Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gangster Abu Salem wants to be shifted to Portuguese embassy

Abu Salem

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Exactly a month after an attempt on his life at the Taloja prison, extradited gangster Abu Salem on Monday filed an application before the special TADA court seeking directions to the jail authorities that he be moved to the Portuguese consulate in Goa or embassy in Delhi. 

    Jail authorities said they planned to shift Salem but wanted to ensure there was no untoward incident in the other prison. Salem said in the application that Taloja officials received an order to transfer him to the Thane jail. “The applicant (Salem) may be transferred to the Portuguese Embassy till a final decision is taken on the issue of repatriation to Portugal post-termination of an extradition order in the interest of justice,” read the application filed by Ansari through his lawyer, Rashid Ansari. The application prayed to court that Salem not be transferred to any other jail “in the interest of justice since the risk to his life is on a higher scale in other jails”. 

    “Salem has several cases against him and has to be produced before
court. Earlier, he was in Arthur Road jail, where a clash was reported between him and D-gang member Mustafa Dossa. Salem has reportedly told some cops that he did not feel secure in the Thane jail too. We are exploring options since the security of all inmates is our responsibility,” a senior prison department official said.
    CCTV cameras have been installed at Taloja jail’s anda cell as
gangster Devendra Jagtap had hidden his pistol in a loudspeaker there. 

    “A camera will certainly exert psychological pressure on inmates and they will think twice before committing a crime,” an official said. All jails where hardened criminals are kept are engaged in psychological profiling of inmates. “It will help cops maintain tighter security,” he said.


Abu Salem was shot at twice in a high-security anda cell by another inmate, Devendra Jagtap, with a country-made revolver at Taloja jail in Navi Mumbai
Only one bullet hit the extradited gangster’s finger
Jagtap reportedly hid the revolver in a loudspeaker in the prison

He has seven to eight cases against him, including three to do with murders
The Dawood gang dominates the Thane, Arthur Road, Kalyan and Taloja jails
Most Chhota Rajan shooters are reportedly housed in the Thane jail
All jails which house hardened criminals are engaged in this. Details include an inmate’s
crimes, his gang and who he interacts with often

The Times of India, July 30, 2013

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