. I was the first one to leave the flat. Atif left after me with two bags. Abu Rashid and Sajid left with one bag. Dr. shehnawaz was the last one to leave with two bags. All of us reached church gate.  We got into different trains and left the explosive in different trains. After this incident we all went to our flat in Siwdi and stayed there for a day and left. I and Aatif went to Azamgarh, Dr. Shahnawaz went to Lucknow. Abu Rashid and sajid started going to their jobs respectively.
Interrogation Report prepared by the Mumbai Crime Branch
7/11 Mumbai train blasts
In 2006 Atif and I had detailed discussions about the Gujarat riots. To teach Gujarat a lesson we decided to bomb the first class compartments. We thought so because the Gujaratis used to travel in first class compartments.
We sent an email to Amir Raza about our plans. Amir Raza advised us to carry out the blasts with utmost care.
I told Amir Raza that I’d carefully study the timetable of the trains.
Amir Raza sent Rs 50,000  through hawala to Atif in Delhi.
We informed Dr Shahnawaz and Abu Rashid.
I told Abu Rashid to find a place on rent close to where he stayed in Shiwri.
Arif Badar made eight timers for this task.
On 15 June 2006 I brought the timers. Dr Shahnawaz and Abu Rashid also set out for Mumbai.
At the time I was using BPL sim card. I had bought the sim card from a  shop at Cheetah Camp. I had provided a copy of my driving license for buying the card.
At that time Abu Rashid rented out a place on the fourth floor of Raza Cooperative Hsg Society.
I told my family that I was leaving for Pune for searching a job and will be away for 10-12 days and I came to stay at the Siwri flat.
Atif and Dr Shahnawaz also came to stay at the flat.
Abu Rashid and Sajid also came to the flat a couple of times.
I got first class passes from Churchgate to Andheri made for Dr Shahnawaz, Atif, Sajid and myself.
We used to travel from Churchgate to Andheri to study the timetable. We studied which trains left churchgate at what time and which trains would get cancelled. We practiced travelling as ordinary commuters.
I contacted Amir Raza in the meantime and told him that I needed more material for bomb-making. Amir Raza gave me Riaz Bhatkal’s number and told me to get in touch with him.
I contacted Riaz from a PCO in Siwri. He told me to send a man to Mangalore to collect the explosives. I sent Atif to Mangalore by bus.
Two days later Atif returned by Volvo bus to Mumbai. He brought with him 35 kgs of explosives and 10-12 detonators.  
 Dr Shahnawaz, Atif, Abu Rashid and I purchased 5 litre pressure cookers on different days from different shops. We thus purchased 7 pressure cookers.
We preferred pressure cookers as it held the explosives together quite well. And we knew that the better the explosives were packed better were the results of the blasts. That’s why we preferred pressure cookers over boxes.
We didn’t buy branded pressure cookers. Ordinary pressure cookers cost us Rs 300 per piece.
We bought many nylon bags of different colours from different vendors outside Siwri railway station.
 On 11 June 2006 Dr shahnawaz, Abu Rashid, Atif, Sajid and I assembled at the Siwri flat.
Dr Shahnawaz, atif and I started making the bombs. We filled approx 5 kg explosives in each pressure cooker. I pulled out two wires through the whistle hole and attached them to the timer.
At 2 pm we set the timers for 4 ½ hours later.
We knew that all the blasts would not happen at the same time because the timers were assembled and there would be variation of 10-15 mins.
We placed the bombs in nylon luggage bags.
I was the first to leave the place with one bag of bomb. I took a taxi to Dadar railway station.
Then Atif with two bags left for Dadar by taxi.
Rashid and Sajid too brought one bag each by taxi to Dadar.
Dr Shahnawaz then came with two bombs to dadar by taxi.
I took the train from Dadar to Churchgate and after reaching Churchgate I got into a train on platform no 1. I placed the bag on the luggage rack and came to the door. I got off at marine Drive and again took the train to churchgate. Atif was waiting for me at the station.
I took one bag from him and again took a train. I again put the bag on the luggage rack and got off at marine Drive. Again I went back to Churchgate station. Dr Shahnawaz was waiting for me at the station. I took one bag from him and got into another train. I got off at Dadar railway station and took the taxi to Siwri. I reached the room by 18:45—19:00.
Dr Shahnawaz, Atif and Abu Rashid were already there at the room.
Sajid was supposed to go straight to his Andheri house after planting the bomb.
We roamed around in Siwri to measure the response and the fear that the blasts had created.
On 13 July 2008 we left the Siwri flat. Atif and I left for Azamgarh. Dr Shahnawaz went back to Lucknow.

Courtesy: (May 22, 2013)

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