Monday, March 10, 2014

New coastal police stn for sea link and beaches

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The state government has sanctioned a new coastal police station in the city to ensure the security of Bandra-Worli sea link and beaches up to 12 nautical milesfrom thecoast. 

    The new Sagari-II police station, with over 500 sanctioned personnel, may come up either at Aksa or Gorai beach,butwillhaveitscheckpost and patrol boats across the city. Sources said the cost of the new police station, including the patrol boats, weapons, and construction, willbe aboutRs5crore.
    “Acoastal policestation is very important.Thedecision has been taken keeping in mindthecity’ssecurity,” said Rakesh Maria, Mumbai policecommissioner. 

    At present, the Yellow Gate and Sagari-I police stations look after the security of city’s coastline. While the Sagari police station (I) only patrols the waters up to 12 nautical miles from the coast from Bandra Reclamation up toBorivli,theYellowGate po
lice alsotakeup casesof theft and other crimes that take place on land in its jurisdiction. The new coastal police station will be given areas from the existing Sagari police station to reduce the latter’s load. The Sagari-II police station will also help launch operations of any kind, besides patrolling and security, and the staff will be given AK-47s, self-loading rifles and other sophisticated weapons,heavy searchlights and patrolling trawlers.
   Besides the specialized coastal police, the Sewri and Wadala police also man some portion of thewatersin their respectivejurisdictions.
    Coastal policing has been in the focus after the 26/11 terror attacks, when 10 terrorists, including Ajmal Kasab, had sailed into Mumbai near Badhwar Park in Cuffe Parade in 2008. Mumbai district has a 114-km coast, of which the police monitor 12 nautical miles from the coastline. Beyond this limit, the Indian Navy and coast guardsecurethewaters.
According to a government resolution issued last week, Mumbai will get a new coastal police station—Sagari-II—to monitor the waters up to 12 nautical miles from the coastline. It will be set up either at Aksa or Gorai beach
    When Sagari-II police station becomes operational, it will monitor the sea from Bandra jetty up to Gorai beach, including the Bandra-Worli sea link. Sagari-I police station, which currently only patrols the waters from Bandra Reclamation up to Borivli, will then secure the waters between TIFR in Colaba and Bandra jetty

The Times of India, March 10, 2014

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