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Maria forms commission to review citizen-friendly plans by ex-chiefs

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Mumbai: New police commissioner Rakesh Maria has set up a committee that will review the earlier schemes that were introduced by his predecessors to help citizens but never really worked out.
    The study is expected to reveal if the plans can indeed be implemented or continued, in some cases, and how many personnel are involved in them. 

    The committee, to be headed by additional commissioner of police Brijesh Singh, will comprise additional commissioner Krishna Prakash, three deputy commissioners and three assistant commissioners of police. “Former police
commissioners introduced several schemes during each their tenures. The new chief wants to audit them. For that, the committee will talk to the officers who handle the plans and submit their reports to Maria,” said an officer.
    Among the schemes launched by ex-top cops to make their services more readily available to citizens are foot patrolling by policemen throughout the day, a website for interaction with citizens, a messaging service to send in complaints and cops visiting senior citizens’ homes to help them. But most of them either dwindled away within a few weeks or were rendered almost dysfunctional.
    “The review, which will be done for the first time, will offer a clear picture of how many of the plans are actually working and the manpower involved. Some of them may be dropped and some may be modified,” an officer said. The findings would help the commissioner ascertain if any of the schemes was really workable, another officer added.
    “As the department’s current focus is on maximum utilization of manpower, Maria may wind up some of the plans,” said an officer. Laying out his new proposal to start a desk that will look into quick redressal of grievances lodged by women and senior citizens, Maria said he would continue with Mission Mritunjay, introduced by Satya Pal Singh, under which cops are supposed to interact with students. “We are busy setting up the quick-redressal desk for women,” said DCP Mahesh Patil.
    Maria also plans to continue with Janata Darbar, or a cop-citizen interactive session at every police station, a scheme initiated by former top cop M N Singh.

TIMES VIEW : The new police commissioner’s ideas, if implemented, can make the citizen’s life easier. But if the past is any indication, implementing these ideas and persisting with them have been a problem. Often, the zeal at the top has not been matched by similar enthusiasm at the police station. This needs to be kept in mind.  


R S Sharma | Foot patrolling by policemen
Current Status | The scheme continued for a month before fizzling out. Routine patrolling by beat marshals on motorcycles, however, continues

Arup Patnaik | A postbox and messaging service started for sending in complaints
Current Status | While the police hardly receive any letter the complaint box is opened once a month. The popularity of the messaging service has fallen drastically; from 200 messages a day in the first week, it is now 25-30 a day

A N Roy | FIRs t be registered in 15 minutes
Current Status | This never really worked out. Even today, registering an FIR is a tedious and lengthy process. A complainant has to spend at least three hours before a case is registered, besides themselves being grilled by cops

D Sivanandhan
A website was launched in July 2009 for the force to be in touch with the common man, to connect the youth to the force and to hear their complaints and suggestions
Current Status | Now when one clicks on the website, the domain name is available for sale

Satya Pal Singh | Cops meeti senior citizens at their homes and collecting their information
Current Status | This service is almost dead now. Policemen visit senior citizens in their areas only if they have to make any presentation or go for a meeting 
The Times of India, February 21, 2014

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