Monday, November 4, 2013

‘Usmani planned to smuggle drugs along India-Nepal border’


Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: Indian Mujahideen’s suspected operative, Afzal Usmani (37), who was caught last week on the Indo-Nepal border, told interrogators that he wanted to get into the drug dealing business from Nepal. Usmani, who had fled from a sessions court in Mumbai on September 20, was caught by the state ATS on October 27 while he was trying to flee into Nepal. 

    The accused is alleged to have participated in over a doz
en bomb blast cases. “Usmani told us he had planned to steal cars and sell them in Nepal. He also said that he knew of some drug peddlers and wanted to smuggle narcotics between Indian and Nepalese drug traders since it is a profit-making business,” said a police source. 

    The investigators said Usmani told them that he had already planned on creating secret compartments within the
doors of a car to store the narcotics, and intended to peddle at least four to five kg drugs to generate a likely profit of over Rs 5 lakh per trip,” an officer said. Usmani was first caught in 2008 for his alleged role in stealing cars that were used for the Gujarat bomb blasts.
    “When Usmani planned his escape to Nepal , he might have been in touch with drug lords. We are now questioning him about their whereabouts as drug money is generally used to finance terror operations,” the source added. 
The Times of India, November 4,2013

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