Friday, March 14, 2014

More than 1,600 drug arrests in 20 days

Rakesh Maria


Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: A new anti-drugs drive led to over 1,600 arrests in its first 20 days, said police commissioner Rakesh Maria at a public meeting near Grant Road on Thursday. 

    Maria was at an antidrugs meeting at a madrasa, his first with residents after taking over as city police chief on February 16. He promised more, saying there
would be review meetings every three months. “In the last 20 days, we arrested 1,649 drug addicts and peddlers,” he said.
    Maria visited Jamia Qadriya Ashrafiya, where a Muslim scholar, Hazrat Moin Miya, has run a campaign against drug peddlers for the past couple of years. 

    “Drug addicts are spoiling the area and sometimes they can be very dangerous,” Moin Miya said. “The new generation is attracted towards drugs and strict ac
tion is required.”
    Maria said from February 22 to March 12, the police seized 65 kg of drugs and registered 1,038 cases. “Those caught include 16 big-time drug peddlers,” he said.   He said the anti-drug drive would continue as long as he was the commissioner. The 56-year-old officer said his men had counselled 15 to 20 college students who had just begun taking drugs.


Rakesh Maria
took charge as city police chief on Feb 16
From Feb 22 till March 12, police filed 1,038 drugs cases
In 2013, 1,466 cases filed

The Times of India, March 14, 2014

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