Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cops to record statement of Preity Zinta's US pal


The Marine Drive police probing Preity Zinta’s allegations against industrialist Ness Wadia want to record the statement of the actor’s friend, Gene Goodenough, a US national, to make the case watertight.A police source said Goodenough had reportedly seen Wadia abuse Zinta near the AC box at Wankhede stadium.
Zinta has filed a complaint against Wadia, her former boyfriend, accusing him of
threat, humiliation and abuse. Cops have also invoked section of molestation against Wadia. “We hear that Wadia was in an argument with Zinta when Goodenough saw them. He reportedly asked Wadia to stop abusing Zinta and leave the place. Following this, Wadia left, but he again allegedly abused Zinta on the ground during an IPL match on May 30,” said a police source. Zinta has given Goodenough’s name as a witness who was among the dozen witnesses. 
The Times of India, June 28, 2014

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