Thursday, October 24, 2013

Inspector in drag faces ‘unnatural sex’ plaint

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Two young men from Kurla have alleged that a cross-dressing inspector at the Chunabhatti police station has been sexually exploiting them for months.
    The inspector forces them to come to his cabin at the police station, where he dresses up like a woman, dances in front of them, plays with their private parts and has unnatural sex with them, the men have said in a written police complaint.

    “He calls us separately at odd hours. When we go there, he locks his cabin from the inside and forces us to have unnatural sex. When we resisted the first time, he threatened to frame us in false cases. We were terrified by his behaviour and did not know what to do,” the men, aged 25 and 24, told TOI in unison. One is an electrician and the other an employee of an event management company. 

    Salim Qureishi, a social worker, who brought the two to the additional commis
sioner of police (east), Quaiser Khalid, said they narrated their ordeal to the officer and demanded the inspector be arrested for forced sex.  “I lost my phone around five months ago. I went to the police station to write a complaint so that I could get my
SIM reissued. That is when the inspector first met me. He took me to his cabin, inquired about my mobile phone—where and how I lost it, etc. He told me to come later,” said one of the complainants. “When I went back, he took me to his cabin, asked me to remove my pants and began doing weird things after putting on a saree, lipstick and kajal. He had sex with me. He released me with the threat that if I told anyone, he would not spare me.”  The other complainant said the inspector had forced him to have sex at least 10 times. “He even asked me to bring to him my bodybuilder friends.”
    Qureishi said the number of the inspector’s victims was more. “Once we register an FIR, more victims will come forward. Everyone is afraid of the police and nobody wants to invite trouble.”
    “We are verifying the allegations, which are serious. An ACP (Milind Bhise, Chembur division) is conducting an inquiry and will submit his report in a couple of days. Based on the report, we will take action,” said Khalid, who is learnt to have summoned the inspector for questioning. TOI contacted the inspector, who denied there was any inquiry against him.
The Times of India, October 24, 2013

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