Friday, May 16, 2014

Woman may be booked for staging robbery

Mateen Hafeez

Seema Singh had told the police that a man and a woman, both wearing masks, had barged into her home on April 28 and singed her. However, a l medical report stated that the injuries were self-inflicted

Mumbai: A 23-year-old woman, Seema Singh, who claimed to have been assaulted and singed by burglars is likely to be booked for staging the robbery . Seema stole her sister-inlaw's gold ornaments worth Rs 1.5 lakh from her own house to help her husband clear his debts, the MIDC police alleged. On April 28, Seema's husband, Akhilesh (28), returned to his house on JogeshwariVikhroli Link Road and found that she had sustained several cuts and burns. He took Seema to the hospital and informed the police.

The burns on Seema's body had been caused by matchsticks. During the investigation, the police were surprised when it did not find fully burnt matchsticks. “Several matchsticks were lit and extinguished,“ said a police officer.

Seema had told the police that a man and a woman, both wearing masks, had barged into her residence and assaulted her. “Seema said the intruders had forced her to part with jewellery. We discovered that the ornaments belonged to Akhi lesh's sister and Seema's valua bles had been left untouched,“ said a police officer Suspicion grew after Seema started giving evasive answers. The case was referred to doctors at KEM hospital. “The doctors' report stated that more than 80% injuries were self-inflicted,“ an officer said.

During sustained interrogation, Seema broke down and allegedly confessed to committing the crime. She claimed that she had staged the incident as she wanted to help her husband repay his creditors. The police have recovered the jewellery .

The Times of India, May 16, 2014

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