Friday, April 25, 2014


Two weddings & an election in Raigad 

 Two bridegrooms, who were neck deep in their wedding rituals on Thursday, insisted on heading to their individual voting centres to cast their vote in Pen and Roha in Raigad. Digambar Rama Mokal (23) of Maleghar, Pen taluka, reached the booth in the morning even as his wedding party waited for his return. The second bridegroom from Kolad in Roha, Sandip Pawar (34), a technician, forced his family to delay his ‘haldi’ ceremony. “While marriage is once in a lifetime, I still did not want to miss voting, as Lok Sabha elections take place once every five years. I think voting is as important as getting married.”  

Three villages vote after 13 yrs, 5 don’t

 T hree villages from Kalyan gramin area under the Bhiwandi Lok Sabha constituency voted on Thursday after 13 years of boycott. Voter turnout, though, was around just 25%. On the other hand, five villages of 6,000 voters from Murbad taluka in the same constituency boycotted the elections to protest against the government apathy towards their rehabilitation due to the Kalu dam project. The three villages—Mohili, Umbarli and Ambivli situated near Titwala— are upset with civic apathy. The villagers said their protest will continue till KDMC provides them with proper roads, electric poles and water supply.  

Snake at the booth

 A snake was spotted in one of the polling centres at Malabar Hill around 3.30pm on Thursday. Some residents who came to cast their votes got frightened and immediately informed the polling officer. He, in turn, called the policeman deployed there. The cops asked Nitin Walmiki, a Malabar Hill resident who is said to be an expert in catching snakes. Finally, Walmiki caught the snake outside the Banganga polling centre and handed it over to animal experts.
    (Vijay Singh, Pradeep Gupta & Mateen Hafeez)

The Times of India, April 25, 2014

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