Friday, June 7, 2013

JJ postpones test to fix cop candidate’s gender

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The JJ Hospital authorities, who were to conduct a sex determination test on a constable candidate to determine her gender, said the test could not be conducted on Thursday. They will set another date for the test. 

    The 18-year-old constable candidate from Ahmednagar, Radhika (name changed), who underwent four tests after the police directed her to get the sex determination report, is stuck in Mumbai waiting for the report from JJ Hospital.   Radhika, who is 5ft-6inch tall, was found to possess neither male nor female reproductive organs when she came to the city last week, to submit documents required to appear
for the police constable exams.
    The police directed Radhika to undergo a test to establish her gender as they do not have any category for inducting transgenders in the force. Dr Sita Tilwani, former honorary professor and unit chief of Grant Medical College who has treated 17 gender determination-related cases, said besides physical and genetic evaluation tests, Radhika should be supported by psychological examination and counselling.
    “In such a case, a Karyotyping test should be conducted to establish the exact gender. This will take some time, but give exact and conclusive result,” said Tilwani. A karyotype is an actual photograph of the chromosomes from one cell.
    Dr Tilwani said, “According to the international standards, such a person first should be evaluated psychologically and genetically. The norm says if it cannot be categorised as a male, the person should be ‘treated and accepted’ as female.” 
About Karyotype
Karyotypes are usually done using blood cells, fetal skin cells and occasionally bone marrow cells. While a karyotype is used to confirm that a person has Down’s Syndrome owing to an extra chromosome number 21, it gives much more information. From a patient’s perspective, a karyotype is a simple blood test. This test takes up to one week to give an exact result. 
The Times of India, June 7, 2013

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