Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cops want DNA samples of kin of gangster in Thai jail

Mateen Hafeez / TNN

Mumbai: The Mumbai crime branch has asked the Andheri metropolitan magistrate court for permission to collect DNA samples of the relatives of a wanted gangster, so that it can prove his Indian nationality to a Thai court and get him extradited to India.
Muzakkir Husain aka Munna Jhingada, a D-gang member, is serving time in a Thai prison for the murder attempt on Chhota Rajan and for the killing of Rajan's aide Rohit Verma in 2000. While India has been trying to get Munna extradited here, Pakistan has been opposing its attempts. Islamabad claims he is a Pakistani citizen.

Police officers say Munna is a goldmine of info on the Dgang, which could explain the challenges to his return to India. They say Munna's family home is in Jogeshwari. He entered the underworld in 1996 and soon became a hitman for Chhota Shakeel. He was arrested in 1997. Following his release, he fled the country.

On Shakeel's orders, the police say, Munna led a team of five men from Pakistan to Thailand to kill Rajan in 2000. Rajan survived the gun attack, but his aide Verma died. When the Thai police arrested Munna, he told them he was a Pakistani national and gave his name as Mohammed Salem. About 10 years later, Islamabad claimed Salem was a Pakistani citizen and should be extradited there. To support its claim, Pakistan submitted “forged papers“, including a Pakistani passport.

Indian authorities say they had long ago provided Thailand Munna's personal details, photos, fingerprints and list of crimes. Based on the info, the Thai government had indicated to them that it will extradite him to India after his jail term.

Bangkok had communicated this to CBI through Interpol in 2012; the same year a Mumbai police team had visited Bangkok. It is to bolster their assertion of Munna's Indian nationality that cops recently asked to collect his kin's DNA samples.

“The court order is awaited,“ said joint commissioner of police (crime) Sadanand Date.

The Times of India, June 11, 2014

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