Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Soon, women cops above 40 can wear saris


Police Chief Discusses Difficulties Women Personnel Face And Ways To Help Them 


Prafulla Marpakwar TNN

Mumbai: Women police personnel, particularly those who are aged above 40, will soon be permitted to wear saris instead of the traditional shirt and trousers uniform. 

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, police commissioner Rakesh Maria had a meeting with 300-odd women police personnel, led by deputy commissioner Sharda Raut, to discuss their difficulties. “It was an open discussion. I heard the contention of each and every woman police personnel. In principle, I have accepted their suggestions. We will have to ensure better working conditions for them,” Maria said.
    As a follow-up action, a committee headed by Raut was set up to study the suggestions made by the women police personnel. “Raut has submitted her report and we are in the process of drafting an action plan. The results will be visible soon,” Maria said.
    Most women police personnel suggested that they should be permitted to wear saris, at least those aged above 40. “We have accepted their suggestion,” Maria said.
    Another point raised by the women police officials was the plight of pregnant police personnel. “They have suggested that pregnant cops should be put on less strenuous duty. We have considered their plea and will ensure that they are given easier work,” Maria said.
    Difficulties faced by women police personnel during festivals was also discussed. “Their duty hours during the festivals of Ganpati, Navratri and Diwali are extremely difficult and there are no toilet facilities for women police. We have taken note of it and basic facilities will be made available in a time-bound period,” the police commissioner said.
    Maria has proposed to provide movable toilets during festivals. “We will hire portable or movable toilets exclusively for women police personnel and the same will be provided near the spots,” he said.
    In addition, Maria said it has been proposed to construct changing rooms and toilets exclusively for women police personnel in all 98-odd police stations across the city. “We have received an administrative approval of Rs 3.66 crore for construction of toilets and changing rooms,” he said.
    A senior IPS officer on Monday welcomed Maria’s proposal, saying this was for the first time that a Mumbai police commissioner has addressed the plight of the women police personnel. “Very small issues were raised in the meeting and Maria accepted them immediately. In the past too, these issues were raised, but were not taken seriously,” he said.

Panel report to improve women cops’ work culture

Mumbai: A 15-member police women’s committee has submitted its report to police chief Rakesh Maria highlighting the problems of women personnel in the force and the duties they can be assigned.
    The committee, comprising two women deputy police commissioners, three women assistant commissioners, police inspectors and even constables, was set up in the third week of February. “I wanted to review the problems and grievances of the women personnel in the force. The committee spoke to a large number of women personnel and has also made several suggestions and recommendations. I am going to conduct a meeting with all four joint commissioners of police—law and order, crime, traffic, administration—to discuss the report card. We will implement most recommendations,” said Maria.

    The foremost of problems that women cops face is the lack of changing rooms in police stations. There are hardly any special rooms in the police stations for women where they can rest, in case health-related problems. Many women police personnel stay far from their homes and the commissioner is planning to give them posting nearby .Mateen Hafeez 

The Times of India, March 18, 2014

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