Thursday, January 30, 2014

Phishers dupe IPS officer’s friend of 3 lakh



Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The cyber crime investigation cell has arrested two persons, including a Nigerian national, for hacking into the email account of an IPS officer and sending mails to his contacts requesting them to put money into his bank account. A friend of the complainant, who did not verify the facts, deposited Rs 2.6 lakh in the account. 
    The hacker sent emails to 79 contacts of the additional DGP (name withheld). He wrote that the complainant was in America and his bag—containing money, passport and documents—was stolen and he needed money urgently.
    The crime branch filed an FIR on January 18. A team—under the supervision of crime branch chief Himanshu Roy and additional commissioner Niket Kaushik—began the probe. The complainant said he got a call from a friend asking if he needed money. The IPS officer took details of the email his friend had received. Suspecting phishing, he lodged the complaint. By then, a businessman friend of the IPS officer had already deposited Rs 2.6 lakh in the account. “The complainant’s account was hacked into on January 6. We traced the Internet Protocol address of the email to Nigeria. The bank account was in an Udaipur bank in Rajasthan,” said police.
Cops reached Udaipur, collected the details of the account holder, who said he withdrew money and hand it over to an Udaipur resident, Deepak Sethiya (32) on a 5% commission. The police nabbed Sethiya from Santa Cruz airport on Tuesday after he landed in Mumbai. Sethiya’s interrogation led the cops to Nigerian national, Cyril Theophilius (29), staying in Ambuj Wadi, Malwani. Both Sethiya and Theophilius have been booked. Cops found transactions of over Rs 80 lakh in the bank accounts, now frozen. Cops said they will soon arrest four others in the case. 
The Times of India, January 30, 2014

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