Monday, May 26, 2014

Bldr dubbed Pak spy relives trauma, asks cops to trace culprit


The Khar developer, who was wrongfully dubbed a Pakistani spy by the security agencies in a recent terror alert, said the police should now focus on tracing the culprit behind the goof-up.
“The alert said I would carry out bomb blasts on the counting day (May 16). Subsequently , two policemen accompanied me for two days wherever I went and did not leave me alone for a minute,“ the developer told TOI. The victim said his trauma had begun since May 10. One of his sons, who helps him in the construction business, said, “Initially a policeman from the Bandra-Kurla police station arrived at our office and said he wanted to buy a flat in our project. He had apparently observed each and every object in the office, the staff as well as the place where my father sits.
He could not inquire much since neither my father nor I was present there. Later, when I went to meet him at the police station, his body language was quite different. He then revealed that the cops had received an alert about my father,“ said the 24-year-old son of the developer.

The cops reportedly did not divulge anything to the rest of the family members.
The developer, born and brought up in Mumbai, has three sons. The eldest one is a civil engineer, second an MBA, and the youngest is an architect. “Policemen from eight agencies came to me inquiring about my credentials. They also questioned people in our locality about us. I was not scared. Why should I?“ he said.

The first agency to reach his office was the anti-terrorism squad followed by the crime branch and the special branch. “They took note of the vehicles I use, my children use and whether our business involves cash transactions or cheques. We maintain records of all our transactions,“ the developer said. He reportedly prepared a file containing documents like his birth certificate, school and college certificates, voter ID, business transaction details to convince the cops about his innocence.
He is completing a Rs 125crore project at Chembur and another Rs 400-crore project is in the pipeline. “It's the police's duty to find who sent them the letter labeling me a terrorist,“ said the builder, who was given a clean chit.

The Times of India, May 26, 2014

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