Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cops put me at risk, says slash victim


Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Meher Lamberaj, the woman who suffered a slash attack during her morning walk on Marine Drive on September 13, says cops’ behaviour has put her at risk.
    Personnel from Marine Drive police station recently
landed at her Tardeo home with a detainee, asking her to identify if it was the same person who had attacked her.
    What is more surprising is the fact that the police have asked Lamberaj (32) to go and give her blood samples at the Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory so that they could match it to the blood found on her T-shirt and on the crime scene. “They are saying they want to confirm it’s my blood as evidence. Isn’t the Bombay Hospital report enough for them?” Lamberaj said.
    Lamberaj, who stays with her ailing mother, is the sole bread earner in the family. “Since the incident, I have stopped going for morning walks. Earlier, I would go with my nine-year-old daughter, but now I don’t have the courage to go,” she added.
    “Initially, they would call me at the police station and show photographs and sketches of various suspects. I was surprised when they landed at my building with a suspect. I have two daughters. I have to look after my ailing mother, too. What the policemen did is highly unsafe,” Lamberaj told TOI. 

    Lamberaj, who is still struggling to come to terms with the situation, said she would not be at peace untilthe attackers are caught. “It happened on the Marine Drive stretch which is considered very safe for walkers. I don’t think the same way now,” she added. Narrating another incident, Lamberaj said, “One night at 1.30 am, the cops sent me the photo of a suspect on my whatsapp asking me to confirm if the suspect was the one who attacked me. Is this the time to send a suspect’s photo?” she said.   When contacted, Krishna Prakash, additional commissioner of police, said, “Cops should not take any suspect to a complainant’s house. I will ask them why they did so.”

The Times of India, October 27, 2013

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