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Woman cop aspirant is male: Docs

Mateen Hafeez & Pratibha Masand TNN

Mumbai: The gender and fate of an 18-year-old applicant for a woman police constable’s job has been decided. J J Hospital doctors, who conducted a series of medical tests to establish the gender of the candidate, have declared the Ahmednagarbased ‘girl’ to be a male.
    Based on medical report, senior police officers have found Radhika (as she is being referred to by TOI) unfit to be inducted into the 45,000-strong force. 
 ‘Male cop aspirant raised as girl didn’t know of sex-change option’
Mumbai: The case of the 18-year-old man raised as a woman first came to light in May when Radhika arrived in Mumbai to submit her application documents for a constable’s position. She applied for the post during a recruitment drive at Kopargaon taluka. 

    The panel of doctors from J J Hospital, which carried out the tests on Radhika two weeks ago, said she had undergone Karyotype, serum estrogen and serum testoterone tests to establish her gender. “We found she had the ‘XY’ chromosome, which proved the candidate was male. She had male
infantile genitals (resembling an infant’s),” a doctor said.
    “She did not have female genitals or child-bearing organs such as the uterus, but was reared as a girl,” said the doctor. “Generally, in such cases, people undergo a sex-change operation, but Radhika was unaware of such procedures.”
    But her government-issued documents such as birth certificate, school leaving certificate, ration card, Class XII marksheet and Aadhar card describe her as a female.
    A woman sub-inspector had first noticed the 5.8-ft ‘girl’ at Naigaon police ground on May 25. Clad in a salwar kameez, she had queued up to submit her application. The sub-inspector had found her features masculine and immediately informed her seniors about it. The cop physically examined Radhika and found she did not have either male or female reproductive organs.
    The police stopped her recruitment process and directed her to undergo tests to establish her gender, saying they would take a decision based on the report.
    Vijay Chavan, chairman of the police recruitment committee, an additional commissioner of police (armed police), said, “The candidate was intimated that she cannot be considered for the 2013 recruitment. We told her that she was unfit for the process.”
On May 25, a woman subinspector noticed a 5.8ft ‘girl’ who had queued up to submit her application for the constable’s post at the city police’s recruitment drive on Naigaon police ground
    The sub-inspector noticed her masculine facial features and informed her senior officers
    Each of her documents, though, mentioned her gender as female
    The woman officer then physically examined her and found that she did not have either male or female reproductive organs
    The cops referred the case to Nagpada police hospital which, in turn, forwarded it to J J Hospital
ESTRADIOL TEST | Estradiol is the most important form of estrogen hormone. Most of it is made in and released from ovaries, adrenal cortex and placenta, which is formed during pregnancy. It is responsible for the growth of the uterus, fallopian tubes and vagina 
Test result: Radhika did not have enough estradiol hormone  
KARYOTYPE TEST | A karyotype is an actual photograph of the chromosomes from one cell. It is usually done using blood cells, fetal skin cells (from amniotic fluid or the placenta) and occasionally bone marrow cells 
Test result: Radhika’s DNA has the male ‘XY’ chromosome
CONCLUSION | All the test results confirm that Radhika is male
TESTOSTERONE TEST | It measures the amount of male hormone testosterone in blood. Both men and women produce the hormone. This test may be conducted if one has the symptoms of abnormal male hormone (androgen) production 
Test result: Radhika has a high level of testosterone

THE PINKI PRAMANIK CASE ‘Female’ athlete Pinki Pramanik was arrested in June 2012 for the alleged rape of her flatmate, who claimed she was a male. She was granted bail in July 2012 after a chromosome test report. A medical team stated she does not possess the male organ
The Times of India, August 16, 2013

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