Monday, June 9, 2014

ATS to remove 13/7 suspects' posters

Mateen Hafeez TNN
Mumbai :The state anti-terrorism squad (ATS) has decided to remove all the posters containing the photographs of four 13/7 blasts suspects, including Indian Mujahideen's chief, Yasin Bhatkal.

 The posters were put up across the state after a series Each suspect carried Rs 10L reward of blasts. The ATS had earlier announced a total payout of Rs 40 lakh for information lading to their arrest.
“All the four suspects have been arrested and we don't think there is a necessity to retain the posters any longer. We will initiate steps to get the posters removed,“ said a senior ATS officer. Bhatkal alone is suspected to have been involved in more than 14 terror attacks. “Based on investigation, we decided to put up the posters. Our intension was not to malign anyone,“ the officer added.

The posters contained photographs of Bhatkal, his aides Tahseen Akhtar, Asadullah Akhtar alias Tabrez and Waqqas, a Pakistani national. The ATS had issued these posters in January 2013.
Each suspect carried a reward of Rs 10 lakh.

“We had printed 2.5 lakh posters and pamphlets and distributed them at various places, including railway stations, bus stops, shopping malls, eateries, cinema halls, schools and places of worship. Besides, the other state police also took our posters and reprinted them,“ said another ATS officer.
The Times of India,June 9, 2014

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