Saturday, May 24, 2014

Drunk women in car caught after chase

Mumbai: Two drunk women, one of them at the wheel, first tried driving down a wrong direction and when accosted by the police, tried to speed away recently. The policemen, however, kept chasing the car from Fashion Street to Khadi Bunder before they could stop it. The motorist did not possess a licence.
 Pritika Wadhwani and Sujata Nevar (both 23), residents of Hill Road in Bandra, were in the car and, when chased down, locked themselves in till the arrival of their relatives. Wadhwani was driving, said the police.
“The medical report said both were drunk,” the police said.

They were fined Rs 8,500 for rash driving, not possessing a licence, and driving under the influence of alcohol.
A police team at a nakabandi had seen the women’s car approaching from the wrong side of a one-way road around 4.30 am. The Colaba traffic division officials brought the car to Fashion Street, but the women dodged the cops and sped away.

The police chased them in a police jeep and a taxi and stopped them. Policewomen were called to get the two out of the car.

The Times of India, May 24, 2014

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