Monday, June 3, 2013

Cop candidate told to undergo sex test

‘18-Year-Old Has No Reproductive Organs’

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: In perhaps a first, an 18-year-old, who reportedly has neither male nor female sex organs,has appliedfor the postof a constable. While the candidate’sdocuments—birthcertificate, ration card,election card, photo identity proof and Class XII marksheet—record her sex asfemale,the policehave asked her to submit a sex-determination report from the state medicalboardbeforeher application isconsidered. 

    The incident occurred last week at the police ground in Naigaon when a woman sub-inspector spotted a 5.8-ft tall ‘girl’ named Radhika (name changed)standing in the queue to submit her application for the post of constable in the city police’s half-yearly recruitmentdrive. 

    As her facial features resembledthatof a male,thesubinspector gotsuspicious andinformed her senior officers. They checked Radhika’s documents and found that they all listed her sex as female. The sub-inspector was then asked to conduct a physical examination of Radhika. The officer noticed that Radhika had neither male nor female reproductive organs and informed her seniors who, later, questioned Radhika’sfather.Heconfirmed thatRadhika washisdaughter. 

    Realising the sensitivity of
thecase,theofficialsinstructed the 18-year-old to undergo a sex determination test at the Nagpada policehospital.Doctorsof the police hospital examined Radhika, who hails from Wadgaon (Kopargaon taluka)in Ahmednagar district, and referredher casetoJJHospital.A reportis awaited.
    Police officers have asked Radhika to submit her medical reportby June5.   Shehassubmitted a letter to the police authorities stating thatif shefailstosubmitthe report on or before June 5, she won’t object to being denied a chance to participate in the recruitmentdrive.
    A police officer, on condition of anonymity, said, “Radhika was asked to undergo the sex-determination test as our recruitmentformslistonly two options for gender: male or female. There is no option for ‘Other’ or transgenders. JJ Hospital authorities are conducting four typesof teststo ascertain Radhika’s gender.Ifher reports state that she is a transgender, then her case will be referred to the state government for decision.”
    Additional commissioner of police (armed forces) Vijay Chavan, who is in-charge of the recruitment drive in the city, said, “Wehaveinformedsenior officers and police commissioner Satya Pal Singh about this and are awaiting the medical report.” 

Radhika’s documents—birth certificate, election card
and Class XII marksheet—list her sex as female
The 18-year-old, who is 5.8-ft tall, wants to be a constable A physical examination reportedly revealed that she has neither male nor female sex organs
Cops are awaiting the report of her sex-determination test 
The Mumbai Police force conducts a recruitment drive for constables twice a year on the basis of vacancies. Right now, the drive is on to fill up 950 vacancies of police constables, including 350 women personnel. As many as 57,000 candidates have
applied. While male candidates were asked to submit their documents from May 15, women candidates submitted their documents from May 25. The physical examination test, which includes running, long jumps and push-ups, will begin from June 24

The Times of India, June 3, 2013

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