Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cops lay honey trap on app to nab soldier who made abusive calls to Maha minister

Mateen Hafeez TNN

Mumbai: The police posed as a woman on a messaging service to trap and arrest an army jawan who had made abusive calls to a minister of state from Maharashtra.
    The minister had complained to the police about receiving two abusive calls from a number. The police traced the SIM card, issued in the name of the soldier, to a place near Dhule district, and the location of the calls to Assam. A police team created a fake profile on WhatsApp using the picture of a woman and contacted the soldier. After ‘befriending’ him thus, they convinced him to come to Mumbai to meet her. Upon arriving at Dadar station, instead of finding himself in a warm, amorous embrace, the soldier waded straight into the long arms of the law.
    A senior police officer said the minister received the calls in April. “The caller abused and humiliated the minster.”
    The minster approached the crime branch and registered a complaint with the anti-extortion cell. While examining the location of the phone from which the calls had been made, police detectives found it to be Shillong and that it was changing. “The soldier was travelling. During a call data record (CDR) analysis, we found that he had made several calls to a travel agency in Mumbai. A police team went to the agency, in Colaba, and found that the soldier had booked tickets through them in the past,” said a police officer. 

    It was then that the police laid their trap. The soldier was quick to respond to the WhatsApp
woman, and the two conversed for three days. After that, he agreed to meet ‘her’ and ended up in the police’s net. Upon questioning, he told the police that his action of abusing the minister on phone was prompted by the latter developing an unhealthy passion in the soldier’s real-life love interest.

The Times of India, May 4, 2014

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