Thursday, June 27, 2013

Doc frames former colleague of raping own daughter, held



Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The city’s cyber crime investigation cell on Wednesday arrested the forensic department chief of Latur’s science laboratory, following a complaint by a former colleague. The accused, Dr Chandrakant Dode (54), a surgeon, had sent an email to forensic doctors across the country, accusing the complainant of raping his own daughter. 

    Dode told the police that he cooked up the allegation after being denied a promotion. Himanshu Roy, joint commissioner of Mumbai crime branch, said, “We received a complaint about this case. It’s a serious offence. We assigned this case to the cyber cell and the officers have arrested the accused. We have filed the chargesheet against the accused.”   The police said the complainant, a senior surgen posted in Mumbai, was in trauma after he learnt about the email. 
    The police said Dode, who was earlier posted at JJ Hospital in the city, had sent the email to at least 55 doctors. “Dode wrote an email stating that the complainant had raped his own 22-year-old daughter. Dode had sent the email through a fictitious ID. We arrested Dode on
Wednesday. Our 424-page charge sheet contains concrete evidence against him,” said senior inspector Mukund Pawar who heads the cyber cell. The probe was supervised by additional commissioner Niket Kaushik. 

    Pawar said the email, sent on June 10, 2012, had a news story with headline, “Doc father rapes 22-year-old daughter in Mumbai.” Pawar said the news item had, in fact, appeared in an English newspaper relating to a
case in Indore. “Dode had copied the news item and edited it, putting the complainant’s name in the place of the accused. He even copied readers’ comment from the real story and pasted it in the edited/fake story. Dode even asked the email recipients to comment on it,” added Pawar. 

    More than 79 people from the UK, US, India and Pakistan commented that the rapist father should be hanged.  Dode had operated the fictitious email account from his office. His personal computer and the office computer’s hard discs have been sent for forensic analysis. The police have 18 witnesses against Dode in this case. 
The Times of India, June 27, 2013

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