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Yasin Bhatkal Interrogation Report - IR

Executive Summary:
Indian Mujjahdeedin is a banned terrorist organization.



Mohammed Ahmed  Sidibapa Mohammed Zarrar
@Yasin Bhatkal @ Prince @ Shahrukh @ Imran @ Yusuf @ Vinod Desai @ Samir Suri

Alias if any
·                     Yasin ( started using the alias after coming back from Dubai in Nov./Dec. 2006)
·                     Imran ( Used the alias while in Delhi  between Dec. 2008  to Nov. 2011 - Iqbal and Riyaz coined the alias),
·                     Yusuf ( Used the alias while in Nepal - coined by self),
Dr. Arzoo ( Used the alias while in Bihar - coined by self) ,
·         Mustafa-Used for identification for being received in Karachi. 
·                     Shahrukh (Used the alias while in Udupi for making the delivery of explosive to Mohd. Saif and this alias was coined by Riyaz).
·                     Prince ( ISI had given him this code)
·                     Vinod Desai ( used for receivingmoney sent by Riyaz and through ‘hawala’. He is also having one voter ID of this name)
·                     Samir Suri (having driving licence of this name and also told to Kolkata police on arrest during the month of Nov. 2009)
Fathers name
Siddi Bapa Mohammed Zarrar
Permanent address
House No.938,S.M.Zarrar Manzil,
Jaali Road, Magdoom Colony,
Bhatkal, Uttar Kannada District
Present / Temporary address
I.             Karnataka -  a Farm House located at Kudre Gudi, Koppa, DistrictChikkamagaluru, Karnataka. A farm house with area about 08 acres, taken on 5 years lease against the amount of rupees three hundred from Fakir Ahmed resident of  Mullur, Udupi district of Karnataka who was that time in Dubai – w.e.f. Nov 2006 to Oct 2008.
II.           Pune: A 2 BHK flat at  Ahoka Muse Apartment, 2nd floor, at Kondwa, District Pune, Maharashtra.
III.         Delhi –
a)            A flat located at F- 42, 3rd Floor, Nala Road, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi. This flat belongs to Gohar Aziz Khumeni
b)           House no. D - 5, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi. This house owned by Irshad Khan (father in law of the subject).
IV.         Darbhanga:
a.             A house (3 rooms) located at Hazma Chaurah, Laharia Sarai, Darbhanga, Bihar. This house was arranged by Qateel Siddiqui.
b.            A house (2 bed room) Sara Mohanpur, near Darbhanga Railway Station, Darbhanga, Bihar. This house was arranged by Gayur Jamali.
V.           Samastipur: A house at Dharampur, Samastipur, Bihar. This house was arranged by Qateel Siddiqui.
VI.         Nepal:
a.            One room at Dihiko Patan, lake side, Pokhra, Kaski, Nepal.
b.            One room at Khasi Bazar, Chauthe, Pokhra, Kaski, Nepal.
c.            A house (2 bedroom), located at Lakenath Chowk, Lakenath Nagar Palika, Pokhra, Kaski, Nepal.

Date of Birth
Birth Place
Farooqui Mohallah, Bhatkal,  Uttara Kannada
Sayeedi Baba - Sunni Muslim / Islam.
Tanzeem / Organization
Usaba – a team of more than 10 and less than 40 for the protection of the Muslim Community/  Indian Mujahideen.
10thClass drop out.
Educational Institute
·                     Pre- Primary Anjuman Primary School,Bhatkal ( 1st to 4thstd. Urdu Medium), 
·                     Naunihaal Central School ( 4thto 7thstd. English Medium)
·                     Islamia Anglo Urdu High School,Bhatkal( 7th to 10thstd).
·                     Did not pass 10thclass
Marital status
Married to Ms. Zahida on 1st April, 2011 at Shaheen Bagh, Delhi.


No profession as such but has been taking cover as a Mechanic, Doctor and a businessman.
I.                Worked as purchase manager in M/s Ideal Construction at Shba Shamnan, opposite Sala Bukhatir Stadium, Sharjah, UAE
II.                Salesman at Sports Goods Shop in Dubai.
III.                Owned a perfumery shop in Bhatkal near Noor Masjid.

Professional address
I.                Peace Engineering Work, 25 Foota Road, Mangal Bazaar, Mir Vihar, Madanpur Dabas, Delhi.
II.                Hijama clinic, Lake Nath Chowk, Pokhra Kaski, Nepal.

Professional phone no.

60 kgs.
Colour of eyes
Hair type
Straight & Long.
Hair color
Body built
Identification Marks
(i) Two big moles on the front lower neck at a distance of one inch from each other.
Wound marks
Cut mark on nose.
Wear Spectacles
Track Suit Lower with T-Shirt / Pant Shirt
Ear type
Ear Ring
Black and long.
All intact and the frontal ones of the upper side protruded outside.
Speaks with a heavy tone.
Walking style
Blood Group

Special physical features
Lean and flexible
Language known
Urdu, Kannada, Nawayati, English,Arabic,Nepali and Hindi.
Pass port
He had a passport which he destroyed in the year of 2008 after his name came in the wanted list. This passport was made from Bengaluru in the year of 2003 E-4682509 issued on 19.06.2003(Old P.P. no. A 0030942) Passport was in the name of Mohd. Ahmed Siddibaba.
Economic Status
Monthly income self
There was no fixed monthly income, However, the subject had received about 17 to 18 lakhs from Riyaz Bhatkal (staying in Pakistan) through hawala at different location in India as well as in Nepal. His monthly expenditure was about Rs.25,000/- at the time of arrest.
Monthly income family
As the subject had not been living with his family, therefore, he unable to tell his family income.
Relation in India
Rehana, age approx.50 years.
Abdus Samad, age 25 years.

Mariya, age 20.
 Paternal Uncles
I.                Ibrahim, age 60 years, r/o Azad Nagar, Bhatkal, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka.
II.                Zubair, age 56 years, r/o Azad Nagar, Bhatkal, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka.
III.                Late Abdullah. (expired before marriage due to illness)
IV.                Ayub, age 50 years, resident of Muskat, Oman (permanently settled there.).
V.                Yaqub, age 47 years, resident of  SM Zarar Manzil, Makhdoom Colony,  Jali Road, Bhatkal, District Uttar Kannada, Karnataka.
VI.                Mohammad Ali, age 42 years, resident of SM Zarar Manzil, Makhdoom Colony,  Jali Road, Bhatkal, District Uttar Kannada, Karnataka.

Maternal Uncles
I.                Farooq Motia, age 60 years, resident of Farooquee Mohalla, Bhatkal, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka.
II.                Late Ansar Motia, resident of resident of Farooquee Mohalla, Bhatkal, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka.
III.                Arif Motia, age 49 years, resident of resident of Farooquee Mohalla, Bhatkal, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka.

Irshad Ahmed @ Chacha
Mehjabi, aged 50 years,
Other in laws
I.                Arman, age 28 years, r/o  D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.
II.                Farhan , age 24 years, r/o D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.
III.                Lukman, age 18 years, r/o  D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.
IV.                Suleman, age 7 years, r/o  D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.
I.                Sajida, age 26 years, r/o D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.
II.                Abida, age 20 years, r/o D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.
III.                Khalida, age 10 years, r/o D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.
IV.                Shahida, age 8 years, r/o D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.
V.                Zohara, age 5 years, r/o D-5, Gali NO. 8, Thokar No. 8, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla, Delhi – 110025.



E-mail ID with password

Chat-id-with password

E-mail IDs used contact


Mobile Nos.

Bank Account No’s
ATM, DEBIT & CREDIT Card details
Driving License
No. WB-20-2006588511 issued on 26thOct 2006 by West Bengal State in the name of SaMir Suri s/o Ismail Suri r/o 5 CGR Road, Kolkata -23
Small arms which includes machine gun (carbine) and pistol apart from the skill of making IED.
Ration card
Pan card
Voter Id
No. PTS0385213 issued at Delhi in the name of Vinod Desai s/o Yahya Desai r/o 480 Block B, Janak Puri, New Delhi – 110058.

Dress Habits
He generally wears track suit lower and T-Shirts.
Food Preference
Sweets, Meat

Bad Habits

Reading Quran, horse riding , swimming, internet surfing etc.
Relation in abroad
I.             Father in UAE doing a wholesale business in Al Ras Dera, Dubai far last 45 years.
II.           Uncle – Zuber in UAE, working as Chef  under one Sheikh in Gold Souq, Dera, Dubai far last 35 years.
III.         Uncle - Ayub in Muskat, Oman, working business and settled down there with family. His wife namely Wasima is a doctor in Sultan Kabus Hospital in Muskat.

Close friends
1.            Sufian, age 30 years, resident of Bhatkal.
2.            Mustaffa, age 30 years, resident of Bhatkal
3.            Salim Ishaqui resident of Bhatkal.
4.            Jashim, resident of Bhatkal.
5.            Sajid Salafi resident of Bhatkal.
6.            Moulvi Shis resident of Bhatkal.
7.            Abdus Samad resident of Bhatkal.
8.            Moulana Shabbir resident of Bhatkal.
9.            Riyaz Bhatkal  resident of Bhatkal now in Pakistan.
10.         Iqbal Bhatkal  resident of Bhatkal now in Pakistan.
11.         Farhan  resident of Bhatkal now in Pakistan.
12.         Shafi  resident of Bhatkal now in Pakistan.
13.         Shabbir Shabhar  resident of Bhatkal.
14.         Afif Zilani
Associates in India
1.            Tahseen Akhtar @ Monu @ Hassan r/o of Darbhanga, Bihar.
2.            Waqas r/o Punjab, Pakistan
Associates in Abroad
1.            Iqbal Bhatkal resident of Bhatkal, now in Karachi, Pakistan.
2.            Riyaz Bhatkal resident of Bhatkal, now in Karachi, Pakistan.
3.            Mohseen Choudhary resident of Pune, now in Pakistan.
4.            Farhan resident of Bhatkal, now in Pakistan.
5.            Afif resident of Bhatkal, now in Pakistan.
6.            Sheikhul Hadish, now in Pakistan.
7.            Shafi resident of Bhatkal, now in Pakistan.
Countries visit to
Dubai,Pakistan,Nepal, Iran.
Code words used
in communication
1.            Al-Qaida       -        Wag
2.            Taliban         -        student
3.            LeT              -        lux
4.            Agency (ISI) -        anc    
In Pakistan for 50 days.
Arms Training
      In Pakistan for 50 days.

      Indian Mujahidin.
Linkage with
other Organization
1.            SIMI in India.
2.            Efforts to establish  link with Al-Qaida and Tehriq-e-Taliban
Previous arrests if any
Arrested on 17.11.2009 u/s 379 IPC in PS Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata in Case No 153 dated 20.3.2009
Cr.No. and Police Station State
·                     Case No 153 u/s 379, dated 20.3.2009  PS Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata
·                     Arrested on 17.11.2009
Court Name and details
Remanded to JC on 02.12.2009 and sent to Alipur Presidency Jail. Citing delay in filing Chargesheet, he was discharged by the CMM Court in the month of December, 2009.
Reasons for Joining
in the Organization
·                     Disturbed family life leading to frustration
·                     Poor academic performance
·                     Exposure to some radical elements especially from Nadua(UP)
·                      Annoyed because of alleged atrocities committed on Muslims in India and abroad.

When Joined Motivating
factors how and whom
 In 2001, he left the school education in 10th standard because he was not ready to accept the knowledge imparted through formal education as he believed this would dampen the spirit and quest for independent thinking. He started reading and discussing of Quran and books written on Salahuddin Ayubi by Naseem Hijazi. Later on, he became follower of Ahl-e-Hadis (Ahl-e-Hadith) which led his active involvement in jihadi activities. He was also influenced by Moulvi Shish r/o Bhatkal who used to preach him about jihad.
What does he knows about the Ideology of the organization
Most of the members of IM are followers of Ahle Hadith school of Islamic thought. Ahl-e-Hadith wants muslims to follow practices which were followed by Prophet, his companions (Sahaba) , followers (Tabaieen) and followers of the followers (Taba-e-Tabaieen). He has strong belief in the concept of Ghazwa-e-Hind.
NOTE: Ghazwatul Hind (Arabic word means "War of Hind") also known as Ghazwa-e-Hind is a prophesied battle in which Muslim armies would invade Indian subcontinent and would be victorious and will establish Islamic law in the subcontinent. The war is confirmed by several Hadiths.
His appreciation of the party
Structure of Organization
Iqbal Bhatkal, Riyaz Bhatkal – Commanders
Mirza Shadaab Beigh (emerging as the rival leader)
Amir Reza Khan (direct link with ISI)
Fire Power of the organization
Improvised Arms, ammunition and explosives

How Arms/Explosives are acquired
·                     Low grade explosives from open market.  High grade from the contacts of  Riyaz Bhatkal.
·                     Country made weapons from Munger
·                     Country made pistols, knives, 9mm bullets fabricated at Mir Vihar factory in Delhi

What is his position, duties and responsibilities
Chief of All India Operation

1.1.  I was born on 15.01.1983 in Bhatkal (Distt. Uttar Kannada, Karnataka).My father Mohd. Zarar Siddibappa, based in Dubai, is in the wholesale garment business. My mother Rehana is a housewife. I have a younger brother namely Abdul Samad[1] (born 1988) and my younger sister is Mariya (1993). My father used to visit India once in every 3/4 months. My uncles namely Mohd Yakub and Mohd Ali lived in the same house and they had literally raised me. I studied upto IVth standard at Anjuman School, Bhatkal and later upto VIIth standard at Naunihal Central School (English Medium). I was a good student in the school. Later, I joined Islamia Anglo Urdu High School, where I could not complete my standard X.My father was deeply hurt. Those days, I was more fascinated towards the study of Quran and other related literatures. I was not ready to accept the knowledge imparted to me through formal education as I believed this would dampen the spirit and quest for independent thinking. So I developed perennial abhorrence towards formal studies.
1.2. I had a difficult relation with my father during my childhood. I never accepted his views on Islam which was predominately representing Tablighi Jammat[2] thought and preaching. My orientation towards Alh-e-Hadis was partly because of readings of literatures available in my house and partly for my association with people.  
1.3. I recollect one instance to illustrate how I showed my dissent with my father during “Haj” where we had gone with family when I was 12 years old. My father was critical of Hajis who were in vehicles, which I found as not wrong.  In days to come our disagreement widened.
1.4. While I was studying at Islamia Anglo Urdu High School, I developed friendship with Jasim Iqbal Sayyeedi[3]  and Salim Ishaqi[4], both older to me. We used to discuss Quran and Islamic books such as Salahuddin Ayubi by Naseem Hijazi, Dastan Iman Firoshon Ki. I recollect stories narrated by Jasim which deeply influenced me. These discussions used to happen at the Jamia Masjid in Maqdoom Colony, Bhatkal and a library known as ‘Ibne Hazar As Kalani’ located at Lovana Complex (Near Gole Masjid), Bhatkal.
2.1. In and around June 2001, with the consent of my family members I left for Mumbai to explore the possibility of business. My mother had given me Rs. 5000/-. We have an ancestral property known as ‘Siddibappa Kholi’[5] located at ‘Bhendi Bazaar’ in Mumbai. I stayed there for a week and had a feel of Mumbai market before returning to Bhatkal. Upon return, I took Rs 5000 from my mother to start some small time business in Mumbai. I started garment business by buying “lungi” from wholesale market and selling them. Initially it was on loss, however slowly my business picked up. I earned some good money and purchased gifts for my family members.
 2.2. My father was not very happy with my business venture as he felt I should be studying rather than exploring my luck in the business.
2.3. During my stay in Mumbai I learnt about ban on SIMI which disturbed me as I perceived it as harassment to Muslim youths. 
2.4. In and around  December 2001, I started business involving dates (khajoor)by borrowing Rs. 10,000/- from one Aijaz (resident of Mumbai based in Saudi Arabia) and with some financial support from my mother. I purchased a lot of dates in Mumbai from the wholesale market to sale it in Bhatkal during Ramzan. I had engaged some of my local friends  namely Salim Ishaqui resident of Bhatkal and Sami-ullah resident of Hillal Street, Bhatkal in my business on profit sharing basis. Unfortunately the business ran into loss forcing me to quit.
2.5. In or around  December, 2001, I opened a Perfumery and Naturopathy Medicines (Unani) shop known as Almohtasham near Noor Masjid in Bhatkal. Maulana Shish[6] was my business partner. One Abdul Sammad (R/o Khar Linking road, Mumbai) had introduced me to Maulana Shish.[7]

3.1. Muslims of Bhatkal area (Nawayat Muslims) are neo-converts ( 1000 yrs earlier Jains) to Islam. They speak Nawayati, a mix of Parsi-Hindi-Konkani. Generally, they are business-minded and most of the families have their relatives and family members based in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The process of Islamic consciousness (radicalisation) started in early 2000 and frequent communal clashes in the area further intensified this process.
3.2. Maulana Shish (age 37 yrs) belongs to Ahl-e-hadis (Ahl-al-hadith) movement/sect of Islam. Ahl-e-hadis bears close resemblance to the Salafi and Wahhabi movement in its interpretation of Islam. Ahl-e-hadis draws both inspiration and financial support from Saudi Arabia. Maulana Shish strongly discredited my understanding of Islam and since I had a strong differences with my father on a number of religious practices which our family followed, I converted to Ahl-e-hadis. On embracing Ahl[n1] -e-hadis, I started observing all its practices including the visual indicators like letting my beard grow, wearing short salwar with my ankles visible and performing my prayers in a distinct manner. I became a butt of laughter for not only my family members but also for my friends and neighbours. Moulana Shish also gave me a perspective (perceived persecution of Muslims in India) to view everything differently.
3.3. Our perfume shop was very popular amongst the students of the Anjuman Engineering College.[8]The shop used to be frequented by students like Fasih Mahmood (R/o Darbhanga, Bihar), Tariq (R/o Nalanda), Jahid Adibi (R/o Darbhanga, Bihar), Tufail Zulfi (Muzaffarpur), Sajid Salafi cousin of Riyaz (R/o Bhatkal), Abdul Latif Salafi (R/o Bhatkal), Yasin (Brother of Abdul Latif Salafi R/o Bhatkal).It was a blend of locals and boys from Darbhanga who would discuss jihad till late night and offer namaz together fostering a very close relation which in the future would be the basis of Darbhanga module of IM. Moulana Shish was one of the main attractions as his profound grasp over Islam was enthralling and inspiring.
3.4. Our relations with Darbhanga boys were further cemented as Fasih Mahmmod, Jahid Adib had thrashed a local boy of Shetty community and police was in search of them. We provided shelter to both at Jasim Salafi’s house. This was sometime around September 2002. Finally the matter was resolved with the intervention of the College authorities. Fasih, who otherwise was not that religious became indebted to us and insisted to visit his native place during the Eid.
5.2.In and around August 2003, Iqbal and Riyaz were at the house of Jasim  in Bhatkal where I met them. Jasim was also with me. We exchanged greetings and  sat on the stairs of mosque for a while. It was my first meeting with Riyaz. We learnt from Iqbal that they were being chased by the Police for their involvement is some blast case.
5.3. We had discussed some business plans like setting up an International Telephone Booth (locally known as Khacha business), using the recently launched promotional scheme of Reliance Communication Ltd. I found the idea as un-islamic, so declined to join him.
5.4. Once Iqbal purchased a new motorcycle financed by a local bank. This act annoyed me as I considered it to be un-islamic to take loan. I and my friends criticised Iqbal. However, Iqbal justified it quoting some religious scriptures and taught me the concept of Maal-e-ghanimat[9].
5.5. Gradually I started coming close to Riyaz. We used to meet at Azad Nagar mosque where we would discuss issues involving condition of Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya. He not only motivated me to join armed Jihad against Hindu Kaafirs, but also broadened my vision and world-view of Islam. He convincingly answered all my queries about jihad. This led to my inclination to join the Bhatkal brothers for radical salafi jihad.
5.6. In or around the beginning of the year 2004, Riyaz hosted a big party and invited a lot of locals (almost 200) of Bhatkal. The party was very impressive. Iqbal had spent a lot of money for this party to celebrate his success in international calling business. This endorsed my views on Maal-e-ganimat and I adopted it.
6.1.In or around Feb/March 2004, Master Bashir @ Talah (from Nadua in Uttar Pradesh) visited Bhatkal at the behest of one Shabbir Gangoli @ Moulvi Sabir who had returned to Bhatkal after completion of his Islamic study in Nadua. Master Bashir initially stayed at  Shabbir’s house and later shifted to the house of one Aafif[11] Jilani. He was a fiery speaker and spewed venom against the Indian government. Soon he became extremely popular in Bhatkal. Master Bashir taught us to get united and fight against kaafirs (all non-muslims including Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and so forth) who “perpetrated atrocities against Muslims”. We all have to “come under one umbrella”, Master exhorted. On his directions, we formed a small group and elected Iqbal Bhatkal as its Amir; Sukma Ismael @ White Uncle and Aafif were also nominated as the office bearers of this group. The group was later named as Usaba and included the following members:-
I.             Yasin Bhatkal
II.           Iqbal Bhatkal
III.         Riyaz Bhatkal
IV.         Jashim
V.           Shabbir
VI.         Sajid
VII.       Aafeef
VIII.     Ismail @ White Uncle
IX.          Sultan
X.            Tariq Anjum
XI.          Fasih Mahmood
XII.        Unknown - a member of SIMI whose name I cannot recall. He hails from    Maharashtra-Karnataka border area. And he was wanted in some terrorism related case.
6.2.Usaba meetings started taking place on regular basis generally on every Friday in the house of Iqbal Bhatkal, in which, issues like weapon training, finance, talent spotting, spiritual discourse and other matters pertaining to procurement and logistics were pondered upon. The tasks assigned to different members were:-
a.            Iqbal Bhatkal- Amir of Usaba and arrangement of funds
b.            Jashim-organising training courses including in driving, horse riding, swimming etc.
c.            Yasin Bhatkal- procurement of weapon
d.            Sultan- collecting news clips about the current status and issues of Muslims from different newspapers and media sources
e.            Shabbir- Islamic studies
f.             Aafif & Riyaz Bhatkal- Media management.

7.1. In or around Jan / Feb 2004, Riyaz Bhatkal provided Rs. 40,000/- for establishing a workshop having a lathe machine and welding machine, so that, we could fabricate improvised weapons including knifes and swords to be used in the times of communal clashes.  Jashim’s father was quite impressed with my business skills and gave me Rs. 25,000/- to establish a business along with his son Jashim. With the money received from Riyaz and Jashim’s father, I opened a lathe cum welding workshop in the residential complex of Aafif and named as Al-Hadith.  One Nasir Bhai[12], resident of Pune, aged about 40 years was employed as the worker in the workshop.  We earned some money by doing some private odd jobs and also prepared some knives and swords.
8.1. Riyaz Iqbal and Master Bashir motivated me to go to Pakistan for  weapon training. In or around 2004, on Riyaz’s direction, I renewed my passport from the RPO Bangalore as my previous passport had expired.  I contacted my father for the visa who was in Dubai, engaged in wholesale business in the Murshadyat Market in Dubai. I told my father that I wanted to join him in Dubai and explore the possibility of some job there. My father agreed but put some conditions for me.  He told me to cut my beard and wear normal cloth and directed me to desist from observing other religious practices as per Alh-e hadis. Since I was desperate to go to Pakistan for training, I agreed.
8.2. In or around end of 2004 I alongwith my uncle Ibrahim went to Dubai on a temporary visa arranged by my father.  With the reference of my father, I managed to get a job in one Ideal Construction company at Shamnan, near Shalbukhtar stadium in Sharjah with a salary of 2500 dinar.   During this period, I once visited Iran for fulfilling the “exit visa” condition of Dubai.  I worked in Sharjah for about 6 months after which I returned  to India on expiry of visa.  During my stay in  Sharjah, I was in regular touch with Riyaz Bhatkal through chatting on Yahoo messenger. Riyaz had asked me to try and meet some Al-Qaeda member in Sharjah, which I failed to do. Upon my return to India, I re-established my workshop in Bhatkal. This time I had to do it without Nazir as he had returned to Pune.

9.1. In or around December 2005, on the direction of Amir Reza Khan, Riyaz instructed me to go to Pakistan via Dubai for weapon training.  This time, I had arranged a permanent work visa for Dubai through Salman Shuzawi of Dubai who owned a sports goods shop at Al-Kush.  Before moving to Dubai, Riyaz provided me a mobile phone set and a contact number (Pakistan mobile number) which I was instructed to use if in any crisis in Pakistan. He had told me that my code name in Pakistan would be Mustafa.
9.2. Upon reaching Dubai I worked for some time in Salman Sujjavi’s shop. Meanwhile I got a call from Riyaz, to move to Pakistan as the training had been arranged there. I requested for 15 days leave to Salman and told him as well as my parent that I had go to China for some urgent work pertaining to my business.
9.3. I purchased air journey tickets in the PIA flight from Dubai to Mumbai via Karachi and conveyed my travel plan to Riyaz through messenger.  I boarded plane in Dubai. As the plane landed in Karachi, a person (seemed like airport staff) entered into the cabin with a placard in his hand with Mustafa written on it. When I saw the placard, I raised my hand. He instructed me to follow him. He took my passport. He photocopied and returned it. He managed my safe exit from Karachi airport without going through the Immigration counter. 
9.4. At the exit gate, there was a black colour vehicle (Toyota) waiting for me.  I boarded the vehicle with two persons sitting on both my sides and one sitting in the front seat.  All of them were  carrying AK-56 rifles. Within half an hour, we reached a house (dupleix) where a Kalashnikov (AK) wielding person escorted me to a room. It was a nice air conditioned room with facilities of a good 4 star hotel.

10.1. The next day morning, Amir Reza Khan came and met me.  He instructed me, not to open the curtain or move out of the room as some guests were also staying in the house. He briefed me that I would be taken to a location for armed training.  During the night one Abid (real name is Haroon Rasheed[13]) also came to the house and after sometime both of us were asked to board a vehicle for the training location.  We boarded the vehicle and after a journey of 8 to 10 hours, reached the final destination. It was a hilly region with almost no habitation around its vicinity. 10.2. There were some temporary sheds build up in an open ground.  There were some men in fatigues (military uniform) carrying AK weapons.  We were asked to take  rest and get ready for the training on the next day.

11.1. Next day, our training started.  There were 6 instructors who I understand were from Pakistan army.  The training included morning PT, Weapon handling and explosive / IED fabrication training.  During the training we were exposed to a variety of weapons ranging from Pistols (Star) to Revolver, AK 47, etc., Indian weapons like LMG, SLR and Sniper and so forth. 
11.2. During the training, we were also exposed to  handling of explosive like PE3A (black colour explosive), C4, C3, TNT etc.  Besides this, we were also exposed to fabrication of IEDs with the help of Ammonium Nitrate, Hydrogen peroxide, Gelatine stick and so forth.  The entire training lasted for about 50 days. 
12.1.On completion of training, Amir Reza Khan came to the training camp with two duplicate Visa stamps (entry and exit from India) which were required in my passport. We had a brief discussion on jihad. He informed me that my family members were desperately searching for me as I was missing for last 50 days. I was worried for a while, but did not make any attempt to contact them.After the training Abid was the first to leave and after a couple of days, I left for Karachi. In Karachi, I stayed in the same house where I had stayed earlier. Next day, I left for Dubai.

13.1. Upon my return from Karachi I directly went to the house of Salman Sujjani, to assess the situation. As expected my father was extremely annoyed with me and took away my passport.
13.2. Around the same time we decided to open a personality development coaching centre. There I worked for a period of about six months. The training center was doing very well but I didn’t like the work as it involved imparting modern social skills to women which used to make them extrovert to the extent they were ready to kiss me. This I found to be un-islamic.

13.3. Amir Reza Khan had given me his e-mail ID to contact and chat with him but Riyaz instructed me not to interact with him. I do not recollect his email ID.I had never met Amir Reza Khan after that.

13.4. In Dubai, I had met Zakir and Arshad. However, I do not have their particulars. To my understanding, they were from Hyderabad. We used to meet at the Dawatul-Qaran programme in Dubai.[14]I met Ahmed Bawa@ Abu Bhai r/o Mangalore in Dubai who used to work there. Khalil Ibrahim had introduced me to Ahmed Bawa. Afafi is also known to Khalil[15]. Ahmed Bawa @ Abu Bhai got inspired for jihad and joined me. He played an important role in the days to come. Presently, he is arrested and lodged in the jail.
14.1.In or around mid of 2006, I came back to India via Calicut (Kozhikkode) as the air ticket was cheaper for this route. I stayed in Udupi. After reaching Udupi, I sent some gifts through parcel to my family in Bhatkal. Riyaz came to meet me in Udupi after  7/11Mumbai Train Blasts of 11.07.2006. Riyaz had managed/provided all the IEDs and logistical support for the blast. He left Bhatkal to Pune for the next mission. When I was in Udupi, Riyaz named me as ‘Yasin’.
15.1. In or around beginning of 2007 because of the communal riots, Muslims were victimized by different Hindu organization like Sri Ram Sena, Bajarang Dal etc. who were very active and aggressive during the communal clashes in Udupi. When I came to India, I went and stayed at Hidayat’[16]s place. I decided to protect Muslim community during the period of riots. I had brought some samples of Gulel(Slingshots) from Dubai. I wanted to distribute 1000 Gulels among Muslims for their protection. To execute this plan, I went to Mumbai and near Arab Tabela contacted many people for preparing die-cast for Gulel. Many of them demanded exorbitant amount for this.

15.2. Finally, one Raju Bhai[17] agreed to manufacture 1000 die for Rs.18000. During this period, I stayed at the Apex Guest house (Rs 100 per day) near Mumbai Central Railway station. Ahmed Bawa@ Abu Bhai had also come with me. Initially the dye was made of Propylene which was tested and but not found to be robust. Later on, it was prepared in nylon, assembled by me and packed in cartons and handed over to Abu Bawa for the distribution. Ironically, it was not distributed properly and my plan of Gulel distribution failed.

15.3. We had received funds from Dubai for this cause. Later on I developed difference with Hidayat Bhai and shifted to Kuppa[18] near Udupi and took three acres of land on lease for five years and started farming there. I purchased cows, goats, and dogs planted more than 1200 banana plants. I employed one Akbar[19] and Mariyam as caretakers.  Kutherigundi is a village near our farm at Kuppa.
16.1.Upon my return from Pakistan after completion of weapon training, I  started staying at Kuppa farm house in Udupi. In the month of Aug 2007, Riyaz told me to prepare three IEDs to carry out blasts in Hyderabad city.   I prepared three boat shaped IEDs (Claymore – unidirectional bomb). The timers were fitted by Riyaz at a later stage. Each IED weighed about half kilogram. Gelatine explosive was used in these IEDs which was arranged by  Riyaz and delivered to me at my Kuppa farm house. I used ball bearing in the IEDs. I put all the three IEDs in one carry bag and handed it over to Riyaz at our Kuppa farm house.  Riyaz managed the transportation of this carry bag of IEDs from Mangalore to Hyderabad in a private bus. The parcel of IEDs was delivered at one shop on the highway (location not known) where it was further taken by Aniq / Akbar in Hyderabad. Riyaz and Aniq planted IEDs at Gokul Chat Bhandar and Lumbani Amusement Park resulting in blasts. However, the third IED was planted by Akbar at Hussain Sagar ferry point did not explode.
16.2.In or around November 2007, Riyaz asked me to impart training to Pune boys at Kuppa. I asked for a car as conveyance was a problem. Riyaz had sent me Rs 1 lakh[20] with which we bought a second hand Ford Escort car from Bangalore. Anik[n2] [21] and Akbar Choudhary were deliberately sent to Kuppa farm via Bangalore (and not Mangalore) so that they would not know the exact orientation of my farmhouse. I along with Ahmed Bawa @ Abu Bhai went to Bangalore to receive the duo in the morning. We drove overnight and reached the farmhouse in the morning. I followed the same pattern of training (physical training) which I had undergone in Baluchistan. The only available weapon at the farm was Air Gun. The training through Air Gun was for a period of 10 to 15 days[n3] .

16.3. In or around end of 2007, a meeting was organised in Pune where I met a group of dedicated boys namely Asif@Hassan, Faizal Rehman, Mansoor Peerboy, Mohsin Choudhary @ Aftaf, Akbar Choudhary, Anik and Majid @Nazim[22]. They had taken accommodation at Ashoka Muse Flat in Kondwa area of Pune. This was planned by Riyaz. Riyaz and Iqbal had participated in the meeting. The main focus in the meeting was Gujarat as we planned to carry out some major action in the state. In the meeting, Asif @ Hassan was very impressive. Since I was meeting them for the first time I found them more determined and better  understanding of Islam than ‘Bhatkal group’. The tasks for different people were as follows;
§     Anik: collection of mobile SIM cards
§     Asif: Preparation of timer and sending of email
§     Mansoor Peerboy: for sending ‘claim emails’
§     Mohsin Choudhary: bus/train ticketing
§     Majid@ Nazim: Prepared the logo of IM
§     Yasin Bhatkal: Preparation of IED
17.1.Anik was asked to collect SIM cards, Fazlu Rehman for accommodation and Ashif was for mails. I had to prepare IEDs with wooden structure (claymore mine/boat shaped). I started searching for a wood which was not locally available. So I went to Shimoga to purchase imported wood. I purchased silver wood to conceal the source of wood. I started preparing the boat shaped structure for the IED.

17.2.It was in the month of Feb-2008 that Riyaz called me and asked to prepare 10 IEDs for Jaipur. Eight days before the blasts, I carried all the IEDs from my farmhouse to Udupi in a bag and handed over to Atif @ Arman. I understand Ariz Khan was also present with him. These IEDs were used in Jaipur blasts. The Jaipur blasts were  praised by Riyaz Bhatkal.
July 2008 I along with Akbar Choudhary reached Surat again.[23]
18.SURAT BLAST (2008)
18.1. In Surat we stayed in a Muslim Basti near seashore wetland. We conducted recce of the Surat city. Initially, we had decided to plant bombs near Garment Market but later, we changed this plan and decided not to plant the  IEDs in the cloth/garment market as the crowd was mostly ladies and children. So we decided to plant IEDs at the Varachha market, as to my understanding businessmen/traders of the Varachha market had contributed lacs of rupees for Gujarat riots. Our place of stay was almost 4-5 kms from Varachha market.
18.2. In the intervening night of 24/25th July 2008, I along with Talah, Fazlu Rahman and Anik reached at Varachha Market, Surat in a Black Wagon R (stolen from Mumbai by Afzal Usmani of Khandwa[24] M.P and driven by Fazlu Rehman. Each of us was carrying two IEDs. We saw posters of a Baba who was organizing a public meeting within a day or two. We also carried some of these banners and posters of the Baba’s meeting to disguise ourselves. We reached the market at around 11.30 pm in the night and   placed around 10 IEDs on the road side hoardings and trees facing the market. We fixed timer for 48 hours and left.
18.3.On 25th July 2008, we prepared another set of IEDs and fixed the timer for 24 hours and placed all the 30 IEDs at the different places of the market.  And in the morning we moved  to Pune via Mumbai. First day we planted ten and second day we planted 20 more.I along with Anik, Faizal,Tallah (since arrested) did the job.

18.4. On 26th July 2008, Riyaz and Fazlu Rahman placed a large quantity of IEDs in two separate cars near a hospital in Surat. Our planning was that the causalities in the serial blasts of Varachha Market would be shifted to that hospital within an hour or two and in the meantime the car bombs would also explode causing maximum damage. So we had fixed the timer for 25 hours. In the afternoon of 26th July, I along with Anik returned to Pune via Mumbai by train and reached by 7 pm.

18.5. I learnt that in Ahmedabad, under the supervision of Atif Amin, Saif, Chota Sajid, Bada Sajid (Azamgarh group) 32 IEDs were planted at different places in the city. As I reached my room at Kondawa, Mohsin Choudhary had arranged for Biryani/Chicken/Halwa for celebration of the blasts in both the cities. But unfortunately, none of the  IEDs of Surat exploded. I got depressed and  quietly went to bed.
18.6. Next day in the morning, Riyaz and Fazlu also reached Pune. On 28th July 2008, I returned to Kuppa farm house where Abu Bhai[25], Akbar Ali and Mariyam were present. The total expenditure for the Gujarat mission was somewhere around 15 lacs which was arranged by  Riyaz.

19.1. In or around the first week of August, 2008 Qayamuddin Kapadia came to Kuppa farm house. He was called by the pseudonym of Musa. I counselled Musa to change his life style as he was suffering from constipation, Fistula and gastric problems. I treated him. In the month of August 2008, Riyaz asked me to provide ten more IEDs as materials were already available in the Kuppa farmhouse.
19.2. I prepared 10 IEDs and delivered them to Saif and Mohd Khalid[26] in Udupi. I met Saif for the first time and handed over the consignment near the Udupi railway station. After 10 days of this delivery i.e. on 13th Sept. 2008, serial bomb blasts took place in New Delhi.  These serial bomb blasts were done by Azamgarh group under the supervision of Riyaz Bhatkal.
20.1. After Gujarat episode, Riyaz and Iqbal Bhatkal moved to Mangalore where Naushad and Mudasir @ Muddu were also present. Anik, Asif, Akbar Choudhary, Mohsin Choudhary, Majid, Fazlu Rahman stayed in Pune, Saif, Asadullah Akhtar @ Haddi, Atif Amin, Chota Sajid and Bada Sajid were active in Delhi.
20.2. I went to Mangalore to purchase new clothes for Abu Bhai @ Ahmad Bawa, Akbar Ali, Mariyam and Kayamuddin Kapadia for Eid. On 19th September 2008, Batla House Encounter took place in which Atif and Chota Sajid were shot dead. Next day I met Riyaz and we planned to celebrate Eid at Kuppa Farmhouse.  Abu Bhai went to his village near Mangalore for EID celebration.


21.1. On 3rd October 2008, Abdul Karim, brother of Abu Bhai called Kunni Akha @ Chota Chacha that some police personnel had come in plainclothes and picked up Abu Bhai @ Ahmad Bawa. They were enquiring about the delivery of consignment to Ahmadabad from Pune. So, I called back Adbul Karim and verified about the incident which he confirmed. As it would have taken Police at least 3 hours to reach us so we (Riyaz,Iqbal and I) packed all the valuables from the farmhouse , handed over all the food grains to a lady nearby and asked her to take care of  cattles in the farmhouse. We took a bus from ‘Kundevigundi’ village to Shimoga and then to Shikaripur- Hubli and finally reached Hyderabad. We all reached at Abdul Sattar’s house, nearby Noor-Shahi Mohalla. Sattar@ Sainudeen[27] was one of  Riyaz’s contacts. But Abdul Sattar suggested that the place was not safe and asked us to move somewhere else. So, we left Akbar Ali and Mariyam, gave them some money , a mobile and asked them to search for accommodation.
21.2. Qaymuddin Kapadia was sent to Pune to search for rented house for our stay. During this period, we kept changing our look frequently and wore wristband (Kade), chain etc. to disguise ourselves.
22.1. On 12th October, I alongwith Riyaz and Iqbal Bhatkal reached Delhi and stayed in Tariq Anjum’s[28] house. Later, we took a room on rent for Rs. 2500/- per month in front of Tariq’s house. Food was prepared by Tariq’s wife till we stayed there. When we reached Delhi, Tariq informed Gowhar Aziz Khomeini. I had met him in Dubai earlier. Khomeini was given task to recruit new youth for our organization to achieve our goal. We asked about the new recruits of the organization. Gawhur introduced us to Qateel Siddiqui.
22.2. Riyaz asked Qateel to provide two SIM cards on fake names.Qateel could quickly managed the SIM cards and delivered to us. I along with Riyaz went to market and purchased two new Nokia handsets model No. 5300 and 1100.
22.3. After sometime, I and Qateel went to Lucknow by bus and reached Qaiserbagh near at Imambada. From there, I made a call from a STD booth to Akbar Ali who was in Hyderabad, to verify about accommodation and overall welfare. The purpose of making a call from Lucknow was to mislead the security agencies. After some time I along with Riyaz Bhatkal went to Pune at Bablu’s place who was Qateel’s relative[29] . We got Bablu’s mobile number from Qateel and met him in Pune and finally received 2 lac rupees through hawala which was sent by Aafif from Dubai.
22.4. During this time, we got Mohsin Choudhary’s number[30] and contacted him. He was in Belgaum[31]. He asked me to meet him. I went to Belgaum and Riyaz returned to Delhi. At Belgam[32] we discussed about future attacks.
22.5. As decided I persuaded Mohsin Choudhary to go with Qateel Siddique for arranging new accommodation/hideout. During our stay in Delhi our alias names were as follows; Riyaz was Shahid, Iqbal was Habib and I was Imran.

23.1.We stayed in the same accommodation in Delhi as occupied by us earlier for some more time. But we wanted to change the accommodation as our associates were getting arrested in the Ahmadabad blast cases. Hence Qateel was told to arrange a house in Darbhanga. He arranged the same in Lehriya Sarai, near Hazma Chauraha, Darbhanga at a monthly rent of Rs.2500.
23.2. In or around the first week of Jan 2009 we all (I, Riyaz and Iqbal) went to Darbhanga and occupied the house and Qateel received us in Darbhanga. We started living in Leharia Sarai and introduced ourselves as contractors. One Akfal (18yrs; 10th Std student) resident of Baarsamaila, Darbhanga was brought by Qateel. He also started staying along with us[33]. Qateel used to meet us regularly. 23.3. During our stay in Darbhanga the Al-Hira[34] library played an important role in for recruitment.  
24.1. Qateel was told by Iqbal to take Mohsin to Nepal for an outing[35]. They went to Nepal but returned on the next day itself. After three four days again they leftfor Nepal.I understand they had contacted one Mohd Hasin in Nepal.  Mohd. Hasin was probably the conduit for making fake passports.I was not informed about it as I was least interested in moving to Pakistan.
24.2. I learnt from Iqbal that passports were being made for getting out of India. After few days, a person came in the evening and for him special arrangements were made. I was instructed to remain in Kitchen and not to meet him.  He remained there for half a hour.I was sure that my friends were in process of going to Pakistan. The person took money from them and instructed them to get ready in three four days. Qateel brought two SIM cards of Idea Company as we were using Delhi mobile numbers in roaming. The same person came again and took the photographs of all of us wearing Nepali caps. We tried our best to change our complexion from wheatish to dark black as we wanted to mingle with the local populace.
24.3. In the meantime Qateel brought another boy named Gayur Jamali who was doing Aalim course at Madrassa Jamia Salfia in Darbhanga. Qateel told us that we would come in contact with a number of people there as all of them had the same agenda of doing Jihad. Gayur Jamali started visiting us regularly and was trained in physical training as well as handling of arms and ammunition. We used to visit Al Hira library, meet and discuss issues of our concern. One day during the discussion in the library, Iqbal ignored Khalid Malik, who was an Aalim  resulting in an ugly altercation.
24.4. Riyaz intervened and then we decided to avoid them. Riyaz and Iqbal could not leave becauseof the ongoing strikes and law and order problem in Nepal. It was decided that they would leave in the month of March. We felt low as we had part company with Riyaz and Iqbal.. They gave me Rs 10,000 and took my Delhi mobile number with them.
25.1. I stayed there for 10 to 12 days along with Akmal and Gayur Jamali[36]. They had given me a chat  They did not contact me for first 15 days and so I returned to Delhi in the end of March 2009. I went straight to the house of Khomeini and stayed there. Khomeini gave me reference of one Irshad @ Chacha who was running a Mechanical workshop in Mir Vihar.   I met Irshad and joined him in his workshop. Irshad had employed me for Rs 700 per month. I started working. During this period I stayed with Khomeini. In or around May 2009 Qateel joined me and  started working at the same workshop. Initially he did not pay me any salary.

25.2. Tariq Anjum gave me Rs 15,000/- in total within a span of three months.  I got a message on the messenger ID i.e  given by Riyaz in the month of June as I used to check it regularly. The text of the message was that you come on chat page tomorrow at 2 P.M. I informed him about my stay at the house of Shyam (Anjum ). I learnt that  Iqbal and Riyaz had reached Dubai and Pakistan respectively. Riyaz further informed me that Iqbal had purchased a laptop and few other things for me. Riyaz told me that he would be sending money through his contacts to Mumbai. We started chatting daily. During this time Maulvi Shabir was caught in Pune. Riyaz told me that I should bring one boy namely Qaisar of Udupi as Police might arrest him too.
26.1. In or around July 2009 I went to Mumbai to collect money sent by Riyaz after obtaining a new phone and sim card. A “number”of ten rupees currency note was conveyed to me by Riyaz   for receiving money through HAWALA. I boarded train at Bandra Station and went to Dongri Station. I received a call about the money being sent to me.The person told me to come to Khatti Masjid and accordingly I reached there. I called the person on phone who told me that he had sent his man for delivery. One elderly person met me and took me to a building.He gave me Rs 6 lacs after noting down the number of the currency note.
26.2. After receiving the money I went to Manglore by Mangla Train and reached house of Mohd Ali[37] R/o Ulal. I gave his family 2 lac rupees.  I gave Rs 35,000 Rs to Mariam in Udupi.I visited Tonsehudi and met Qaisar.I told him about the arrest of Maulvi Shabbir (since arrested). He got worried and we both came to Pune. There we gave Rs 1 lac each to Anik and Akbar. We came to Delhi after four five days. I had Rs 1, 60,000   with me. I kept Qaisar in the house of Khomeini and gave him the alias Abdus Salam. 
26.3. I concentrated on my work at the workshop and in spare times trained Qaisar in workmanship. In the meanwhile Qateel’s daughter died which followed a lot of change in Qateel. Qateel met with an accident and he was under treatment for some time.During this period I was in touch with Riyaz through chatting on messenger.
26.4. In or around September 2009 I along with Qateel and his wife went to Darbhanga.We found that Akfal and Gayur Jamali had left the place.  We contacted Gayur Jamali and requested him to come.We paid to the house owner. Gayur’s belonging were shifted to the local Madarsa and the accommodation was vacated.
26.5. Gayur introduced a new Muslim boy Aftab Alam@Farooq [38]to me who was studying in Patna.I met him in Purniya at his house. I brought him to Darbhanga and during this period Gayur arranged for an accommodation at a rent of Rs 1300 per month. I bought a cycle too. I kept Aftab Alam@Farooq in the new rented accommodation and I came back to Delhi.
26.6.Irshad was in financial crunch due to the recession in the market. I suggested him to manufacture weapons but he did not pay any heed to my request. Later on he agreed and said the some investment on new machinery would be required.

27.1. Riyaz Bhatkal instructed me to go to Kolkata alongwith Qateel to receive some consignment of explosives, arms and ammunition from Bangladesh. We went directly to Humayun’s house, which was next to Zakaria gali. Hamayun is a cousin of Qateel. In Kolkata, I purchased one mobile and SIM card for this purpose. After 2-3 days Qateel went to Darbhanga. I sent my new number to Riyaz Bhatkal in Z to A order. The place in Kolkata was very unhygienic so I got sick. I was carrying Rs. 50,000-60,000.
27.2. In the meantime, I got a call from a Bangladesh number. I got disturbed. So, I threw my mobile and SIM card. Later, Riyaz assured me that it would not invite any problem.So I started using mobile phone. For more than 15 days no consignment was delivered. Then, I got a call from Bangladesh which I could not make out as he was speaking in Bangla.  But one Ishaq a Bangladeshi guy used to call me daily for the delivery of the consignment. Gradually, I began to understand his language and finally on 17th day of my stay in Kolkata, Ishaq asked me to meet near Fantasy Park, Dumdum airport to deliver the consignment. During the chat with Riyaz he explained that the consignment might be containing explosives. Next day, he delivered a packet of Potassium Permanganate. Ishaq was black, tall and well-built. I assumed that he might be a Hindu. When I asked about the packet, he replied that rest of consignment would be delivered tomorrow. But for the next 3 days he did not call me and on third day he called me to a secluded place for the delivery of the rest of the consignment.
27.3. On 30th October 2009 when I went to receive the consignment, suddenly a motorcycle rider came and asked me the time. I didn’t reply. Instead,I showed the time on my mobile. It was 08.19 AM morning.That person was wearing spectacles and could not see it properly. I got suspicious and immediately took a taxi for my place. Meanwhile I sent a message to Riyaz Bhatkal about the incident. I found that police was chasing me. Anyhow, I managed to escape and reached Zakaria Masjid read the afternoun namaz there. From the top of the Masjid I could see some Police men standing at the gate so I jumped the wall, reached a nearby restaurant and ordered some food. Suddenly the same person who had asked me about time came and arrested me. He was a policeman. He took me to the STF office in a taxi in which I had left my mobile with which I used to chat with Riyaz Bhatkal. I disclosed my name as Ashraf S/o Arshad R/o Barhsamaila District Darbhanga Bihar. They could not get anything out of me.
27.4. During my detention my phone with which I used to communicate with Ishaq was in their custody.They tried to dodge Ishaq on phone but they could not catch Ishaq. Ishaq had called up while I was in police custody at Darabhai Place to deliver the consignment of 2 Pistols.  Ishaq came to deliver the Pistols but he got suspicious and escaped. The police enquired about my language (Accent).Finally they sent me to jail.
27.5. After taking judicial remand of 14 days on two occasions, a Judicial Magistrate came in the jail and asked about the pending petty cases. He heard my case.The Judge in jail granted bail to me after giving penalty of Rs. 90/- but later on this amount was also waived off. After 45 days in jail I was released sometime in the 1st week of Jan 2010.I went directly to Humuyun’s place where I found Qateel.Qateel was sent by Riyaz Bhatkal to receive the consignment of arms and ammunition from Bangladesh. Next day I along with Qateel went to receive delivery at Sultan Masjid.I suspected presence of some policemen there.We fled from there and finally came to our room. I had left Rs.50000/- with Humuyun before I [n4] had gone  to jail. I asked about the money to Humuyun, who returned only Rs. 15000 and promised to give the rest later.When I reached Delhi I found all my friends had changed their locations.I could meet Irshad Chacha who became very happy to see me.My  accommodation in Shaheen Bagh was also rented out.During this phase I came close to Irshad Chacha. We decided to open a workshop in Shaheen Bagh[n5] .
28.1. It was almost a year that no blast had taken place in the country. Riyaz asked me to take revenge for the arrest of Pune boys in Ahmadabad blast case. He asked me to prepare IED. I told him that I would require materials for IED.The delivery of explosive (gelatine) was made at Swargate by one Ibrahim @ Amir to me. Riyaz told me that the next target was Pune.He instructed me to go Pune for recce. On 28/29 January 2010, I moved to Pune in search of a new accommodation. I found an accommodation near a college and paid Rs. 5000 as security money to my land lord and explained that I had come there for taking admission in a college. When I confirmed about my stay in Pune to Riyaz on chat, he suggested that some crowded market area should be selected and recce for planting Bombs.
28.2. I worked for 7-8 days and finally spotted Dargu Halwai Seth Mandir in retaliation of Malegaon Masjid Blast and German Bakery Shop, [n6] which could attract international attention. Initially, I planned to  plant a bomb near Osho Ashram as it was frequented by many foreigners. I did not disclose this target to Qateel. I asked Qateel to come to Pune and showed him both the sites i.e. Mandir and German Bakery. Qateel did the rehearsal at Mandir. He had put a tika on his forehead and did ‘Parikarma’ of the Mandir.
28.3. In the night of 12 February, 2010, we burnt remnants of IED and finally packed our items. I informed the land lord that I did not get admission at Pune College, so, I would like to vacate the house.I requested him to return the deposited security money i.e. Rs. 5000/-, but he returned only Rs. 2000/-.
28.4. On 13th Feb, 2010, I suggested Qateel to put his footwear at the back i.e exit side of the Mandir and bag at the entrance side from main. I moved towards German Bakery and hired a shared auto in which a person in the auto asked me about the bag, I disclosed to him that it is a bomb. They all laughed at me. At Swargate I changed the auto for Koregaon Park, left the auto at the main road which was 200 mtrs away from German Bakery,came on foot and finally reached at German Bakery shop.I ordered for one Apple Pie and cold coffee. I recollect during this time, some policemen came and instructed the shop manager to close the shop early.I understand that because of law and order problem in Pune related  to Shiv Sena against the film ‘My Name is Khan’ police was very cautious. I placed the bag below the bench of the Bakery and reached the Bus stand, Pune. But unfortunately there was no bus for Mumbai, I waited till 8.00 PM and then I took bus for Nasik[n7] ; and boarded  a train from Nasik to New Delhi.
28.5. Since  we had left our Phones, there was no communication between me and Qateel.As Qateel did not come, I thought that he might have been arrested. But surprisingly, I found Qateel sitting in General compartment of the same train at Bhusawal. When I met Qateel, he explained that when he tried to put the bag in the premises of Mandir  one security guard caught him and asked as to why the bag was locked. He explained that keys were with his girlfriend and he had been waiting for her. The guard forced him to sit for 15 minutes, but he managed to escape. He took out the battery of the timer and reached Mumbai and threw the bag in the sea. I stayed in Delhi and Qateel returned to Darbanga from Jhansi Railway station.
29.1. On 15 Feb, 2010[n8] , I reached Delhi. On 20th February, I received Rupees 3 lacs through Hawala in Delhi. As I know the money had come in the account of Shaqib younger brother of Gawhar.I gave Rs.1 lac to Qateel, 1.5 lacs was to start our workshop at Shaheen Bagh (Delhi) but only Rs. 50 thousand was left in my hand. I alongwith Chacha Irshad, purchased two lathe machines for making Pistol and Carbines. I showed many photographs of pistols and carbines to Chacha. He, however, insisted for a sample. Somehow, we started running the workshop for customers and started making a daily income of Rs. 500 to Rs.800. After 10 days, Qateel joined us in Delhi.
30.1. In March 2010, IPL had started in India, so Riyaz instructed me for carrying a blast in Delhi particularly in the cricket stadium. I asked Qateel to go Delhi Stadium during a match but as the ticket was very costly, so we dropped the idea.
30.2. At the instance of Riyaz Bhatkal, I went to Tumkur, Bangalore as the Chinnaswamy Stadium was fixed as a target. In the last week of March or 1st week of April, I went to Bangalore from Nizamuddin Station. I  went to Nasik and from Nasik to Pune and finally reached Bangalore. I preferred to travel without ticket as my plans were generally not fixed. I used to bribe TT during journey and manage seats. On 3rd April, 2010 I reached Bangalore (Tumkur) and started searching for rented accommodation near engineering college.Most of the land lords asked for my identity proof before renting out their flats. Finally, I managed a rented accommodation in a newly constructed building. I called the owner of the building. After formal negotiation he agreed to rent it out.I explained to him that I had come to take admission in the college. On the same day, I shifted to the room after purchasing daily use materials. Then I called Qateel, Gayur Jamali, Sheikh Chilli @ Aftab Alam @ Farooq to Tumkur[39]. When they all reached Bangalore, we conducted the recce. I wanted to task Aftab Alam@Farooq@Sheikh Chilli for placing the bomb.I took him to Royal Café, but he was very confused and insisted for a different venue. I was so angry that I returned to Tumkur.
30.3. We started frequently visiting Bangalore. In the meantime, Riyaz asked me to go to Pune to collect explosive. As instructed, I reached Swargate Pune and received the consignment from Ibrahim.[n9]  I had received a consignment of explosive for Pune Blast from Ibrahim[40] earlier. Consignment contained Gelatine sticks and detonators. I purchased Batteries and watch from a shop viz. Majestic near Burma Bazar. Qateel as directed by me went to Mumbai and purchased two bottles of spirit (Methanol).
30.4. On 14 April, 2010 we prepared IEDs at our hideout, wrapped them with newspapers and plastic (tarponlene). Initially we wanted to prepare Cooker bombs, but did not find suitable place for it. We prepared seven pieces of IEDs in total. On 15.4.2010, we decided to place the IEDs near Chinnaswamy Stadium. Each one of us  took two pieces in his rucksak and hand bags. Finally, we started from Tumkur bus stand. Suddenly we realised that Farooq@Sheikh Chilli was not with us.We waited there and finally I returned to the room, but found him missing. We decided to go without Sheikh Chilli. We boarded a bus and occupied three different seats and reached Bangalore Bus stand, where I left Qateel and Gayur and started searching for Sheikh Chilli. Finally, I found him at the railway station. I instructed him to follow me. On the way Farooq@Sheikh Chilli put his feet in a puddle of urine, I asked him to wash his feet in a washroom and he entered into the ladies toilet.
30.5. Finally, we all reached Chinnaswamy stadium at around 03.00 AM on 16th April,2010 and planted five IEDs at main entry Gates and ticket counters. Unfortunately, we could not place rest two bombs so we threw them in a pond on the way to Tumkur. Our aim in planting bomb IEDs at Chinnaswamy stadium was to draw international attention and hit the economy of the country.As a precautionary measure we used to stop chatting with Riyaz 8 to 10 days before and after incident.
31.1.On 17th April 2010 morning I came to know through the newspapers that serial blasts had taken place at the Chinnaswamy Stadiumwith with no major loss. On this all the SIMs and mobiles used during the operation were thrown away. I along with Qateel boarded the train from Tumkoor Railway Station to Delhi.  Qateel got down in between, somewhere in Jhansi. On 19th April, 2010, I reached Nizamudeen railway station, Delhi. In Delhi, I once again started working in our Mir Vihar factory. At this point of time, I had a sum of Rs. 40000- 50000/- for our expenditure.
32.1. After detailed discussion with the group members, it was decided to manufacture the bullets at Mir Vihar Factory. The manufacturing cost of one bullet was estimated to be about Rs.3.00/- and the same could be sold out in the black market for Rs.200/-. This profit was good enough for livelihood as well as for carrying out target killing. For this purpose, one pistol was brought by the Qateel from Munger (Bihar). The main purpose of the pistol was to use it for test firing of the bullets which were to be manufactured in the factory. Qateel had also brought some bullets (4/5 pieces) from Munger which were used for studying the exact dimension/design of the bullet.
32.2.In order to bring the perfection in our production, I first manufactured only some bullets which were tested during the test fire which was conducted on the bank of Yamuna river near the Thokar No. 7 and 8 opposite Shaheen Bagh, Delhi.  During one such test fire, the barrel of the pistol got damaged   and resulted in an injury to Irshad Khan (Chacha).  Due to this, Irshad Khan got angry.It actually happened due to sensitivity of the propellant which was on the higher side. So, there was a need to prepare the perfect propellant which could give the right momentum to the bullet while leaving the barrel. Therefore, I started concentrating on chemical composition of the bullet. This chemical analysis and testing was done by me only. 32.3.In total, there were 4 to 5 occasions in which the barrel of the pistol got damaged.Ultimately, we got the solution and manufacturing of the bullets  started at Mir Vihar factory.
33.1. Meanwhile, in the month of May, 2010, I again went to Darbhanga, Bihar where I was introduced to the Tahseen Akhtar @ Monu by Gayur Jamali[n10] . Tahseen was under the heavy influence of one Moulvi Ashfaque Salfi[41] of Darbhanga, Bihar due to which some differences surfaced initially between me and Tahseen. But later on, these issues were resolved and Tahseen started accepting my opinions and obeying my orders as well. Actually Moulvi Ashfaque [n11] doesn’t allow youths to be agitated. Moreover, he is an Ahl-e-Hadis Muslim and strictly follows its rules.    
34.1. During the month of Aug. 2010, Riyaz Bhatkal contacted me and told that he would be sending one person (Azmal) to our location who would work under me.  We decided to conceal our identities while working with him. For this purpose, we established a new hideout at Dharampur colony in Samastipur, Bihar and changed our names in order to conceal identity from Azmal. So Qateel became  Salim, Yasin Bhatkal as Arzoo, Gayur as Anwar, Tehsin as Hassan and Aftab alam as Farooq.
34.2. On 17th Aug 2010, I went for Muzaffarpur[n12]  to bring Azmal. My mobile number had already been conveyed to him by Riyaz. He contacted me through my mobile. I guided him about ourplace of meeting. Finally we met each other. I brought him to hideout located in Samastipur and introduced him with other members of our group. As intimated by  Riyaz, Azmal had fought the war in the Afghanistan. He was an ex – M.Q.M. member[42].
34.3.After few days, I told Azmal that we were going to organise a ‘Daras’ programme and everyone had to attend that programme. Azmal showed his unwillingness to attend the same as he did not have good knowledge about the Daras programmes. On this, I tried to convince him that he need not worry about it as we all would help him to understand and adapt these things.  Later on, I came to know that he was interested in extortion and loots only. He was not interested in jihadi activities. On this I told Riyaz that it would be impossible to manage him.But Riyaz told me that I should not worry about him and give him a task after that everything would be all right.
35.1.In or around July 2010 as discussed with  Riyaz, we decided to carry out an attack on some foreign tourists in Paharganj area of Delhi. Azmal[n13] [n14]  and Qateel both were ready to carry out attack on the foreign tourists. This plan was discussed with Riyaz. He told me that I should not be present anywhere in the vicinity at the time of the attack. One machine gun and some ammunition were procured from the Munger by Qateel. For this purpose a sum of rupees thirty thousand was spent. We proceeded to Delhi to accomplish the task. I arranged one rented room near the Mosque located at Shastri Park area of Delhi. I instructed Azmal and Qateel to arrange one motor cycle which was required for carrying out the action. They went out and returned in the evening without any success. I[n15]  scolded them and told not to go outside.
35.2.Then I went to Gandhi Nagar area and stole a black colour passion motorcycle. I used to carry a master key which worked on every 3rd or 4th vehicle. I handed over the machine gun and motorcycle to Qateel and Azmal and briefed them about the action. At about 16.00 hours, I boarded a train namely Garibrath from Nizamuddin railway station for Patna.
35.3. When I reached near Kanpur, I received a call from Azmal who was talking in a shaky voice. I asked him about the task but he did not reply properly. He wanted me to come to Delhi. He also told me that they were going to take shelter in our hideout located at F-42, Shaheenbagh, Okhla. Azmal was talking about this hideout which was not told to him earlier. This again created doubt in my mind. Therefore, I decided to continue my journey to Patna.  I informed Riyaz about the incident.Then I switched off my mobile.
35.4. Next day, I reached Patna. Riyaz informed me that Qateel received a bullet injury due to accidental fire at Paharganj area, and everything was under control. Then I rushed to Delhi immediately.  On reaching Delhi, I checked the wounds of   Qateel.I told Qateel that we need not  worry as the bullet had exited from the body and he would be fit within the next few days.  I noticed that Azmal and Qateel both were not talking to me properly. They were angry for not being with them  at the time of need.I tried to convince them but they were not ready to hear anything.  Then, Qateel and Azmal went to Samastipur by train. I was not feeling well as I was suffering from Dengu fever.

35.6.On 7/8 September, 2010, I went to Samastipur to meet Qateel and Azmal. On 9th Sept, 2010, Riyaz informed me that he had sent a sum of Rs.1 lac through Hawala. Therefore, I sent Monu to Kolkata to collect the money. This was Monu’s first task which he had done very efficiently without any problem.
35.7. On 10th Sept, 2010, Riyaz told me that Azmal must be sent back to Pakistan immediately. This order of Riyaz was conveyed to Azmal but Azmal refused to go back. He told me that he would accept me as a commander and obey all my directions. He was ready to carry out any suicidal attack on my direction. He also told me that I may fix any amount and the same would be paid to me by him on monthly basis. On hearing all this nonsense, I, immediately decided that he must be sent back for the sake of maintaining peace in the organisation.
35.8. On 10th Sept. 2010, against his will, I ordered Azmal to leave us.Tahseen @ Monu took Azmal to Nepal via Raxaul border for sending him to Pakistan. This was informed to Riyaz. He told me that he had sent two more boys who would work with us. I coordinated  Tahseen’s movement and Riyaz controlled movement of the two boys from Pakistan.Finally Tahseen could meet and receive them in Nepal.
36.1.After three days (on 13th Sept. 2010), Tahseen @ Hassan @ Monu alongwith Waqas resident of Punjab, Pakistan and Tabrej @ Danial @ Haddi @ Asadullaha Akhtar arrived at Samastipur hideout. Tabrej came to India after completing his arms training in  Pakistan. I received both of them and introduced them to others. I also briefed them about preparation for Jama Masjid attack. After that I came to Delhi at F-42, Shaheen Bagh, Okhla. The physical description of Waqas is as height – 6’ 1”, weight – 100 kgs, silky blackish hair with central lining, round face, pointed nose, sharp facial features. He knew Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu languages. He is quite lazy.

37.1. The date of attack for Jama Masjid was fixed on 19th Sept. 2010 keeping the anniversary of the Batla House encounter in mind. The reason for targeting the Jama Masjid, Delhi was to send a strong message with regard to the activities of some Russian female tourists who took bath in rainy season in the compound of the Jama Masjid in objectionable dress on 15.07.2009. I alongwith the Qaiser[43] @ Chhotoo resident of Tonsehoode, Udupi, watched this and we were in tears. So, I decided to teach a lesson to the tourists.
37.2. I started searching for a rented accommodation in order to accommodate Tabrez and Waqas. I found one room at Shastri Park near Pusta which was suitable for them. The rent of the room was Rs.2000/- per month and the advance amount was paid to the owner. After making arrangements in the room, I contacted Waqas and Tabrez and told them to come to Delhi for the action.

37.3. Meanwhile, on the direction of  Riyaz, on 14th Sept. 2010, Farooq @ Sheikh chilli[n16]   was sent to Mangalore to bring the detonator. I gave him Rs. 3000/- for the expenditure and one mobile with one SIM (Tata, Delhi) in order to contact with the other end. His mobile number was given to Riyaz by me. I also conveyed his physical description to Riyaz.
37.4. While going to Mangalore, Farooq missed the train in Mumbai; he could not reach  Mangalore on time. This delay was conveyed to Riyaz. I used to talk to Farooq on hourly basis in order to keep a close watch on the situation[n17] .  Upon reaching Mangalore, Farooq was asked to go to the Masjid located at Hampan Katta near the Railway station. There, he received the delivery of the detonator and returned to Delhi. I received him at Nizamuddin railway station.
37.5. Waqas and Tabrez came to Delhi   on 15th Sept. 2010 for carrying out   Jama Masjid attack. I received them at the New Delhi railway station and accompanied them upto Shastri[n18]  Park hideout where I gave a detailed briefing to them of Jama Masjid attack.
37.6. The gate number 3 of Jama Masjid was to be targeted because most of the foreign tourists were allowed to enter Jama Masjid by this gate. Waqas and Tabrez were asked to get familiarised with the area. They visited the Jama Masjid area from 16 to 18 Sept, 2010. They also purchased two wind chits and two helmets which were to be used during action. I stole a motorcycle from Gandhi Nagar area, which was required for action and it was handed over Waqas and Tabrez[n19] .
37.7. Earlier, I had purchased 20 kgs Potassium Nitrate (Rs.12/- per kg) from the Anand Parbat area, Delhi. I can identify the shop from where I had purchased the chemicals. [n20] I tasked Farooq @ Sheikhchilli to grind the chemical in grinder, but he could not do it properly. Finally I had to do it.
37.8. At about 0500 hours, on 18th Sept 2010, I left  Shaheen Bagh hideout (F-42) and reached Jama Masjid area at about 0630 hours. I stole a Maruti car (blue colour) from this area and took it to the Shastri Park area and parked it at a safe distance from our rented accommodation. I met both of them and informed them about the development.
37.9. Later, I went to Karkardooma area (trans Yamuna area) from where I attempted to steal one more car but failed as the siren of the car went off, which alerted the people around.  I left the area quietly. Then I went to Shaheen Bagh (F-42) and carried 02 carbine guns (one was procured from Munger and the other was made at Mir Vihar factory) and 02 pistols (one was procured from Munger and other was made at Mir Vihar factory) to Shastri Park,[n21]   where I handed over these items to Waqas and Tabrez. I also demonstrated how to use of weapons to them. I told them that the timing of the attack would be around at 1030 hours. I would plant IEDs about 0930 hour return to  Shaheen Bagh.
37.10. In the intervening night of 18/19 Sept 2010, I got engaged in preparation of the IED. The container of the IED was one ten litre cooker which was purchased from the Sadar Bazar for Rs.10,000/-. I mixed Potassium Nitrate (10 kgs) and Aluminium Power (2 kgs) and put it into the cooker. The handle of the cooker was removed and the safety valve was also removed so as to insert the wires. Then I attached the timer (analogue watch) and two detonators; only battery remained to be fitted to the IED.
37.11. On 19th Sept 2010, I woke up at about 0500 hours. I packed the IED in plastic bags. I instructed Farooq @ Sheikhchilli to remain at the house and  told him that I would return by around 1130 hours.
37.12. At about 0700 hours, I picked the IED and went to the house of Irshad Chaha.He had full knowledge of our plans. I along with the Irshad went to the Shastri Park in his Maruti Zen Car. Upon reaching their, I went to our rented accommodation house took the IEDs. Irshad waited outside in the car. We had our food, offered the Namaz.  I gave a final briefing to Tabrez and Waqqas. I directed them to hang one white handkerchief outside their house on completion of the task which would be an indication that the action was a success.
37.13. I left around 0930 hours and they followed me after sometime. I asked Irshad (who was waiting outside in his car) to join me at the Bus Stand near Lal Qila Chowk. I took the IEDs and drove the stolen car parked at Shastri nagar to the destination. Before I had attached the battery to the IED and the timer was also fixed for 1100 hours.
37.14. I moved towards Jama Masjid area and took Old Delhi Railway Station,-Fatahpuri-Khari-Baoli-Cycle Market road toward Gate No. 3 of Jama Masjid. I got slightly late because of traffic jam. There were only 5 minutes left when I reached at the gate number 3. I parked the car near the police beat box as there was an empty space there. I came out from the car and walked towards the Meena Bazar in a very causal way. On reaching Meena Bazar, I ran towards the Lal Qila bus stand, as Irshad was waiting for me. I found his car and jumped into it. We hurriedly drove towards Shaheen Bagh.
37.15. Upon reaching Shaheen Bagh, I went to my house but could not find Farooq.  I searched for him. He returned in the evening. He told me that he had gone toNoidaon which I got furious.
37.16. On 20th Sept 2010, I went to Shastri Park where I found  white hankie outside the room, which was a signal for our success. We congratulated to each other. I told them to go Samastipur in order to evade arrest. I accompanied them upto Sarai Kalae Khan bus stand.They travelled to Agra by bus and from there boarded train to Samastipur.
38.1. After targeting the foreigner at Jama Masjid area, on 22nd Sept 2010, I contacted Riyaz and informed him about the action. Initially, he was angry with me for targeting a Muslim area. Then I explained to him about the purpose of the action which was carried out against the foreign tourists who used to visit Muslims holy places like Jama Masjid in improper dresses. He calmed down and advised me that I should go to Samastipur as the situation in Delhi would be tense due to the action.
38.2. On 23rd Sept 2010, I alongwith Farooq boarded the train from Nizamuddin station to Patna.We reached the next day.The master key which I had used earlier used for picking up motorcycles in Delhi [n22] on different occasions, was still with me.I used the  same master key to steal a motorcycle in Patna in which we left for Samastipur which was about 125 kms from the Patna. We met Tahseen, Gayur, Tabrez and Waqas in Samastipur. They were happy on seeing us with a new motorcycle.
38.3. After a period of one week, the land lady, told us to vacate the place as she was expecting some guests to her house[44]. We shifted to a new rented house which was located at Sara Mohanpur in Darbhanga. This new location had sufficient open space which we used for training. We stayed there about three months (Oct-Dec 2010) and carried out weapon, explosives and physical training in this area. The practical training of handling of explosive was also carried out. At this time Waqas demonstrated a new type of IED which really impressed us. He revealed that he learnt this while he was in Afghanistan. He taught us how to use Hydrogen Peroxide for IED preparation.[n23] 
38.4.During this period some of new cadres were recruited in our group; Abdul Rahman @ Abdul was brought by Tahseen and Kafeel Akhtar was brought by Gayur Zamali and Danish Mirza Baigh.
39.1.Riyaz asked me to carry out an attack in Varanasi on 6 Dec 2010 to mark the anniversary of Babri Majid demolition and  verdict of high court on Ayodhya.We decided to use the Hydrogen Peroxide IED in this. I alongwith Asadullah went to Kolkata[n24]  to purchase Hydrogen Peroxide.[n25]   We procured 200 Ltrs of Hydrogen Peroxide @ Rs. 50 per lt from Kolkata. Out of 200 Ltrs we just took a 5 litres in a small can and remaining 195 Ltrs of Hydrogen Peroxide was booked for transportation from Kolkata to Muzaffarpur by road. It was purchased from a chemical shop located at Bada Bazar area, Fhal Mandi Kolkata.We took it to one Dhillion transpoter for the delivery at Muzaffarpur.I can show both the places in the google map as well as if taken to the spot.
39.2. On 16 Nov 2010 as  confirmed by the transporter, I alongwith Monu went to Muzaffarpur from Darbhanga to take the delivery of the Hydrogen Peroxide. We carried Hydrogen Peroxide by road on a civil bus. In order to get maximum explosive impact Hydrogen Peroxide, it must concentrate to a level of more than 70%. The procured Hydrogen Peroxide was having concentration level of 50%. So, I boiled it around 400 degree Celsius temperature in order to bring it to  70%. This process was completed within 2-3 days.
39.3. On 1st Dec 2010[n26] , I went to Varanasi in order to carry out the recee of the targeted area. Syaeed@Tara Babu (who was the relative of landlord of our rented house located in Darbhanga) had also gone with us. But he had no knowledge of it[45]. I visited the place like Jyotirlingam, the disputed Gyan Vyapi Masjid, Sheetala Ghat etc. I returned to Darbhanga on the same day and started preparation to carry out the attack. I talked to Riyaz who suggested to   delay the action due to the tight security arrangements in Varanasi area in view of Babri Masjid demolition day i.e. 6th Dec 2010. So we decided to carry out the action on 7th Dec 2010 instead of 6 Dec 2010.
39.4. On 6th Dec 2010, we carried out  preparation for moving to Varanasi. I alongwith Waqas, Monu and Asadullah @ Haddi[n27]  carried two  cane filled with Hydrogen Peroxide and went to Hazipur by train and from Hazipur to Patna – by bus, from Patna to Varanasi – by train. The container of the IED had capacity of 10 Ltrs. On reaching the Ghat, we searched for a lonely place in order to fit timer and circuit in the IEDs container. Waqas put timer, battery and circuit in a condom and the same was put in to the cane. While he was doing this, one of the IED went off accidently which resulted in injuries to his right hand. Since it was a secluded place, nobody noticed it and we continued preparing another IED. Despite  injuries Waqas took part in the action of planting IED at Sheetala Ghat. Waqas alongwith Asadullah @ Haddi took the IED and moved towards the target area.
39.5.I along with Monu left the Ghat area and reached  Mughal Sarai railway station by an auto. Due to tight security, Waqas and Assadullah could not plant the IED at the pre decided place and they planted the IED at Dashmesh Ghat. Later on I learnt  that one infant was killed in the blast. Waqas and Assadullah also joined us at Mughal Sarai Railway Station and we boarded train towards Patna. From Patna we went to Darbhanga and reached at late night. Next morning Gayur Jamali came to our room with a newspaper carrying the picture of Varanasi blast. We rejoiced our victory.
39.6.On 13 Dec 2010, I returned to Delhi and started working in a routine matter at our Mir Vihar Factory.
39.7.On 1st Jan 2011 I received a call from Assadullah (located in Darbhanga) who informed me that Monu’s father had come to the house and was complaining that his son was being misguided by us. His father had also threatened then that we must remain away from his son otherwise he would call the Police. On this, I rushed to the Darbhanga on the same day. Upon reaching Darbhanga I went to our hideout. But I could not find anybody there.  I contacted Riyaz who was in touch with Assadullah and Waqas, who had left the house. Riyaz got our meeting coordinated near the Darbhanga Railway Station where I came to know that the whole scene was created by Monu’s father. We managed it, but Waqas and Assadullah refused to go to the same house. So I decided to shift into a new accommodation which was located at a distance of two Kms. This house was earmarked by us earlier. We stayed in this house for a period of only two days. Thereafter, we again shifted  to the old same house at Sara Mohanpur, Darbhanga.
40.1. In the intervening night of 31st Dec 2010 and 1st Jan 2011, Riyaz advised me that I should shift Waqas and Assadullah to some new place because of the hue and cry raised by  Monu’s father. On 5th Jan 2011, I alongwith Waqas and Assadullah went to Mumbai from Darbhanga and met with one Naqui[46] who used to stay at Madanpura in Mumbai Central. I requested him to arrange one rented room in Mumbai. Initially, we stayed for a period of two days at the factory of Naqui’s father.[n28] He arranged one rented room on a monthly rent of Rs. 8000/- near Byculla Railway Station opposite Irani restaurant with the help of one property dealer named Sultan. We started living in this house.  After Waqas and Assadullah[n29] , got settled I came back to Delhi in the month of Feb 2011.[47]
41.1. In or around  Feb 2011, Irshad discussed the issue of marriage of his daughter with me. I could not convey my final decision about the marriage. On 25th Mar 2011, I met his daughter. We met and liked each other. I discussed about my marriage with Riyaz. Riyaz was quite happy with this news and asked me to go ahead. He also told me that he would be sending Rs. 1 Lac on this occasion. 
41.2. On 31st Mar 2011, I received a sum of Rs. 1 Lac from Riyaz through Hawala. The delivery of payment was received by me at Chandni chowk area.   I took one rented room at Gali No. 1, Thoker No. 08, Okhla before the marriage. On 1st April 2011, I was married to the second daughter of Irshad named Zahida.
41.3. On 27 May 2011, the marriage of my brother-in-law namely Arman [n30] was held at Mysore which was also attended by me. On 29th May 2011, I went to Chennai to meet Abdul Rahman (age 24) r/o Darbhanga who was doing engineering from a private college.
41.4. In the month of April 2011, one Assadullah@ Dilkash came to [n31] Delhi from Darbhanga. He was introduced to me by Kafil (age 34 years) at the library in Darbhanga.He stayed with me for almost six to seven months at the factory.He developed the skill to prepare weapons and bullet in my factory. Apart from this Danish had also come to Delhi. He stayed for a month and then left.
42.1. On 1st June 2011, I went to Mumbai directly from Abdul Rehman’s place in Chennai as Riyaz had asked us to carry out attacks in Mumbai. On 4th or 5th July 2011, Tabrez and Waqas went to Mangalore to bring the detonators (20 nos.) and explosive (10 kgs. Ammonium Nitrate).Like past, this time also the consignment was co-ordinated by Riyaz. They came back to Mumbai after 2 days. We carried out the reccee of Zaveri Bazar, Gateway of India, Opera House, Siddi Vinayak Mandir, Linking Bridge, Colaba etc. Monu joined us in Mumbai on 7th and 8th July 2011.As I understand,he was staying in the house of son of Kafeel Chaha[48]  located at Kurla Bombay.
42.2. Waqas had prepared the timer with the help of digital watch. These timers were tested repeatedly to ensure their accuracy. This was done only because of the failure in the Varanasi Blast. We prepared four IEDs in a cooker having capacity of 5 litres. These cookers were procured from local market of Byculla, Bombay. After preparing the IEDs, we again carried out the recce of the important places like Siddhi Vinayak Mandir, Opera bazar, Zaveri Bazar and Dadar Railway Stations as directed by  Riyaz.
42.3.In the intervening night of 11/12 July, 2011, the places to be targeted were chosen. The IED at Opera House was to be placed by Waqas, at Zaveri Bazar by Assadullah @Daniel @ Haddi @Tabrez and at Dadar Railway Station and Dadar bus stand by Monu @Tahseen and me.
42.4.On 13th July, 2011, it was raining heavily so we were confused whether to carry out the blasts or not. Finally, at about 2PM, we took the decision to go ahead. At about, 4PM, I left the room alongwith two IEDs weighing 5 Kgs each. At 5:30 PM, 42.5.I met with Monu near Dadar Railway Station. I handed over one IED to Monu which was planted by him near the bridge. He came to me and again took the second IED which was planted at Kabutar Khana. The other two IEDs were planted by Waqas and Tabrez at Opera House and Zaveri bazar after fitting them into two different kinetic scooters which were[n32]  stolen earlier for this purpose. All the IEDs were planted approx. 20 minutes before the blast.

43.1.After planting the IEDs, I along with Monu went to Kalyan Railway Station and boarded a train going towards Delhi. At Jhansi Railway Station, Monu got down from the train and proceeded towards Darbhanga. I left for Delhi[49].
43.2. On 14th July, 2011, I reached Delhi and continued my work at Mir Vihar factory where I manufactured one pistol, two carbine guns and raw materials for about 500 bullets. During this period, I used to do online chat with Riyaz. Riyaz congratulated us for our successful work. The main targets of Mumbai blast were the Gujaratis who were doing business in Zaveri Bazar and Opera House area.
43.3.On 7th September 2011, while I was chatting with Riyaz, he informed me about the Delhi high court blast and advised me to take proper precautions due to tight security.
43.4.In or around  month of Oct, 2011, I went to Darbhanga to settle down the payments of rented room and etc. I was planning to establish one production unit of Vinegar at Shiv Dhara, Darbhanga, Bihar. For this purpose, I took a rented room at Shiv Dhara with the assistance of Kafil Chacha against the monthly payment of Rs.500/- in order to make Vinegar, I procured 50 litres of acetic acid from Kolkata. The procurement of acetic acid was made with the help of Kafil (who was also my partner). I also purchased glass bottles for packing of vinegar.
44.1.In or around  middle of Nov, 2011, I received a call from Gayur Jamali who informed me that police had raided the house of Qateel in Darbhanga. He also informed that Qateel had run away to a new location which was situated at a distance 20 to 25 KMs from his own house. I managed to meet Qateel and told him to leave  India immediately. I provided some clothes and money to him so that he could proceed to Nepal in order to evade the arrest. I accompanied Qateel to Kamtol Railway Station for taking train for Ruxaul. I also instructed Gayur to accompany Qateel to Nepal from where he would go to Pakistan. This development was also conveyed to Riyaz. They were reluctant to go to Pakistan. I tried to convince them and managed their departure from India. On reaching Nepal they tried to get passports for going to Pakistan.
44.2.On 15/16 Nov 2011, I came to know from Kamal that that Qateel [n33] had come to Delhi. I told him to keep a watch on Qateel. After two days, Kamal told me that Qateel had been picked up by police from Paharganj area (from the residence of his father in law). I told this to Riyaz who instructed me to leave Delhi alongwith my wife. I along with Irshad chacha went to Agra but next day came back as there was no activity in our area. Chacha gave the key of his flat to Gohwar Khomeani and Kamal so that they can hide there in order to evade the arrest.
44.3.On 19th Nov 2011 I and Chaha went to Chennai to Abdur Rehman’s place and  stayed there for about 8 days. On 27th Nov 2011, at about 1930 hours, Abdur Rehman called me on my mobile and informed about some suspicious movement around our shelter.It was dinner time. I came outside to cross check. I could not find anything suspicious.I went upstairs and found no body there. In a haste I got down from the roof with the help of a pipe and escaped. I stole one black splendour motor cycle and went to Bangalore. Then I went to Tumkur Railway Station and boarded a train heading towards Kanpur. From there, I went to Unnao to the house of Master Bashir@Talaha. During this period of next 25 days, I was continuously travelling from North to south and vice versa (Unnao, Kanpur, Goa, Kerala, Patna, and Mangalore) in order to evade my arrest.
44.4.Earlier I had gone to meet Master Bashir at his place in the month of September 2011.During that time I had gone to Sitapur where I met  his brother-in-law Sakeel(since arrested) and got  address of Master Bashir.From Chennai I had gone to Master Bashir’s place.
44.5.I had gone to Goa and stayed at Mohd Saheed’s place.I had acquitance with him as Molvi Shabir used to stay at their village i.e. Hoore for sometime.I had information that Mohd Saeed had a shoe shop near Panaji buststand. At his place I met one Imtiyaz form the same village.However, they did not know about my activities. On the direction of Riyaz I could locate Waqas and tabrez in Goa.  
44.6.In or around the last week of December 2011, I met Waqas and Tabrez in Goa at Calagut in between Anjuna and Vagator beaches[n34] [50]. This meeting was coordinated by  Riyaz who was in touch with us. I stayed in Goa for the next seven to eight days.
44.7.On 12/13 Jan’2011, I went to Ranchi from Goa and stayed there in a house located near Saint Bosco school, Khadgarha, district Ranchi where Monu was already staying. [n35] I had travelled from Goa by train to Ranchi.Monu had called me to Khadgarha Bus Stand.Earlier Riyaz had told me over chat that Monu would be meeting him at that place.We both walked to his place.
44.8.Tasin@Monu after the arrest made in Darbhanga had stayed in Patna for sometime and then shifted to Ranchi.As I understand that he had taken help of Blackbeauty[51] to stay in Ranchi. During this period I had used two-three mobile numbers.Monu used to get food from nearby hotels.There were two-three good Muslim hotels near that place.Our interaction was very limited.One boy whom I know was Imran.Monu had taken admission in some computer training school.I do not know the address of the institutuion.I had no interaction with the landlord.   I stayed there almost one month alongwith Monu. This house was owned by one Haji Sahab, aged 45 years. The monthly rent of this house was 2500/-.
44.9. Once I had come to chat at the Birsa Chowk.There Tasin @Monu had gone to meet someone.I had refered to this person as bearded man in my chats.
Once both of us had gone to Baraiyata.There was a hospital in Baraiyata. We had gone in a shared auto.I stayed in Ranchi for almost 40 days.
44.10. On 17th Feb’2012, I left Ranchi and proceeded to Patna by bus.From Patna I left for Raxol (Bihar, India) by bus. Finally from Raxol to Beerganj (Nepal) I left by foot. Upon reaching Beerganj I left to Kathmandu by bus.
45.1.On 17th/18th Feb. 2012 on the instruction of Riyaz, I went to Nepal and stayed at Kalimaati in Kathmandu and took a room in a Hotel @ Rs.100 per day where I stayed for 10-15 days. I started searching for a rented  accommodation but every land lord in Kathmandu asked either an Identity card or any local reference, which I did not have. So I tried to search for a Muslim basti for a safe hideout. After sometime, I called Monu to Nepal and we started searching for a rented accommodation. During these days, we met a group of 8-10 people of Tabligi-Jamaat in Kathmandu with whom we stayed for couple of days.In the  group I realised that one person was secretly videographing us which raised suspicion in my mind, leading to partying our company with the group.We stayed at Kathmandu for about 15 months. 
45.2.In or around March 2012, we came to   Ranchi and stayed in the same rented accommodation near Khadgadha Bus Stand, Jharkhand. In April 2012, we came to Beerganj and stayed there for some time.Here Monu  suffered from viral fever.  I gave treatment to him. In the last week of April we moved to Pokhra and took a room at Hotel Mount Everest.
45.3.Our effort to shift to a Muslim Basti was till on. Finally we got a rented accommodation in Lakeside area at one Mr. Koireaa house.We stayed there for more than 6 months.  In the day time   we would usually go for swimming in Fewtadi and evening time for fishing. We told the people around that we were from Ayurvedic medicine line.  During our stay in Nepal, Riyaz sent me Rs.40 thousand in 4 months through Western Union till 14th August 2012.  We received these remittances without submitting any ID . After 14th August 2012, passport ID was declared mandatory by Nepal Government, so we prepared fake passport ID in ‘Photoshop’[n36] . These fake IDs are still saved in my laptop.
45.4.In or around August 2012, Riyaz asked me to send Monu to India. I gave 10,000 Nepali  currency to him and asked him to take new SIM card and mobile phone to chat with Riyaz. Bakra-e-Eid was in the month of October 2012. I was staying alone so I decided to go to Annapurna peak which was visible from Pokhra.  I went to Annapurna and spent 17 days there visiting, Marfa, Tunnhe, Kaloopani, Talopani on foot as it was not motor able.
45.5.On Eid, I was in Beni.I was very hungry.  I saw some Muslims were doing “Jabah” (sacrificing)and I stopped there and wished them.They offered me food.  They were all neo-convert Muslims. One of them was suffering from diabetes, I gave medicines to them. In November 2012, Riyaz asked to vacate our accommodation. I stayed with these Muslims for few days. When I asked them about any Muslim basti nearby they told me that near Pokhra there is a Muslim basti of 30-40 families and it was just  8 km from the jungle.   I met the head of the Basti namely Mr. Abdullah @ Bal Bahadur Thapa, a retired soldier from Indian Army[n37] .  His children were either in Korea or Japan. I disclosed that I was from Patna. He was an alcoholic and I used to give money to him for alcohol. 
45.6. There were other two important figures in the Basti namely Abdullah Suddani and Aadam, who used to assist inhabitants in day to day affairs. There was a Imam in a small Masjid in the colony, namely Mahibullah. He was an Indian and was staying in Tarai region[n38] .  Earlier I was not comfortable with him as I suspected him to be a source of intelligence agencies but later on I developed trust.
45.7. I started meeting these people to explore the possiilty of recruitment for jihad. I was also in touch of with the brother of Mahibullah namely i.e. Habibullah. I had gone  to the native village of Mohibulla in villagae Pratappur, Dist.  Rautad. I found one Madrasa there being run by one Md.  Siraj.  In this village there was no electricity supply.There was a perennial river along the basti. So I decided to make a turbine, for generating electricity from fast flowing current of the perennial river. I had organised a small workshop for lunching of turbines to be used in Hydro Electricity generation in Nepal.  There were two persons who assisted me in this work. They were Abdul Karim from Dist. Saianjgia and Azad from Motihari Bihar.  I installed hydroelectricity generator turbine project at the village Pratappur and generated 24 volt of current from [n39] the flowing current and illuminated Madrassa and Masjid of the village. I got and a lot of praise from the locals.
45.8.When Hyderabad blasts[52] took place in 2013, photographs of Asadullah, Waqas,  Tahseen@Monu were published in the national newspapers in which
Asadullah’s photograph was very clear. Riyaz suggested me to call Asadullah to Nepal .  Asadullah reached Nepal after 2-3 days of the blasts.  Riyaz also suggested to  change our rented accommodation. 
45.9. I started searching for big accommodation as I had plans to open a clinic of unani medicine. I also hired a shop from one Yunus Bhai at Loknath Chowk itself. Yunus Bhai of the lokenath Chowk introduced me tothe owner of the house, Chiranjeev of Lekenath Chowk, Dist: Pokhra, State Kaski, Nepal.  I called Azhar and Majid hailing from Pratappur Poltoha, Dist: Raulad and asked them to stay with me.  I wanted to impart    ‘religious education’ to them as they   belonged to very poor families. 
45.10.During our stay in Nepal Riyaz also suggested  kidnapping of Jews as a   bargain to set free a Dr. Aafia Siddique, who was imprisoned at US but it could not materialize[n40] .  During our stay in Pokhra, we used cyber cafes at following locations:
a)            Dihi Ko Pattan , lakeside – one café
b)           Zero kilometer Chauraha – Malay Patan  one café.
c)            Shri Jana Chowk – 2 cafes
d)           Pritiivi Chowk –
e)            Buddha Chowk – 3-4 cafes
f)             Chiplay Donga – 2 cafes
g)           Beerganj – 2-3 cafes.

45.11. As I recollect during my Nepal stay no Pakistani national had visited us. Few days before my arrest two Saudi Nationals had visited my place regarding construction of a mosque .I had seen a lot of Pakistani nationals belonging to Tabliqi jamat visiting Nepal.There number has significantly increased in recent times.

45.12. During my Nepal stay I had made attempts to indoctrinate certain individuals and prepared them for arms training in Pakistan.Some of these individuals are as follows;

·         One Jamshed whose mobile number i.e. 9779811237687’ is saved in my mobile hails from Pratapur Paltoha and treats people of the area for various ailments. He is allopathic Pharmacist. He visited me in April 2013 along with Headman of Prataappur Paltoha known as Siraj who was the Head of Madarssa at Pratappur. Siraj had come to Pokhra to take some money of his brother lent to someone.His brother used to work in Malasiya. They stayed for two-three days. I had motivated Dr Jamshed to participate in jihad and he showed his willingness.
·         One Imam Mohibullah whose mobile number is 9816671213 was motivated to go to Pakistan for receiving armed training for participating in global salafi jihad.
·         One Siraj Sahab the headman of the Pratappur village used to visit me       whom I had motivated him for joining training in Pakistan. His mobile number was +9779807102478.

·         One Zakirulla or Zakrullah’,  a resident of Khatwaiya area of Pratapppur Paltoha Rohtad, Nepal bearing mobile number 9779811864400 was motivated by me to go to Pakistan for arms training. . I had attended his marriage in Prataappur and after attending this marriage function. He is about 27 years old. I met him for the first time in his village. He had stayed in Qatar for two years. He is presently engaged in farming.

·         One number 00971556356950 named as “Azamchacha” is in my mobile phone.He is the uncle of Mehboob and employed in the Police Department in Dubai. Azam helped us in getting Rs 2 lacs in the month of July 2013. He was introduced to me by Mehboob who runs a mobile shop in Lakenath area. The money was sent by Riyaz from Dubai through Azam.Azam is not aware about our activities.

46.1. On 7.7.2013 I came to learn about the blasts in Body Gaya through media. Riyaz had discussed about doing something in Gaya as revenge against the atrocities by the Buddhists against Rahangiya Muslims in Myanmar. I had discussed about it at several occasions with Riyaz through internet chats.
46.2. After the blasts when I enquired from Riyaz who did not reveal anything to me.I am aware of the efforts made by Riyaz to carry out some blasts as Tahseen@Monu was pressed to carry out action with the help of some SIMI activists based in Ranchi.Tahseen was in constant touch with the SIMI activist to the extend I understand they were together in Ranchi for sometime.Arrest of Manzar Imam might have led to escape of Tahseen from Ranchi.I can lead you to the hideout in Ranchi where I had stayed with Tahseen.
47.1. Since past several days the relation between Mirza Shadaab Beigh and Iqbal Bhatkal have turned sour mainly because of Ibqal’s close association with ISI and his lavish lifestyle. Iqbal has been wooing a local Pakistani girl and spending a lot of money on her. Recently he has married her as well. ISI is giving the outfit a lot of money but at one end Iqbal and Riyaz are enjoying a lavish lifestyle in the comforts of Bunglows in Pakistan and are giving peanuts to us the foot soldiers.Regarding the problem with Bhatkal brothers Aafif@Mota Bhai had written to me. Also Mirza Shadabab Beigh had written to Asadullah citing the conflict with the Bhatkal brothers.
47.2. The passion for fighting the NATO forces in Af-Pak region becoming part of Al-qaeda, and draw distance from ISI are some of the new trends in the IM based in Pakistan leading to split in the outfit. Bada Sajid is reoprtedly fighting in the FATA region.He was wounded in the fight.The conflict and bickering for change the command of the IM is apparent.The group comprising Afifi@Mota Bhai,Sultan, Safi and Farhan are upset about the activities of Iqbal.
47.3. Riyaz was also badly treated by ISI whom we refer as “kutas” in our chat for trying to establish contact with the al-qaeda.Riyaz was sternely warned form desist from any attempt to contact al-qaeda fighting in the FATA region.Riyaz had claimed in the chat that he had gone to the tribal belt for establishing contact with al-qaeda.
47.4. IM had extensively used hawala channel for providing funds to its cadres in India.The hawala channel is mostly routed through Dubai.One Abdul Wahid@Khan[53] a close relation of Riyaz and Yasin has been playing an important role in this.Also Westren Union channel has been used to get money in Nepal and India.For this we had used fake Id proof.
47.5. Since there is no regular arms and explosive supply to IM on the direction of Riyaz I had tried to establish contct with the Maoist in Nepal for arms supply.Riyaz had also told me that he has been trying to establish some contacts for procuring weapons from Kashmir.
48.1. In days to come the IM operatives especially Tahseen@Monu and Waqas may target the foreign tourist in states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Maharastra, Goa etc.The possibility of attack on Jews, especially tourist from Isreal is very high.
48.2. As I understand Monu had done recce of some places in these states. Kiddnapping for extrortion or release of individuals like Dr.Ashma of Pakistan was also pondered over by the IM operatives. The goods trains carrying oil are also in the radar of IM for future attack.Taseen@Monu during his stay in Ranchi had met Manzhar Imam, before the latter was arrested by NIA.
49.1. On being shown the visiting card “Standard Chemicals” as recovered from me I state that during the period Oct- Nov, 2010, I had gone to a chemical shop, at Tilak market, in Delhi and procured 500 ml of Sulphuric Acid, of brand ADSL. This was used for nitration of nitrocellulose. This was mixed with Potassium Nitrate, till it reached normal temperature. Twenty kilograms of Potassium Nitrate was obtained from Steel Market. After four to five minutes, it is dipped in cotton. The quantities used are 500 ml, 500gm and 100gm of sulphuric acid, potassium nitrate, and cotton respectively. This mixture was used to prepare propellants for bullets.
49.2. In or around Jan/ Feb, 2013, I purchased two dozen door catchers from Jai Maa Durga Enterprises, Bhotebahal, Kathmandu, and used those magnets for the purpose of making alternators for use in the generator turbine/ water wheel.
49.3. In or around March- April, 2012, I used to visit a lot of travel agents, to find out details of flights, going to Karachi, Dubai, Bangkok etc. The travel agents that I visited were:
a.    Heaven on Earth Tours and Travels Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal
b.     Adventure Journey Treks and Expeditions Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal
c.    South West Tours and Travels Pvt Limited, Lalitpur, Nepal
49.4. I bought bulbs, and reflective domes from Yuvraj Electrical Supplies, New Road, Pokhara, Nepal, during Feb-March, 2013, for the lathe machines there.
49.5. I have a mail ID ****, the password of which is “lkjhgfdsa****”, and the answers to the security questions are ‘****i’, and ‘****’. This ID is possibly two months old. One of my friends from Bhatkal, who is in Dubai, is Anwar whose number is 50421****. This number was kept for emergencies.
49.6. I was provided a secure calling route by Riyaz. I had to enter the IPs The service is mono1easydial, and the password is ****. I never used this service, as the internet speeds were never good in Nepal.
49.7. I have another email ID ‘’, the password of which is asaansa147,. There is a mobile number 9806609341, ;details of which I am not  aware.
49.8. One of my contacts was Younis, who is a boatman, whom I met at the Mangalore Dockyard, when he was on the run from Chennai. His number is 8123370412.I had never contacted him.
49.9. Some of my important contacts in Nepal were;
(a)Dr Ali, of Welcome Pharma & Sanjibani Natureopathy Clinic, Kalimati, Kathmandu, during a Tabligh, Tel 4-277420.
(b)Tayyab Bhai of Kathmandu, Sorakkutta, New Road, Naya Bazar-Telephone number-9841220148-met in Feb/ Mar 2013- Tabligh Jamaat contact
(c)One contact whom Abdul Karim, had introduced to me, was from Nepal, but settled in Saudi, and he wanted to help Muslims in Nepal. His telephone number was 966582987826, and he had a skype ID- ‘happybird11’, which I couldn’t access.
d.    ‘Sanjur’ Head Mechanic, Uttam Chowk, Pokhara, with whom I used to spend a long time within the last two years, and stay 3-4 kms away from my house.
e.    During my trekking to Annapurna, (Sep-Oct 2012),  had met a Spaniard, whose email ID was He spoke to  from his ID, the answers to the security questions being aiub, and pokh..
f.     I had a contact 9810990705- ‘Kavin’, which he cannot recollect.
g.    There is a contact-whose number is 9813143665, which I cannot recollect.
h.    I had a contact, Ali Alam Bhai, of Sorakutta, Nepal, who is a tailor, and was a Tabligh Jamaat person. His number is 9818494792.
i.     I had met Badshah, of Damoli, Nepal, along with Monu, to celebrate Eid, in 2012. His telephone numbers are 9817190821, and 065561024.
j.     Dr Jamshed, who is a pharmacist, and has number 9811237687 (When is Ahl-e-hadith.,
k.    Zakrullah, an agirculturist-9811864400.
l.     Chaty Qazi, he is a teacher at a Madrasa- 9817234873.
m.  Ziyalul Al- 9807173920, 9812243352- Nursery
n.    Zialuddin-98071910.
o.    Roshan- neighbours in Pokhara-3989125065, 3989119120, and he runs a vegetable shop.
p.    Adam Badhare, neo muslim, stays in Badhare

A person called Kamrul Huda, came to meet me, at a Tabligh gathering. He was trying to interact with me, and I suspected that I was under surveillance.. His number is 9803229937.

My friend and associate, Dilkush’s father, Rahman, has a shop ‘India Rising Showroom’, Palolem Beach, Goa. From there, I  got Dilkush’s father’s number, ‘8149175294’, which I wanted to use for obtaining Dilkush’s whereabouts.

The email Id of Waqas is, and of Hassan is, which was given to me by Riyas, to be used for contact with them.
Riyas Bhatkal has a Nimbuzz ID- menothing1.

Some of the contacts were :
q.    MIrshad Khan-9899576344
r.     Dilkush-9654847348
s.    Arman-9811467720
t.     Makkee-9312501562/9873383125 (sasur chacha ka bhatija. Lawyer with practice in the High Court and Supreme Court, stays at Turkman Gate)
u.    Akhtar-9971370438 (Does work for sasur chacha-construction work-contract)
v.    Naseem-9871946466-used to work in chacha’s shop
w.   Papu-9899551059- Chacha ki dosth- mechanic
x.    Wife-9650979935
The above numbers were in my mobile phone, and he copied it while leaving Delhi.
Some of the Dubai contacts, which Afiff had prepared and given to him are
y.    Abba-4346865050
z.    Irshad-050-2107909050
aa. Muniri-1516365550-1515365550-Used to stay along with us in Dubai-working in Wakf in Kuwait.
bb. Jasim (33) r/o Bhatkal, an old friend-Now in Kuwait and doing business- 216122779-21612779.
cc.  Nur: friend, r/o of Bhatkal, now in Dubai-5885131650- Used to stay along with us in Dubai.
dd. Abdul Wahid: my relative, (son of father’s cousin); working in a shoe shop. He is facilitating the money transferfrom Dubai to India (from Riyaz to YB)-5865062550; ghar ka number-0485911550.
2.    My skype ID is ‘diwanapyarka114’, the password of which is ‘114diwana’.
3.    The password for my account ‘’, is nepalAL12345, the D.O.B given is 10/12/85; and the answers to the security questions, being Dubai, and Sufiyan.
4.    I have an mail ID-, whose password is ijnuhb09876 (I-N, U-B, 0-6). The user on the other side is Davidthapa177. It could be Iqbal/ Riyaz.
5.    Qateel, had got me a driving license and an election ID, from Calcutta, in the name of Samer Suri.
6.    I made an Electoral Id in the name of Vinoid Desai, in a café in Pokhara, Nepal, laminated it, and is one year old. I had used this to receive money on Western Union, once or twice.

On being asked and shown the chat details between (Md. Ahmed Siddibappa Zarrar) and (Riyaz Bhatkal), I state that the contents of the discussion between me and Md. Riyaz @ Riyaz Bhatkal as datewise are follows :- :-
13 November, 2012 :-  I had a discussion with Riyaz about new the ID to be used henceforth for our communication . This ID was continued for long time. Before this no permanent ID was kept, since I did not stay permanently at any place. I don’t remember the ID in use by me before this ID was used, however I may recall that if it is written somewhere in the documents which had been recovered during my personal search.
16th November, 2012 :- Riyaz told me that Daniyal @ Asadullah Akhtar and Waqas were slightly disturbed. Further that Daniyal had gone on safar i.e. tour. I requested Riyaz for sending Daniyal to me since I was living alone and feeling lonely in Pokhara. Riyaz mentioned that he was quite disturbed since last 15 days, since delivery of funds to Daniyal and Waqas was a problem.
Riyaz also informed that Tahseen @ Monu was well and was not very far from my current location. Riyaz mentioned that he wanted to send money to me, but the party to send had told to contact after a week.
Zulekha is a character three thousand years ago who had put bad eye on prophet Yousuf @ Joseph. There was a discussion about the land lady of the house who had disturbed me and had proposed to me. The Lady was called Lakshmi, whose husband had gone to Korea at that time. She was the older bahu of the house.
At that time I was looking for a new house in Barhare. Talked with Riyaz about ‘Freegate’ to be used to develop proxy.
Riyaz mentioned that when he was going from Nepal to Pakistan, one person had met him who (from the chat) seems to be some employee of Nepal airport, who could assist them in tasks. I mentioned that I am not going to leave Pokhara soon.
Riyaz asked whether Tibet tour for Lhasa which starts from Kathmandu is continuing. Probably it is easy for Nepalese citizens to enter China without requirement of any Visa etc.
21st November, 2012 :- Riyaz mentioned that Daniyal (Davii) and Waqas (Javii) had been sent to vacate the old house since Daniyal had left explosives and ID there. They had come back but the message was not received by Riyaz till 2 days, so he was worried and was repenting the decision of having sent them there. Riyaz then referred to the five arrests of the module of Pune Blast of 1st August 2012 i.e. of the IM operatives Imran Khan, Syed Maqbool, Asad Khan, Feroz and Irfan.
There is reference to sadness due to hanging of Ajmal Amir Kasab. Riyaz mentioned that they were planning to hold Namaaz-e-Zanaza, however I mentioned that such Namaaz is not offered for persons who are declared as shaheed for the cause of Islam.
24th November :- I  mentioned that he is going on a safar which may last slightly longer.
26th November :-    Offline.
27th November :- I mentioned that he I had come to chat from a distance. I mentioned that I had gone to Rohthat with Imam Saheb i.e. Imam of Barhare i.e. Majibullah, for developing project of hydroelectricity through water-wheel for villagers.
28th November :- Riyaz mentioned that he was thinking of doing some work i.e. bomb blasts. He in the further chat at 5.10 mentioned that a lot of anti Muslim activity has happened in this area Hyderabad (code H) and that he was planning to send Tahseen Akhtar @ Monu to Hyderabad for the work there, and that he had a chat with Monu before chatting with me.
Riyaz then mentioned that he is trying to establish contact with Chutka i.e. friend of Monu who lived in lodge of Zazbi by name Shaheen @ Shahbaz. Riyaz and I discussed about whether he is safe from the eyes of the agency. I mentioned that Monu and his friend lived together in Darbhanga meaning thereby the rented room of Zazbi. Then I mentioned that it would be appropriate to contact this Chutka not by phone, but by sending someone. Further, I told Riyaz that it was not safe for Monu to go to Darbhanga. Riyaz then asked whether the other salafi persons of Al-Hira, Darbhanga i.e. Zazbi, Khalid, Omar and others who used to come to the library, can be contacted for their activities. I mentioned that none is probable to join us soon on being contacted. I mentioned that he can go and contact them for getting recruited and that he could not recruit them due to paucity of time. Riyaz mentioned that it is not required to recruit them as whole timers but they can be contacted at the time of work i.e. to execute the blasts, since white collared persons are suitable for their work.
Riyaz again refers to the arrested persons of Pune 1st August blast, and mentioned that they had several contacts, infact also mentioned that 25 associates were behind the arrested five.
I requested Riyaz to keep another friend of his in contact with me since the times are risky, and since the persons in Dubai are unsafe. I then mentioned that I had some contacts in India, with whom I wantsed to establish contact. There was discussion about contacting Usman.  Usman was a boy who has shop of shoes, age about 30-32, black, 5’7”, from Udupi side who was in contact earlier. Usman had joined the PFI later,and his last contact with me was before 2008. I mentioned that I wanted to contact my friends from fakir monur which is near udupi near mangalore.
I mentioned that I had gone to Celestal clinic of one Guptaji to learn surgery. Also revealed about the plan to purchase land in Barhare and also pointed to neo muslim converts in the area who can be radicalised. Mentioned about black stones used for making houses in Nepal. I had talked about Passport with Mohibullah Imam of Barhare. Riyaz asked me to establish contacts with the Maoists there, and that Chinese (chapty naak waly) support the Maoists, since the Maoists can be of great help in procuring arms and ammunition for our organization.
Riyaz told me that it was very important to contact Macfe (May be either Fakir Monur who had given the Kuppa Farmhouse on lease for training and infrastructure hideout, or Md. Ali r/o. Mangalore), upon which I told him that some of them are in Dubai. Riyaz then asked me whether I had the numbers to which I replied that I didn’t have the numbers of them but had all the names and the numbers could be obtained from Dubai. Riyaz told me that the persons associated with the KFD (Karnataka Forum of Dignity) whether in India or in Dubai were working against our interests. Riyaz wonders whether Macfe will assist them.
We discussed about Md. Ali, arrested from Mangalore. Riyaz told that he was not touching Macfe, since he did not contact on the ID given. I told him that all will get cleared on talking with Khalid @ Kaiser, r/o. Udupi, since he was telling me that that the police was still following me after I left him. I told Riyaz that we should contact the father of Md. Ali (Jave), who was arrested from Mangalore. Riyaz told that we should wait since the police was working behind us, but I told him that if we will wait for so long then all will get old. I suggested for contacting Usman firstly and then to contact Khalid @ Kaiser.
Riyaz asked me about how Usman is for execution of the tasks. I told him that he was good. Then Riyaz asked me for the ID of Usman, to which it was decided that it would be sent to him later, since it was needed to be encrypted and then sent.
I told Riyaz that I had to go for a tour either to Rohtaht or Barhare on the next day. Riyaz asked me about the property to be purchased in Rohtaht. I told him that the person who has to make the passport is from Rohtaht.
Riyaz told me that he had yesterday met a leader of the Taliban, who was praising me and who was one of the most wanted on the list. I asked him whether he had met Hakimullah Mehsood, Chief of Tahreek-e-Taliban, Pakistan, which he denied. He told me that the person was once detained by the Whites, i.e. reference to US Army, but he had the cards of a journalist, and he was able to convince them.
I asked Riyaz on whether I should work in the hospital, to which he affirmed. He also joked to find a poison which will kill after one week.
29th November, 2012
Riyaz told me about which is a website which has softwares, to open encrypted files.
Riyaz asked me whether I had made ID in Nimbuzz, to which I confirmed that I had made one. Riyaz asked whether Usman’s ID was added in that, and when I had last contacted on that ID, and then I told him that I had contacted when I was on the run at Bangalore. I further told him that Usman used to chat on his phone from a distance from his house. I recall that one boy of Udupi named Nawaz @ Usman r/o. Udupi had met met me in Bangalore when I was on the run from Chennai. I had given him an Id of Nimbuss and had added him. I don’t remember the ID currently. I had given it to Riyaz for establishing communication and it may be obtained from the files in the recovered chat.
I discussed about which property on the hill – uphill or downhill should be take.
I also talked about the land of some hindu in Barhare. We had talked about acquisition of the citizenship of Nepal. Riyaz told me to tell the owner that if I obtain the citizenship then I will purchase the upper piece of land.
I discussed about sending money through Western Union to me by Riyaz. I asked Riyaz whether it would be appropriate if the money is sent in 4-5 parts in my name, to which it was decided that it should be sent in 2-3 different names. I told him that I had established several contacts in Nepal.
2nd December, 2012
Riyaz told me that explosives were not available. When I asked him about the reason, the he told me that it was available with one but he was not giving and was delaying by making reasons. Riyaz told me that the supplier has both new and old explosives. I told him about the man who supplied explosives, to which he told me that the middleman was being contacted. I told him that since he was staying in Karachi, he could try to send explosives in drums in which medicines for animals were sent from Industrial Area, Karachi to Nepal by flight. Riyaz told me that it was difficult since the items that reach Nepal comes to ports first in India then enters Nepal. I told him that I felt that these used to come by direct flight. Riyaz told me that one of his contacts who sent garments from Pakistan to Nepal had told him that it was not possible to send explosives in such way. I asked Riyaz to enquire more details about it, since lot of items used to come to Nepal from Pakistan and since I felt that such items could be sent through that route.
Riyaz said that he was trying to send some chemical which is used to make soaps, powders and creams, and which is found in the mountains in the north, but could not obtain.
We then discussed about the prospects of purchasing land.
Riyaz told me that the marriage of Sultan @ Abu Rashid was fixed and would happen in the same month. Mirza Shadaab Beg was also trying for his marriage.
I told Riyaz about 40 newly converted muslim girls ready for marriage whose photos were shown to me by Bal Bahadur Thapa, whose ages are between 15-45. Bal Bahadur Thapa was a neo convert who was earlier was a pandit and also used to give prawachan.
 I told him that Sarfaraz’s actual name is Armaan, who is my older saala.
I asked about Waqas, to which he replied that they were well.
I informed Riyaz that I have obtained a shop of mobile repairing on rent, this shop belongs to abdur rehman, a new muslim, beni area of Myagdi district. The shop also has a kitchen and bathroom. It was decided that one should not remain without cover.
Riyaz informed me that the rules for purchase of SIM cards had changed and now the cards were activated only after verification and recording of the first call made by the new subscriber. One card gets activated after three days.
 Riyaz told me that we will continue with the terrorist activities till we had life.
I told Riyaz that he should direct Waqas @ Javed to work on electronics. Riyaz told me that he had made 10 pieces just 3-4 days back.
I told Riyaz that I had taken a mobile on which Nimbuzz could be used, to which Riyaz advised me to use it minimally for security reasons. He asked me to download freegate software.
5th December, 2012
I informed Riyaz that I had learnt to operate Boll Doser. It drinks 200 litres per day, but can be used to break the walls of the jail.
Riyaz asked me whether I had contacted any Maoist, since they have several items of arms dump/ arsenal, as China had provided them in large numbers.
I informed Riyaz that Mungeri arms were sold in Nepal at double the price of that in India. I also told him that I held a low opinion about the local Nepalese population.
Riyaz told me that Monu had paid compliments to me. Monu’s friend had informed that explosives could be obtained from his location. Riyaz informed me that if the explosives were obtained from there then they were thinking about conducting attack in Gaya.
I asked Riyaz as to which friend of Monu was he referring to, to which he replied that it was the same friend who used to roam around here and there. The friend was confirmed during the chat to be Black Beauty since we called him as such and as far as I know, he hails from Patna. I had met him in Darbhanga. He is 5’4” tall and clean shaven generally and about 24 years of age. He is close to Monu and is of darr complexion with appealing face with Bihari type looks.
Riyaz further mentioned that Black Beauty may get ready for working with us since he was working on motivating him.
Then Riyaz mentioned that the other friend of Monu, in whose house he lived, had many friends, and was currently working for the IM. Riyaz had decided to use him for indoctrination for the purpose of terrorist activities.
Riyaz further informed that the bearded person was also with us. This bearded person  @ Dadhi wala is a contact of Tahseen Akhtar @ Monu. I have never met him. Riyaz had told me that the person who Monu was staying with had a long beard, and was attached with the SIMI. He had also said that after the arrest of Manzar Imam, he had run away with great difficutly. I had heard from Daniyal that Monu had told him that he was probably going along with Manzar Imam and had dropped him on a motorcycle when the police arrested him and Monu fled with great difficulty thinking that Manzar may have told the police about his hideout. Very good response was being obtained. Hassan has hopes of connecting with many friends. I advised Riyaz that Moinu should not contact many persons, to which Riyaz replied that many meant 2-3 persons. He further mentioned that the second friend (SIMI contact) has told that he will inform after consulting his seniors on the issue of joining the activities of the IM. He informed Monu that they had two groups, one which wanted to work in association with us and the other believed in Hijrat i.e. in migration from India possibly to Afghanistan and then to wage war against India. Monu was trying to convince them for us. The person has got convinced and has now gone to convince his seniors. I told Riyaz that even if those persons don’t join us they can provide infrastructural support. Riyaz told that this is exactly what was proposed and thenhe had agreed. Initially he was stating that the seniors had ordered not to join the IM, but then gradually he understood. I told him that the seniors are creating all the troubles. We had told them that you will not find the seniors after death, thus he joined us.
Riyaz told me that he was thinking of action in Gaya. I told him that all will happen in the destined time. Riyaz told me that we should make efforts. I told him that nothing had happened in Gaya till date.
Riyaz told me that earlier there was no security in Gaya. But after the disclosure made by the arrested IM operatives, the security had increased manifold. There are two ways which go to Gaya and 24 hours patrolling is being done. A reserve force contingent is also camping there since the matter opened after our friends were arrested.
I asked him as to how did the arrested operatives know about the plan. Riyaz replied that they had to be sent there for recee and thus it had been discussed with them to do the attack soon. A second group was also involved in the plan, which created a lot of confusion.
The person who went at the last (Khalid of Tonsehude, had gone to Saudi in 2008) had probably gone to village (gaww) for marriage. He had to be called to us. He had told me to induct him lest he would join those who had got married. Riyaz told that he may not come again and he should be touched.
Riyaz asked me as to what happened about Usman. Riyaz told me that he had purchased the software and will contact him today. He asked me as to how many days would he be checking as directed by me and how late.
I asked about the status of chotu lambu sudani i.e bawarchi and whethers andn whether there was some change in their attitudes. Riyaz told me that he was planning to send one of them to me. All were ok, but lambu wanted to marry.
I asked him about kui ti. Riyaz told me that his name had figured in one case, in the Charge Sheet of Bangalore. About Bada of Bangalore Group, I am not sure of the exact person that Riyaz was referring to, but I think that he may be Allah Baksh or Ali or r/o. Tumkur.
Riyaz told me that Sajid Salafi (kkooyaa), cousin of Iqbal, had gone to Oman (omn) to Fauzan, son of White Uncle(gory kj pas). Actually Riyaz and Iqbal wanted to kill Fauzan (son of White Uncle) since he was suspected to be an informer. Riyaz told me that he had talked to 2-3 persons for him, but that could not materialize.
Riyaz asked me whether I had downloaded freegate, but I could not do it from where I was.
9th  Dec, 2012
I told him that I was going for the work related to the passport. Riyaz asked me about the return plan, to which I could not say anything in confirmation, and that it may have taken minimum of 5 days, since I had to travel a long distance and had taken bus tickets.
I told Riyaz that I needed money and pic, to which he said that he will soon send. Riyaz informed that Yahoo chat rooms will close from 14th December, thus he had created ID in name of Shoaib for me. I told him that we could Mig 33 messenger for communication since 5 days were left for 14th.
Riyaz told me that F (I had an account of Facebook. My Samsung phone had that account, it was made by Daniyal and I used it minimally. The only friend connected was Riyaz. I didn’t use it much since it didn’t work well on my phone. We were used to Yahoo service) was best after Nimbuss and that I should download it, and I should change my mobile if it didn’t work on
Riyaz sent a Nimbuss ID namely Nimbuzz ID menothing1. This was sent to me for safety as emergency ID. I was supposed to use it if there would be some problem on Yahoo.
11th December  Offline message by Riyaz, asks whether I was still on journey
12th December  - Offline message by me
I informed Riyaz regarding giving the task of making my Passport to one person of Rohtaht who also took Rs. 25,000 and discussed my movement to places. I informed that I wanted any old pic of mine which was without beard for making the passport and requested him to senf it soon. I also informed that I was happy to visit Rohtaht, since I had come to terai after long time and had met muslims after long time. The contact in Rohtaht also proposed options regarding payment of money.
13th December – Offline message by Riyaz
14th December - Offline message by Riyaz
15th December – Riyaz sent offline message and informed that he had sent Rs. 40,000 via Western Union. I now do not remember the ID but I think from looking at the chat that it could have been either in the name of Yousuf or Vinod. Roshan was the fake name of the sender.
I also sent offline message to Riyaz later. Reg. Passport I stated that the work had begun but I had made no promise of payment in absence of discussion with Riyaz. I informed about the development of passport work. At that place my friendship was also developing, and I had met Dr. Jamshed, Siraj, Habibullah and others I informed Riyaz that I hnad reached Pokhara and that a lot of issues were to be discussed with him.
16th December
Riyaz informed that he had sent me Rs. 40,000 on the ID of Yousuf. The name of the sender was Roshan Roshan. The MTN number was sent in the chat directly as 3989125065 and the actual MTN Number could be derived from the sent number after subtraction of 5945 which was generally used by us as a code understood by each one of us.
I informed that my passport should get ready in one month since the task had started and that time is required to get citizenship. A total of Rs. 65,000 was to be paid for the tasks of passport and citizenship.
I informed him about my visit to two mosques namely Harsaha and Khatwahiya masjid.
I informed that there were small villages there in Nepal consisting of about 200 houses, all of which are mixed muslims i.e. some are Salafis while most are Deobandi and actually pakke Deobandi. On being asked I state that deobandis are traditionalist while Ahl-e-Hadith persons are modernist, who do not believe in tradition and say that they will believe only in reading of the Holy Quran and the Hadith.
On being asked I state that the person who was doing task of the Passport is Manzoor, a leader of the Maoists, who is an old muslm convert. Manzoor is a resident of Harsaha, Rohtaht which is about 250-300 kms from Pokhara. I told riyaz that he has promised that after obtaining passport and citizenship he will also make weapons licence for all of Nepal.
Riyaz told me that if he is a naxal then he can be of great use to us, since he can provide weapons, explosives etc.
I also told Riyaz that this place was very far from the earlier place visited by me i.e. Barhare and that the person I.e. Imam Mohibullah, who had taken me there had also spent a lot of money on me. There were a lot of Madarsas along the border.
I further told Riyaz that till obtaining Passport, no dawat was to be given to them, i.e. no talk of jihad till then for safety reasons.
I informed Riyaz that there were two options of obtaining the passport as either original or duplicate, i.e. name/photo of someone else who had proper citizrnship.
Riyaz enquired about the fingerprint details to be given and I told him that the finger print was required only on citizenship card which remains with the user.I further informed Riyaz that one person was selected,who was to be paid Rs. 10,000, for acting as my fake son in offices. Rs. 15/15 thousand was to be given to the officials of dc/pc.
I asked Riyaz whether it would be appropriate to send funds directly from Dubai to direct on his (Manzoor’s) ID, to which he responded that he will think and kept the name.
Riyaz talked about Khan @ Abdul Wahid Siddibapa, relative of Riyaz and myself r/o. Bhatkal, son of my father’s cousin, who usually sent money from Dubai and was always on the edge.
Riyaz told me about money transfer by Western Union (W) and that upto Rs. 2 lakhs (2 petis) could be sent easily. He then explained why he used to send money in amounts of Rs. 40,000, since no identity was required for amounts upto 40,000 in NR and upto 25,000 INR, and they always thus sent in fake names. Riyaz told that there was much problem when they had once sent Rs. 50,000 to Daniyal and Waqas, since the sender Khan had not sent that on his ID but on the ID of a bypasser whose address he had noted only briefly. Daniyal and Waqas had tried extracting the money in three states but were unsuccessful. Then the man had to be traced back to recover the money at the sender’s end with much difficulty. Riyaz told that there was no hawala operator in Kathmandu, after I asked him.
On being asked, Riyaz mentioned that Hassan @ Monu was doing fine and was thinking for daawati work, i.e. for the preparation of blasts in Hyderabad. Presently he was looking for a house in the interior areas of Hyderanbad, and once that would be obtained, then the next step towards the task will be taken. I then asked Riyaz whether the hideout of Delhi (Sham wala) was still existing to which he said that it was existing but not visited by Monu since one month. He will require to go there or else will have to leave. Riyaz indicated that he was not in a mood to send Monu there and mentioned that Monu had stated that house can be obtained in that location at any time. On being asked, I state that Monu had lived in the Delhi hideout in August, 2012.
Riyaz then told me about a news that had appeared about me on He informed that the marriage of Sultan was likely to take place in the next 3-4 days.
Riyaz then told that the conditions of Afghanistan had gone from bad to worse. The leaders of the Al Qaeda were getting killed one by one. Even last week 3-4 members were killed in drone attacks.
Riyaz then mentioned about a boy who was in touch with them and who was arrested one month back and had told their names before the agency i.e. ISI. After that senior ISI persons had come to meet them, and cautioned them about their activities since many complaints were being received.
ISI officials were complaining that they are planning for training cadres in Afghanistan and doing jihadi activities in Pakistan. Riyaz told me that the ISI penetration was very deep in Pakistan (sunuuu means dog in nawayati) and that there had been a change in ISI chief. On being asked I think he was referring to the new chief by name probably some Zaffrul Hassan, who he said was very cunning. There was a marked change in attitude of the ISI.
Riyaz then asked me about the skin problem that I had developed due to high altitude trekking on Annapurna ranges, when I had gone on the context of going home on Eid, so that my neighbor may not have any suspicion about my cover, having stated that I was from India.
17th  Dec, 2012
I informed Riyaz that I had received the money sent very comfortably. On being asked by Riyaz I sent another ID in an encrypted file. Riyaz asked me to stay in Kathmandu and meet on chat the next day. More money will be sent soon. I informed him that the tour to Lhasa would start only after 3 more months, i.e. after the winters.
18th December
Riyaz sent the PIN Code 5223151469 and mentioned that Arbaz has sent Rs. 40,000/- on pin with code 5945. When I asked him whether Usman was contacted or not, he told me that the ID and password was wrong. I told that I will not go to Rohtaht but will send money from Kathmandu to Manzoor.
5223151469 was not found to be correct, Riyaz then gave me the number 5223151460, since the number sent had change of one digit for coding it. When I tried to take out the money from different outlets I was returned since they wanted copy of passport. There was probably some change in Rules of money exchange of Western Union that I told Riyaz, who told me to go to some other city and try withdrawal.
I requested him to send format of Passport of India so that name may be changed to enable transaction.
19th December
Riyaz informed about some problems in obtaining Passport copy since they used to change photo and details in Coral Draw software. Riyaz advised me to prepare one Nepali local to receive funds sent by him. Riyaz asked me to find a person who was not knowing any details about me. I asked him whether any Nepali known contact with changed name can be used for the purpose, which he told to be improper.
I talked about the temperature being very cold during my stay at Jumsum Marfa where I had visited for trekking during Eid. Riyaz told me that he was having suspicion that details of Indian transactions in Nepal were being taken by India.
20th December
Riyaz told that the copy of the passport could not be made wand will be made by the next day. Riyaz confirmed that the passport copy was to be made as of the state of Bihar i.e. of Chaal wala state (Of Bihar-Chaal, Gayur Jamali @ Anwar of Bihar used to do Chal chal).
Riyaz informed that he was sending Salim Ishaqi for a one month course to learn about timers. i.e swwis.
Then Riyaz informed that Sultan’s (@ Abu Rashid, r/o. Azamgarh, had gone to Pakistan from Dubai after 2008) marriage had taken place on the previous day and he felt sorry for Engineer @ Mirza shadaab Beg, whose marriage was not getting fixed due to trivial problems.
Farhan r/o. Bhatkal (@ Jaabruu, Farhan is of Bhatkal aged 27-28, he went in 2010 to Pakistan via Dubai and had gone with a team different from Asadullah Akhtar) felt like crying since he also wanted to get married and also informed that Md. Iqbal @ Iqbal Bhatkal @ Bade Bhai was also planning to get married soon.
During the chat Riyaz mentioned that he didn’t want to call family due to community support they had at Bhatkal, though he missed them. The ISI was telling them to call their families so that once the families arrived they could be further pressurized.
I asked Riyaz about the status of the job (i.e. of Hyderabad Blasts to be conducted), to which he replied that the explosive had yet not been arranged, and that he was trying for their arrangement. He informed that the police were badly looking for Daniyal and Waqas. Since I was not there with them they had to tread very cautiously. I advised Riyaz to do 2-3 blasts at a new place and then they should leave the location and go faraway. Riyaz informed me that they were at a new place and if everything went on well then they could stay at that location for a long time. I told him to make thin boat shaped IED’s for the blast of 1 kg explosive each, which could be carried easily even by tying on the stomach. But Riyaz told that they were planning for big IED’s.
I told him that such small IED’s will have more impact. I asked Riyaz to try Picric Acid to make bombs. But Riyaz said that he was trying for the basic explosive generally used since it was effective. I told them to go for Picric acid if the gelatin is not obtained since gelatin was difficult to procure and also got spoilt with time.
Riyaz asked me whether the meeting with Maoists had happened to which I said in the negative. I said that I had met 2 maoists but they were not fit for our purpose and were interested in shikar.
Riyaz then had sent me the passport copy which was seized by the NIA during my arrest on personal search. He informed that Samad’s (younger brother) picture was used to create new photo and that the passport made was in name of Yousuf or Vinod. The passport was made by Salim Ishaqi who is also an artist. The photo of Abdul Samad was altered by fixing picture of my nose, which did not look like me but was good enough to be produced after dim photocopy for getting money from Western Union.
21st December
I chatted Using Mail Page for Chat since Messenger was not working on that day. I asked Riyaz as to who had been arrested, but Riyaz said that he did not know and that the person arrested may have been an oldtimer.
Riyaz asked me whether I had downloaded New Freegate or Fring messenger.
22nd December
Riyaz gave me a link for Passport copy to be downloaded. 81464090 was the Password on Wikisend for the file to be downloaded.
Riyaz discussed about the money which was lying there which needed to be taken out with the new ID copy of Passport.
Riyaz informed that Shafi, brother of Sultan Armar r/o. Bhatkal had fallen ill.
Riyaz told me that Fake number also works on nimbuzz for creation of account. He then informed me about the website --------------------
24th December
I informed Riyaz that the money had been received on 23rd December, and that he ahd not put surname in the ID of the money sent.
27th December
I told Riyaz that the work on passport had got delayed since daughter of person who was given task by Manzoor had ran away and he made reasons for delay in passport. The maker was a non Muslim. I informed that Manzoor was the main Maoist leader of Harsaha, Rohtaht.
Riyaz told me that he had a conversation with Tahseen Akhtar @ Monu on the previous day. Riyaz discussed about the two friends of Tahseen I,e, one who lived in the same house and the other without mobile. Black Beauty (Bbkhty) is the name by which they call the second friend of Tahseen. Riyaz had given ID to Black Beauty r/o. Patna, to communicate with Subhan @ Taukir, to confirm whether he is in contact with Subhan @ Taukir. This Black Beauty had earlier ensured us that he would also supply explosives, but 2-3 days back he reverted and said that his seniors had told him not to work with us. Riyaz mentioned that they believed in hijrat i.e. migration before action; i.e ideology of SIMI persons, to leave India maybe for Afghanistan and then wage war against India. Black Beauty had mentioned about his communication with Safdar Nagori (in Jail) of SIMI, leaders (badu) of black beauty, i.e. Black Beauty was in touch with SIMI. According to Black Beauty, Safdar Nagori had condemned our way of functioning, which was difficult to believe. Thus Riyaz thought that Black Beauty may have been working in the anti group of Safdar Nagori in SIMI. (There are two groups in SIMI of Shahid Badr Falahi and Safdar Nagori) Tahseen also felt that BB was working with anti faction of safdar Nagori in SIMI, as he had told Riyaz so. BB was not making them in contact with senior SIMI cadres, which was unusual since SIMI cadres usually were quite open in establishing contacts.
I then asked about the status of the work for which Hassan @ Tahseen had gone. Riyaz told that it was in pending stage, but Tahseen is working from his ‘tur’ and has met friends at the place of stay. He was presently working on them. The second thing was that they would soon get the explosives. They are expected to be obtained in this week. Riyaz further informed that the plan was to send Tahseen to Danial @ Asadullah Akhtar and Waqas for the execution of the task. I advised not to keep the explosive for long time.
I told “ashab y khaf hoty hai ashay ukhdood pata nai” referring to the two groups of youngsters in Syria, in mythology/story, which refer to different outcomes of the plan.
There was a discussion on the prospects if arrested.
Riyaz asked me whether I had any picture of my wife Zahida, to which I denied ans stated that had it been halal to make a picture, then I would have made it. Then there were nostalgic talks about old days in Bhatkal.
I again reminded Riyaz that Picric acid could be tried for this time, but he refused.
30th December
I told Riyaz that the meaning of ‘La’ as no in Nepali is opposite to the meaning in Arabic meaning yes.
Riyaz told that Tahseen was still in contact with Black Beauty and his friends and had met them on the previous day and they were saying that they wanted to work with the IM for terrorist activities. They asked him to take them for the job. But both Riyaz and I doubted their credentials, since they were changing stances with time, and their focus was uncertain. Riyaz had asked Monu to be cautious.(Reference to contacts of Tahseen viz. Black Beauty and others) Black Beauty was again telling Tahseen that he had several contacts who wanted to work with the IM. He has said that it will take some time since a new leader of SIMI had come, and not much details about him were shared with Tahseen. Riyaz directed Tahseen to tell them to contact him directly, but they were not ready. Then Riyaz directed Tahseen to talk to them in a strict manner, as they were not here to pass time in frivolous pursuits, but to do real works. They should meet only if they are interested in the jobs, otherwise they should not meet. They were telling Hassan that they had given explosives for our work in Gujarat, i.e.they were lying since maybe Kerala SIMI contacts had given some explosives in Gujarat Blasts, but that amount was minimal and expired. Riyaz then told that there are two groups in SIMI, one of which wanted to work with us but could not get our contacts.
Riyaz further informed that contact with one group of SIMI had been established, but not through Hassan @ Tahseen Akhtar @ Monu. Talks were expected in a day or two.
I mentioned that I had no trust on Pakistanis since I had a very bad experience with Ajmal @ Adil since I suspected that the new group was attached by some. But Riyaz mentioned that they had been attached on the trust of some operative of our area who had joined about 6-8 months back.
I suggested Riyaz about some pvt firms like Gorkha Task Force which give military training for British army and Singapore Police, which was similar to what they give in Pakistan. The option could be explored for training cadres. Riyaz asked me to collect further details and cautioned that if someone with training got arrested in India, then the purpose will get defeated. Riyaz was optimistic that with proper contacts, arms and ammunition could be obtained from them.  (CD- Big Arms, DVD – Small Arms)
I mentioned that I had already paid Rs. 25,000 to the passport agent but the work was not done. I had also spent Rs. 20,000 near Barhare uphill for Water Wheel manufacture for production of electricity for the villagers.
Then I asked about the stage of preparation of the Blasts to be conducted, to which Riyaz replied that the explosives were expected in a week’s time. Daniyal was asking Riyaz whether i would join him.
About the supplier Riyaz mentioned that the Explosives were to be collected from the supplier of Mumbai Blasts of 13th July 2011, and that there was a different supplier in Pune 1st Aug, 2012 Blast.
I told him that white gelatin is good for explosion, red is not good. Riyaz mentioned that the main explosive supplier’s contact is lost. Riyaz told that now we were purchasing white, but even white got spoilt during the last time i.e. Pune Blast of 1st August, 2012, due to long time of stocking. Riyaz recalls that white gelatin taken before the Gujarat Blasts had been kept for long time in packed condition in Almirah in Kuppa. Riyaz mentioned that even now they had stock at one place, but the person who had it had ran away due to fear. I don’t know the man he was referring to.
Riyaz asked whether Visa for Azerbaizan was obtained from Nepal, since there was a route via Azerbaizan to Pakistan.
Riyaz reminded me that I had to add him on new Nimbuzz ID, and told me to do it in three days at a distance from the location of the staying place.
3rd January 2013 – Offline messages
4th January – Offline messages, I was on visit to Barhare.
5th January - Offline messages, I was on visit to Barhare.
6th January - Offline messages, I was on visit to Barhare.
7th January
I informed Riyaz that I had found one local person who was worthy of being inducted into our activities. This person was in Qatar, and earlier was in Dubai, had lived with the Taliban earlier, aged about 30, is neo convert who got converted about 9 years back in Tableeghi Markaz in Sharjah and was highly radicalized. Riyaz advised me to be cautious in approaching for security reasons. The man was son of a Brahmin and had Indian looks and was ready to go to Afghanistan.
I also informed about my Interaction with one non Muslim with machinery factory.
The factory was double size of the older factory at Mir Vihar, Delhi. Rs. 7000 was the rent of the factory premises.
Riyaz had mentioned that since the factory belonged to non Muslim Nepali, thus he was suspicious about the security. I had taken factory from Kiran Thapa r/o. Pokhara. It was a workshop which had lathe, drill etc. We intended to make weapons in the future. I had returned the factory to the owner about 2-3 months back.

Riyaz again asked whether I had been able to meet any Maloists. Jeet is named as the new person who was sought to be recruited i.e. Abdul Karim r/o. Barhare. Riyaz asked me to make same id on hotmaili.e. hbhaddur@hotmail, since there were some problems with Yahoo. He again directed me to create ID on Nimbuzz and to add him.
Riyaz asked me to send back the number that he had sent to me for confirmation, and then I sent the half i.e. 507693. Then Riyaz said that it was not Ok and sent 7693475 and futher tha 50 was in front of it and further 00971 was in front of it, which is the number of Anwar in Dubai. (-----------------)
It was followed by a discussion on the acquisition of Nepalese citizenship.
10th January
I told Riyaz that I was feeling uncomfortable due to cold, and that Work on passport was going on, and that I was in no hurry to leave Nepal.
Reading the conditions in Nepal I said that people of Nepal were ready for Islam. This was followed with talks of work to be done in Nepal, i.e. errorist activities, Riyaz advised to do dawaati work. Riyaz advised to do nothing in Nepal to expose the jihadi activities there, since it was a great transit point.
Riyaz shares his glee at the work doen by the Students of Pakistan i.e. Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) Riyaz mentioned that he was trying to get SIM but was unable to get due to tightness in procedure. He had purchased 5 SIM cards in that week but could not activate. Then he mentions that he was able to obtain SIM at the current place of stay of Tahseen @ Monu. I think that he may have been in Ranchi.
16th January – Offline messages
18th January – Offline
19th January – Offline
20th January – Offine
21st January
I informed Riyaz that I was in Kathmandu with new friend Jeet. We were using masks to travel there to not get identified, which was quite usual there. I told Riyaz that the work on the passport was still in progress.
Riyaz mentioned that he was going to take arms i.e. 0.22 pistol, which was being Being looked for possible deception during movement.
22nd January
I requested Riyaz to send money. Then there was a discussion about the arrest of Md. Danish Ansari, who was not known to Riyaz who asked as to how he was connected. I admitted that Danish was a contact while in Darbhanga. I further revealed the presence of two Danish’s in Darbhanga in contact with me. I told Riyaz that Danish was a half friend and that I had worked immensely upon him, nand that he will improve in contact with other operatives, while in jail.
Then there was discussion about Jeet and about money transfer. Riyaz mentioned about sending money on the same day. I asked him for a copy of the passport.
Riyaz then mentioned that they had succeded in procuring explosives. However, Daniyal was complaining about the explosives, and there was a discussion about the quality of the explosives. Riyaz had then asked for picture of the explosive received to get an idea of the quality. Then there is a discussion of the quality of the explosives and followed by discussion about change of name and numbers in passport document. I thought or suggested name as Ishaq to be put on the document. I then reminded Riyaz to put both name and surname on document by which money will be sent thru western union.
Riyaz mentioned that Salim ishaqi stayed in Afghanistan for 20 days for training on timers.
Riyaz told me that he is watching videos about making ID’s. (mhndii k bareyy mai (Mehdii is a figure in Islamic mythology. The Prophet had mentioned in the Hadith that he will emerge in the end to finish anti Christ. Anti Christ is a deceiver who will deceive the whole of humanity.) ddjj k vid (Ddlj is Dajjal which is the common name of anti Christ). There was a discussion about Video for training on making ID’s.
I asked Riyaz whether he met with Imran Husain, (A scholar of America, Trinidad, Islamic Sufi who talks about the end of time) to which he denied.
News of death of father in law Ismail Saheb of Riyaz Bhatkal was received from Khan. Khan was also coming online on chat with Riyaz at that time.
Then I asked Riyaz about the status of planning of the blasts. I told him that Jeet was capable for jihadi activities.
I asked whether he should be used for the current task i.e. blast or some other future task and that Jeet is ready for every task.
I was also studying whether dawat is required before jihad.
Riyaz mailed me the number for money transfer and the sender was named as Md. Aqdas with Pin for the transfer as 6645019792.
23rd January – Offline
24th January – Offline
25th January – Offline
26th January – Offline
27th January
Riyaz mentioned that he was talking to Tahseen @ Monu. There was discussion about my marriage proposal with muhboli beti of Panditji, who is a neo Muslim convert. Riyaz told me seniors like Osama, Zawahiri have also married. We discussed that that one should not fall for marriage, but then also feel that it is necessary.
Riyaz asked me about the status of Work of the passport and other documents, to which I replied that the work had got delayed since Imam Saheb @ Mohibulla, person who has to accompany Md. Ahmed has job in Nepal, is not getting leave. Citizenship work had been confirmed that it will be made in some time, only formalities were left, I informed Riyaz.
Riyaz was thinking that Panditji and Jeet are same persons. I told him that they are different and that Panditji has come from Saudi and Jeet has come from Dubai.
Riyaz told me that Tahseen was to start for the tour in connection with the blast today i.e on that day.
There was discussion about key logger used in machines of cyber cafes and how to avoid it.
30th January – Offline
31st January – Offline
1st February – Offline
2nd February
Riyaz and I had a discussion about progress of work and I informed that the Passport work was still going on.
I was confused about whether to marry and I discussed with him. Riyaz told me that police was in Darbhanga to raid for me. He was referring to the news from Bihar (reference to state of Chal i.e. Gayur Jamali @ Anwar) where the police has gone with Danish
5th February
7th February
I informed Riyaz that the factory had started functioning. Regarding the water wheel project I informed him that the electricity production was very less since snowfall had taken place and the flow of water was less.
Riyaz informed that Hassan was looking for house (in Hyderabad) and had been able to find house only today I,e, on that day and that they were going to meet tomorrow.Riyaz referred that Tahseen is in place where blast is to be done, and was looking for a house since many days.I prayed for the success of the blast. Riyaz informed me that Daniyal and Waqas had also sent greetings to Md. Ahmed. I was feeling very half hearted due to not being involved in the blast planning and told about this to Riyaz. Then he told me that I had done a good job in Nepal and had created a good network there. Riyaz mentioned that all was ready for the blast, only house was required, which had also been obtained.
I mentioned that I was very optimistic about the Nepal network and will start complete work from there itself.
I mentioned that I was looking for a new location and was also planning to shift my family there. Riyaz asked for number of Jeet so that he could deliver urgent message if any to him.I encrypted the number in a file and sent the number of Jeet to him. Riyaz told me that Jeet will be called from Shoeb at Dubai.
Riyaz told me that it was being planned to shift Ashfaq’s @ Mohsin Choudhary family in 2 months to Pakistan. I was told that my role in the shifting was important. Someone has to be readied by me to go to Darbhanga and to get them from there as they were to be shifted from Darbhanga to Kathmandu. Riyaz told me that the family of Mohsin should not become aware of my location i.e. Pokhara.
He also told me that recently Ashfaq’s brother was taken by police for questioning since one Sheikh r/o. Pune who was out had been sent ID by Riyaz via Tahseen (T), Younger brother of Mohsin some months back. There was reference to distribution of Gulab Jamun (Mithai) during Ahmedabad Blast by younger brother of Mohsin Choudhary. He told me that some persons had been jailed in metro i.e Pune and Asfaq’s brother was in contact with them.
Sheikh had been detained but not shown arrested and he told the police about ID given by Riyaz. Since he had mentioned that T had given his ID, he was also taken by the police and the police later left him after giving a phone and having directed him to inform if the suspect comes.
I talked about low awareness about dadhi / jihadi persons in Pokhara. Riyaz told that he was calling Anwar @ Noor r/o. Bhatkal, in Dubai and he may be sent to me. One boy from Bhatkal was also with Noor. (Anwar @ Noor, aged around 34, from Bhatkal, was doing job in Bhatkal and was supposed to leave his job and come to join. He puts money in Western Union for us. Another person who does it is Khan @ Abdul Wahid, age 33 years, s/o. Wadapa, r/o. Bhatkal, presently in Dubai.)
11th February
Riyaz told me that Daniyal had gone to Hassan. Then he informed me that he had been chatting with Waqas at that time on another line and that he had got delayed in chatting with me due to talking with those three. Waqas had to travel with explosive today i.e. on that day, and Riyaz was making arrangements. Riyaz told me that he will make arrangements to get my wife to Pokhara. Riyaz asked me to pray for the success of the blast. I mentioned that I had some Ammonium nitrate with me.
There was discussion that the Maoists have lot of weapons and that they should be contacted.
I asked about the response of the hanging of Afzal Guru in Pkaistan which Riyaz could not understand and he thought that I was asking about response on the news of Afghanistan where the Whites were leaving. Then there was discussion about Afzal Guru. I felt very sad about the execution of Afzal guru however Riyaz told me there was not much response in Pakistan. I told him that a new Tehreek will start in Kashmir due to the execution of Guru.
15th February – Offline
16th February
Riyaz told me that on the previous day Daniyal and Waqas had gone to meet Hassan @ Monu (in Hyderabad) but Hassan had not sent any message.
Riyaz asked me not to stay at any place connected with Hassan, since he was wary after not receiving any message with Monu.
17th February
Riyaz mentioned that he had received message from the trio in the evening and further that the blast will soon be done, so I should pray.
Riyaz asked me to pray that the explosive may work correctly during the blast. Riyaz had asked them to put all detonators In the explosive.He had put all 50 detonators in the IED. We discussed that Hassan did not know the location where I was currently staying. I had taken due care to ensure that no old contact knew about my new location.
I told Riyaz that the old room where I and Hassan lived in Pokhara, was also still retained, and he asked me to be cautious till Hassan reached his original location.
He told me that he was planning to call Daniyal to Pakistan via Nepal and discussed with me as to where he could be kept in Nepal after the blasts. We discussed about money transfer and Riyaz told me that I will have to receive Guns (CD/DVD) there in Nepal. Riyaz asked me to take a number for this purpose.
20th February
Riyaz told me that the blast (Hyderabad) was scheduled for tomorrow, and asked to specially pray for the success of the blasts. He mentioned that the explosives had also been checked. He also mentioned that Daniyal was soon going to be sent to Nepal. We discussed about shelter in hideout for Daniyal.
22nd February – Offline
23rd February – Offline
24th February – Offline
25th February – Offline
26th February – Offline conversation by both.
Riyaz had sent mail to me  and I mentioned that I had still not taken A.
27th February
Riyaz directed me to make arrangements for Daniyal. He asked me to give new number urgently to be given to Daniyal for his contacting in Nepal.
28th February – Offline
1st March – Offline
2nd March
Riyaz has given number of Daniyal to me as ------------------- (N Cell number of Nepal). He told me not to go in front of him and go only when all is confirmed.
3rd March - Offline
4th March – Offline, Indications that Daniyal has reached Nepal
5th March
I asked Riyaz offline as to who was arrested.
6th March
I had earlier asked as to who was the one who was arrested, Riyaz mentioned that he was the contact of the friends of Hassan, i.e. probable reference to the arrest of Manzar Imamuddin Khan of SIMI from Bariyatu, Ranchi) Riyaz again asked me to change the room where he had stayed with Hassan. I informed him that I was trying for a new room.
7th March – Offline
8th March – Offline
9th March
Riyaz informed me that he had given passports to be made for the two (i.e. for Monu and Waqas) and that he would try that they would be boarding the flight from the place where I was staying i.e. Nepal. Riyaz informed me that the passports were being made from Kerala. I asked about the duration in which the passports would be made, to which I mentioned that it would be around 1 month. I told Riyaz that we were staying at distance from each other and met at nights. I asked about Monu and Waqas to which he said that the two did not know about the stay of Daniyal with me in Nepal. He further mentioned that Monu and Waqas are to be called back to Pakistan, and that they would be taken on flight from Nepal, thus from security point of view, he wanted to keep them separate from Daniyal. 
Riyaz had mentioned that we would be receiving arms and ammunition in Nepal. (cd aur dvddd)
I mentioned that the passport attempt got foiled due to arrest of four Bengalis with fake passports made by that agent. Monu sent a file for me via Riyaz.
11th March
Riyaz asked about sending a number of contact for delivery of arms in Nepal. I told him that my associate had gone somewhere and that I would send details later. Riyaz told me to prepare some boys for the purpose of getting the arms.
Riyaz told me that my pictures were pasted at diferrent places in Gujarat. He told me that there was talk of plan to hit some places by us and thus posters of me alone have been put up. It was being shown on TV since 2-3 days, and the posters have been put up everywhere of the 3 poses of the photograph of mine that was taken before my marriage.I told Riyaz that maybe we should make up mind to hit some places where posters had been put up.
Riyaz Bhatkal told me that he was making another permanent setting for arms etc. in Kashmir.
12th March – Offline
13th March – Offline
14th March
I told Riyaz that I had taken a new number. Then Riyaz gave me the PIN as 9057. There was discussion about money transfer.
Riyaz told me that the arrest of Manzar had badly affected him. He informed that Hassan had given his ID to me for making. Riyaz thought that Manzar had probably told the police about his communication with him, thus they were looking for Tahseen Akhtar @ Monu.Riyaz further told me that Hassan was there itself during the arrest of Manzar and moved after a lot of problems. (Hassan was in Ranchi at that time when Manzar was arrested)
I asked whether he was the same person with whom Hassan @ Monu was staying, to which Riyaz denied. Then I asked as to how he was arrested. Riyaz told me that he was going to meet his house when someone close passed on the information to the police who were waiting and arrested him on the way.
I asked him as to how was he in contact with us to which Riyaz told me that he was probably in Gujarat with us, since he said so, however so far as he knew and recalled he thought that it was not so, since there were no outsiders in the work of Gujarat. The SIMI persons involved in assisting for Gujarat Blasts were also local.
Riyaz told me that Manzar was mentioning that they (SIMI) had arranged for explosives in Gujarat, and that he had hjeard it from 2-3 sources. I asked whether this was the reason for his arrest, to which Riyaz could not answer.
Riyaz told me that the main thing was that before one week of his arrest, these (SIMI) persons had decided amongst themselves that they will not cooperate with us in any way. Monu’s friend had told him that such were the orders from their seniors. They has told Monu not to come to the place where Hassan used to go and stay (in Ranchi). Riyaz told me that he had noticed over the years that those who deviated from the task were sidelined by Uperwala i.e. God. Now, however Hassan was safe and happy.
Riyaz then asked me whether I was going the next day. I told him that I would try to return by Wednesday and that I was going to a new place. There a person who was like a friend stayed. Riyaz asked whether the person was in contact with Jeet or Bal Bahadur Thapa, to which I replied that they had met for few minutes only. Riyaz asked me as to where I had planned to keep the delivery of arms, and that I should plan to take the arms and ammunition towards my side (i.e. India)
I told Riyaz that Daniyal was stating that he will live with Mirza Shadaab Beg and not with Riyaz if he went to Pakistan. Riyaz then told me about the scuffle he had with Mirza Shadaab Beig recently. But Mirza @ Engineer had apologized since it was his mistake. Riyaz asjked me as to what he had said then I told him that he was saying that he will go to Afghanistan.Riyaz said that he will not let him sit idle since a lot of tasks remained to be done and they were looking for the right persons. I asked whether the persons from Bhatkal were fit for the tasks to which he stated that the Bhatkal cadres were not fit, however 2 persons from Bhatkal were coming. one of whom was not known to me.
Riyaz told me that Noor @ Anwar was coming soon and was to be sent to India. Riyaz told me that the time was fit for Noor to do some task and that Noor and Hassan should gel well together.
18th  Mar, 2013 – Offline – I was on tour
20th  Mar, 2013 -  Offline – I was on tour
21st Mar, 2013 -   Offline – I was on tour
22nd  Mar, 2013    Offline
23rd  Mar, 2013
I told Riyaz on being asked that there were no westerners on the place of visit. Riyaz told me that the passport of Daniyal was ready, and asked me about the status of mine to which I said that it was delayed. He told me not to tell Daniyal that his passport had become ready. I told Riyaz that Daniyal wanted to go to some more extreme area to get explosives. Riyaz told not to go anywhere since persons were less.
I asked Riyaz about the condition of my house in Delhi. Riyaz told me that he had sent someone to that place 8 months earlier.
He told me that there was a plan to give Nimbuzz phone at my house and asked me whether Zahida knew to use it.
Riyaz then talked about recent Myanmar atrocities on Muslims and that many Muslims had been killed.
He then told me that those Rohingyas who had fled to Thailand on the previous day had suffered badly since their camps were burnt and 50 Muslims  had died.
I told him that we must do the attack in Gaya. Riyaz told me that if DVD (Guns) were obtained then we must invest i.e. attack in Gaya. I asked him as to how much time it was going to take, to which he said that he was thinking only about attacks in Gaya.
IM 26 Mar, 2013
Riyaz told me that Daniyal may leave in 10 days from Nepal.
Then he told me that the family of Mohsin Choudhary was coming and that they will travel to Darbhanga by train, and they will need to be brought from there. I told him that it would be better to call them to some other place like Raxaul. Riyaz told me that a place was to be taken in Kathmandu for them.
Riyaz then asked me as to why I was keeping long hair and beard.
I mentioned that I looked more like a tourist than a muslim.
I also mentioned that I was not for blasts in Nepal but was in resting mode. I wear jeans shirt and brown pants. Riyaz told me that we were a small family and that I had to do more tasks.
I told Riyaz that Daniyal had shown Vishwaroopam movie yesterday to me and we discussed that in the beginning and the end the movie talked about about Al Qaeda in India, which was going to be true.
Riyaz told me that five blasts were conducted by TTP on that day since morning.Riyaz talked of going on tour to meet Al Qaeda and that he wanted to discuss about journey. He mentioned that he couldn’t go to the TTP, and that he will join hands with the al Qaeda. He explained that there were two types of Taliban, one was of Afghanistan and the other of Pakistan. All in Pakistan were supporting the Taliban of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was also supporting the Taliban – Afghanistan. But the Taliban of Afghanistan talked only about Afghanistan and not about other places. I asked Riyaz whether he not told them that all kufr is one, Riyaz said that they knew, but had their priorities on Afghanistan. Taliban of Afghanistan were clear that they would not let their land to be used against others. Afghanistani Taliban were close to the ISI, since the ISI has helped them. There were two groups of the Taliban both pro and anti ISI. We discussed about Fazlur Rehman’s political party whose persons are in Afghanistan. He told me that the TTP is very much against kufr, i.e. motivated for jihad, but are against the ISI and its agenda. Riyaz told that the TTP had sheltered the Al Qaeda and thus the Al Qaeda was under them, but the TTP persons are Pathans, who are very pure but are less brainy and foolish. Riyaz mentioned that another problem in Pakistan is the Hanafi and Salafi problem. The Deobandi ulema has worked against (kulfiu) Salafis and is stil working. Al Qaeda thus faces this problem. Riyaz has experiences not to join hands with the local Al Qaeda members since they are foolish. We would join hands with the Arabs (khaazurr)  and remain as a separate group.
Riyaz told that we would be under the Al Qaeda. He told that he was going to above Waziristan. Ayman al Zawahiri is the senior most in the Al Qaeda, but it is difficult to reach him, however he had briefed everyone. Riyaz told that some in the Al Qaeda did not accept Mullah Umar as the amir, since they were salafis, but this was not stated anywhere. This was mentioned by the Dr. of Al Qaeda in Dubai, because of whom Riyaz and Afeef were arrested in Pakistan. Riyaz stated that from the heart they believed in Mullah Omar as their Amir.
This was true about some in the Al Qaeda like those from Yemen, but this was not discussed freely, since it could lead to discord. Seniors of the Al Qaeda themselves mentioned that Mullah Omar was their Amir, hence there was no problem in joining hands with the Al Qaeda.
We discussed that there is a mention in the Ahl-e-Hadith that the Khalifa (Leffaa) will be from Kuresh tribe i.e. Arab (Khazruu is derived from Khajur i.e. date) Thus Riyaz guessed that there would be something which will make the Khazur as Amir.
2 persons from Pakistan with them will move towards Syria (Shaam in Arabic). Farhan and Sultan wanted to go to Syria for work.
Riyaz told me that he would receive arms in two days.
Riyaz then told me that he had met someone whose community contact lived on the Rajasthan border within Pakistan. This man was old timer and had lived with Mullah Omer, and possibly with Osama as well, had crossed 5-6 times, he is Burmese and wants to start the struggle in Burma, this man had come to Riyaz for help. The man mentioned that he was planning to take arms and ammunition from Pakistan for use in Myanmar, through the Indo Pak border. Riyaz mentioned that he would accompany the man till the borders. Another issue that the man told was about the network in Thailand, where there was a place where arms and ammunition are manufactured, which is independent of Thai rule. Riyaz further told that Rohingya muslims were migrating to Thailand, and road from Thailand goes to Malaysia. This route was in the notice of Riyaz since long time. Riyaz was planning to establish someone of the IM in Thailand, and was thinking of sending Daniyal. He mentioned that they had made a launch which travelled upto 40 kms by remote control for the delivery of weapons.
The person met by Riyaz was good at electronics, and wanted to start the work at any cost in Myanmar. Riyaz mentioned that he was behind the Burmese since long time, since several atrocities had been committed on them. He told that there were several Burmese groups operating in Pakistan. Riyaz told that if arms were received then one task could be done. I asked whether the task was attack on Bodh Gaya. Riyaz mentioned that there was no benefit of attacking Bodh Gaya since that would increase the problems of the Rohingyas in the present situation. Riyaz mentioned that his intention for Burma was like that for Jews. The Buddhists were not worth, and preparations were going on.
I told Riyaz that we had shifted to the new location which was in a lonely place. After living for sometime he would decide whether the place was appropriate for keeping detenues. It would take 4 hours from Kathmandu to reach there. The monthly rent was Rs. 10,000. Canal flowed in front of the bungalow.
Md. Ahmed then mentions that they have established themselves in Pokhara. Panditji’s bhais has given birth to calf. He then mentions that the setting of contacts in Bangladesh has got disturbed due to political conditions. Mentions that letter was received from ‘andar’ (jail?) of Saif.
20th July
Riyaz asks about money transfer. Md. Ahmed says that his friend is quite far, upon which Riyaz asks whether he should send money through Western Union in names of two-three persons. They had difficulty in finding hawala operators in Nepal, even Khan had no contacts. Md. Ahmed mentions that he has left the factory since he was unable to adjust, and is planning for a Nursery and clinic as cover. Panditji will sit in the clinic. Riyaz finds both the ideas to be good since they will enable public contact. Md. Ahmed mentions that he is taking a large place on lease. He asks about whether he should leave the hideout of Hassi @ Hassan @ Tahseen Akhtar @ Monu, to which Riyaz agrees. Md. Ahmed then mentions that he will do so in 2-3 days, and that the rent is still pending. Riyaz then asks whether he should send the money in 2-3 names, upon which Md. Ahmed asks to wait and keep the money ready in Dubai.
14th August
Riyaz mentions that far will go along with them. Md. Ahmed mentions that a lot of items are coming from gaon. Talks that Waqas @ Javed is dheela i.e. complacent and lacks confidence.
18th August
Talks about non receipt of any message from Hassan and his friend and hopes that they would be fine.
19th August
Talks of still no receipt of message from Hassan. Riyaz mentions that he has sent Waqas @ Javed on safar. There is mention that Daniyal and Waqas used to live together. They discuss that if Waqas is to be sent to Nepal then Birganj route is most appropriate. Md. Ahmed explains how to reach Raxaul and then how to reach the Bus Stand from the Railway Station. There seems to be a plan to shift Waqas to Nepal.
Riyaz mentions that Hasan and his friend had reached Delhi but could not find the house. Mentions about the poster of 12 IM absconders again and further mentions that it does not carry the photograph of Waqas.
Riyaz mentions that Waqas will be sent to them 5-6 days before they would leave. Monu will remain at the current location, but will be in contact with Md. Ahmed. Riyaz mentions that Monu has done a lot of reccee at the current location. Md. Ahmed again talks about the kidnapping plan.
23rd August
The boy who had to go with Monu had still not come. Md. Ahmed gives further details of Zahida’s house. Requests for sending some kits.

Abdul Karim- 32 years, resident of Siangjaa, District- Nepal, employed in the workshop for making turbines. 
Abdul Karim-Brother of Ahmed Baba who informed Yasin Bhatkal about Ahmed Baba’s arrest on 3rd October, 2008.
Abdul Latif Salafi-Resident of Sharur 14km from Bhatkal, student of Jamia Salfia Banaras, accompanied Yasin Bhatkal in Bihar tour in the year 2003, Yasin met him last in the year 2004.
Abdul Samad- Younger brother of Yasin Bhatkal born in the year 1988, after German Bakery Blast in Pune, ATS Mumbai had detained him at airport for interrogation while returning to India from Dubai. He was released after the interrogation.
Abdul Sattar @ Sainudeen-After the arrest of Ahmed Bawa, Yasin Bhatkal, Riyaz Bhatkal, Iqbal Bhatkal, Akbar Ali and Mariyam reached at his place in Hyderabad. Who refused to gives shelter to them due to security reason.
Abdur Rehman-Resident of Darbhanga and engineering student at Tambaram, Chennai given shelter to Yasin Bhatkal and Irshad Chacha in his room at Tambaram. Now in Jail.
Abdus Samad-Neo Muslim; Father from Chennai and mother from Mumbai, earlier working in Oman, married with a Bhatkali girl in the year 1996-97 and now settled in Bhatkal.He has introduced Maulana Shish to me.
Abid @ Haroon Rashid Nayak-Resident of Maharashtra who also got training with Yasin Bhatkal in Pakistan.Now in Jail.
Afif Jilani-age 39years resident of Bhatkal, worked in Dubai,shifted his family to Pakistan in the year 2008.He is in regular touch with Yasin and Riyaz. Donated several times funds to Yasin Bhatkal through Hawala.
Aftab Alam @Farooqh @Sheikh Chilly-Age 25 years introduced by Gayur Jamali,student of a Madarsa in Patna, similar jihadi ideology, involved in Chinnaswami blast in April 2010 and Jama Masjid attack in the year 19th September 2010.Now in Jail
Ahmad Baba- Resident of Mangalore involved in Ahmedabad Blast now in Jail.Remained in Kupa farm house.Yasin had met me in Dubai.
Aizaj – age 36years Resident of Bhatkal but doing business of Imprt and export in Mumbai, He was neighbour of Yasin Bhatkal when in Mumbai doing Lungi Business in the year 2001-2.
Akbar Ali- Resident of village Mallar Kappu (Udupi). Hidayat Bhai introduced Akbar Ali to Yasin Bhatkal who was working as a helper and driver. Yasin took him  to his Kuppa Farm and employed as a care taker. Presently he is in jail.He is married to Mareem.
Akbar Chaudhary-Brother of Mohsin Choudhary,involved in Ahmadabad and Hyderabad blast , now in Jail. Yasin Bhaktal had given him training at his Kuppa Farm alongwith Anik.
Akfal-Age 18 years,student of a Madarsa in Darbhanga workwd as a care taker of the rented accommodation in Darbhanga in the absence of Yasin and Others.
Amir Raza Khan-Yasin Bhatkal met him in Pakistan   who had arranged training for Yasin Bhatkal in Pakistan. Yasin Bhatkal met him last in the year 2006.
Anik-Resident of Kundwa, Pune. Riyaz Bhatkal, introduced him to Yasin in the year 2007 and sent him to Kuppa Farm alongwith Akbar Choudhary for training. Involved in Hyderabad blast 2007 and Ahmadabad blast in the year 2008.
Asif @ Hasan- Resident of Kaushar Bag, Kundwa, Pune. Age 27 years introduced by Riyaz Bhatkal in the year 2007 involved in Gujarat blast 2008.
Atif Aamin @Arman- Resident of Azamgarh, Riyaz Contact played key road in planting bombs in Ahmadabad blast in the year july, 2008.  Also involved in Bombay train blast 2006.Hyderabad blast, 2007. Died in the encounter at Batla House.
Araman-He is the brother-in law of Yasin and repordetedly he had knowledge about Yasin’s activities.
Azad-  24 years, working in Yasin Bhatkal workshop. Yasin wanted him  to use as a carrier to receive Arms & Ammunition and  marketing in local job work.
Azhar – 12 years old son of a mentally disturb man of Pratap pur Paltoha, Rauhtat 300 Km. from Pokhra whom Yasin Bhatkal brought alongwith him for education and religious purpose. (Jehadi ideology)
Azmal @Pakistani-Pakistani National sent by Riyaz Bhatkal with a Jehadi Mission to India involved in Paharganj Firing in the year, 2010 in which Qateel was injured now in Pakistan.
Bada Sajid-elder brother of Chhota Sajid, involved in many blasts with Azamgarh Group now in Pakistan. Reportedly now fighting NATO forces in Af-Pak region.
Chiranjeev – r/o  Lake nath chowk Pokhra, state- Kaski, Nepal, is a landlord of four rooms rented accommodation which were hired by Yasin Bhatkal of the Hyderabad blast to accommodate Asadullah @ Haddi with him and for a Clinic for Unani Medicine for the recover.
Chota Sajid-Met during Gujarat blast assisted in making I.E.D. Died at the  Batla house encounter.
Danish- Resident of Darbhanga. Riyaz Bhatkal employed him in his workshop at Meer Vihar. Now in Jail in NIA case.
Dilkash-Age 22 years old,12th pass from Darbhanga, Engineering aspirant, instigated by Monu and introduced to Yasin Bhatkal who employed him in his workshop at Meer Vihar,New Delhi.Now in Jail
Dr Aafia Siddique- A lady terrorist presently detained in US Jail, to set a free for her Yasin and Riyaz Bhatkal were planning to Kidnap any Jews.
A.R.Bery-He stays in Dubai.Supporter of IM.
Fasih Mahamood-Age 32 year student of Anjuman Engineering college, Invited Yasin Bhatkal to Darbhanga And Introduced him with all his Darbhanga contact.
Fauzan:He is son of White Uncle.IM was suspicious about his role.
Fazlu Rehman-Resident of Aurangabad Maharashtra. Mohsin Choudhary introduced him in the year 2007 to the subject.sage 30 years involved in Ahmedabad Blast, July, 2008. Now in Jail.
Gauhar Aziz Khomeini-Contact of Yasin Bhatkal in Dubai during staying Delhi Gauhar Aziz Khomeini introduced Qateel with Yasin Bhatkal. Now in Jail
Gayur Jamali –Introduced by Qateel in Darbhanga, involved in Bangalore blast in April 2010 and Varanasi Blast in the year Dec 2010
Hidayat- farmer and Cycle shop owner and resident of Udupi who give shelter to  Yasin Bhatkal in the year 2006.Later on they developed differences.
Humayun-Cousin of Qateel, manufacturing bags in Kolkota, Yasin Bhatkal Stayed at his place in the year September 2009
Irshad @ Chacha- Father in law of Yasin Bhatkal, Gauhar Aziz Khomeini introduced him with Yasin Bhatkal who employed Yasin Bhatkal in his work shop at Saheen Bag and Meer Vihar. Arrested in Chennai in 2010, now in Jail.
Imtiaz-The subject stayed with him on the reference of Saeed in Goa.
Jahid Abidi-Age 34 years, Resident of Kamraulli Kamtaul Darbhanga and student of Anjooman Engineering College Bhatkal,He is married in Bhatkal.
Jasim Iqbal Sayyeedi- Resident of Bhatkal son of Iqbal Sayyeedi, age 34 years had a shop in Kuwait, he had deeply influence Yasin Bhatkal on Jehadi and Salafi School of thought in his early life. He was in touch with Yasin Bhatakl till 2008. Jasim had an Indian Passport and  probably he is in Kuwait.
Javid: He is the son of Mohd Ali.Now in jail.
Kamrul Hudda- Member of Tableeq-e-Jamaat who did videography of Yasin Bhatkal and Monu during their stay with Jamaat in Nepal.
Khaliq Ibrahim- Met Yasin in Dubai.A stronge supporter of IM.He did weapon training at Kupa farm house.

Majid @ Nazim-Age 25 years,Resident of Pune. Introduced by Riyaz Bhatkal in the year of 2007. Involved in Ahmadabad blast july, 2008 he helped him drafting, mails and prepared logo of IM.
Mansoor- Age 35 years, s/o village Harshad, Chapur Gali Road, Chandra Nigar Pur, Rohtad, Nepal. He is political leader of Communist Party of Nepal.  He was introduced to me by one Mahibulla who is friend of mine. I approached him for providing assistance in making of passport during the month of Feb/Mar 2013. He demanded a sum of Rs.65,000/- for the same. I paid him Rs.25,000/- initially.
Mariya- Younger Sister of Yasin Bhatkal born in the year 1993.After 2006 Yasin Bhatkal did not contact his family.
Mariyam @ Divya - Wife of Akbar Ali who was working as a teacher in a School at Udupi later on got married with Akbar Ali against the will of her parents.
Master Bashir @ Talha-Resident of Bangarmau Unnao,UP.Got trained in Pakistan,visited several times in Bhatkal and Instigated youths of Bhatkal for jehad,known for his Aggressive speeches in meetings and Darsh.At his Instance USABA was constituted in Bhatkal and Iqbal became Amir of this organisation. Now in jail
Maulvi Ashfaq Saifi-He is  based in Dharbhanga.He initially inspired Tahseen.
Maulvi Shabbir- He was arrested. He is from Bhatkal.Intially he had brought Master Bashir to Bhatkal.
Maulvi Shish – Age 36 years 1997-2002 to Dubai,partner in Itra and medicine shop.Initially he motivated Yasin.
Mazid- 12 years boy of a poor farmers family namely Saifuddin of Pratap Pur Paltoha, brought alongwith him for education and religious purpose (Jehadi ideology)
Md Ali- neighbour at Kuppa Farm. Who was arrested for providing shelter to Yasin Bhatkal and others.Now on bail.
Mobin Qadar- Resident of Pune sent mail after Ahmedabad blast, 2008 & Delhi blast, 2007. Last met him in the year 2008, now in Jail.
Mohibullah-  Imam of a mosque at Badahare Masjid near by Pokhra basically form Pratap pur Paltoha Rauhtat. Initially Yasin had suspected over his activities later on differences were resolved.
Mohsin Chaudhary-Resident of Pune.Now in Pakistan.Wanted in several cases.
Mohmmad Raees@Saeed-He provided shelter to the subject after his escape from Chennai in Goa.
Mr. Koirala- Landlord of one room rented accommodation taken by Riyaz Bhatkal at Lakeside, Kathmandu in the year February-March, 2012. He was alcoholic since they used to give money for alcohol.
Mustafa- Code name given to Yasin Bhatkal during his visit to Pakistan for training.
Naqi Mohammad- contact of Yasin  Bhatkal who introduced him with a property dealer in Byculla Mumbai for providing rented accommodation in Habib Building,Byculla Mumbai
Nasir Bhai- Brother’s in Las of Shabeer Salafi resident of Pune. Yasin Bhatkal employed him as a labour in his workshop in Bhatkal. Nasir Bhai was basically a fabricator and resident of Pune.
Peer Boy @Munnu Bhai-  age 34 years, resident of Pune and computer engineer sent mail after Gujarat blast for Mumbai.Now in Jail.
Qaiser @ Abdus Salam- Resident of Udupi.Stayed with Yasin at Sheenbagh.Recruited by IM for action.His original name is Alfaz.
Qayamuddin Kapadia-Resident of Bharuch involved in Ahmadabad Blast in the Year july 2008
Raju Bhai-Manufacture of gulel at the instance of Yasin Bhatkal. Resident of Arab Tabela in Mumbai.
Rehana- Mother of Yasin Bhatkal, Housewife.
Riyaz Bhatkal-Mentor of Yasin Bhatkal.
Riyaz555-Based in Dubai.Supporter of IM.
Sajid Salafi-Having same Jehadi ideology ,Resident of Bhatkal ,Student  of Nadawa UP,brought Master Bashir @ Talha to Bhatkal .He is in Oman now.l
Salim Ishaqi- Resident of Bhatkal,  Yasin Bhatkal’s childhood friend. Who instigated for Jehadi ideology and Salafi School of thought in his early life, last met in the year 2004-05. In the year 2010 he went to Pakistan.
Sameer A.K.-He is based in Uchila.He had done arms training with air gun in Dubai.He had come to Kuppa farm house for training.
Salman Sujjavi-Resident of Shafa park Jumera Dubaiwas a sponsor of Yasin Bhatkal in Dubai having to Sport shop and Skill centre (Education firm). Yasin Bhatkal worked with him during his staying in Dubai.
Shabbir Gangoli- Having same Jehadi ideology, Resident of Bhatkal ,Student  of Nadawa UP,brought Master Bashir @ Talha to Bhatkal .Now in Jail
Sultan Salfi-Student of Nadwa in UP Having Jehadi Ideology inverted Talha @ Master Basheer to Bhatkal. Yasin met him last in the year 2008 in Mangalore meeting.Now in Pakistan.
Tahsin Akhtar @ Monu @ Hasan-Age 24yearsstudent of  Anzooman engineering college Darbhanga,left studies and Joined Yasin Bhatkal,involved in Sheetla Ghat Varanasi 7th dec 2010,Hyderabad Blast feb 2013 stayed with Yasin at Ranchi,Beerganj,Kathmanduand Pokhra(Nepal).Derectly in touch with Riyaj Bhatkal, recently at the instance of  Riyaaj Bhatkal Handed over Mobile to chat with Yasin Bhatkal.
Tarique Anzoom-Age 34 years computer engineer from Bhatkal and worked as engineer in dubai also met Yasin Bhatkal there.In oct 2008 Yasin Bhatkal,riyaaj Bhatkal and Iqbaal Bhatkal Took shelter at his house in Shaheen Bagh New Delhi,Now in Jail
Tufail Zulfi-  Student of Anjooman Engineering College Bhatkal,Yasin Bhatkal stayed at his house at Muzzafarpur during their tour to Bihar in the year  janaury 2003.
Wablu-Cousin of Qateel staying at Pune,yasin and Riyaaz Bhatkal Stayed at his house during their tour to Mumbai
Waqas-Resident of Punjab, Pakistan sent by Riyaz Bhatkal to India. Involved in Jama Masjid attack Sept, 2010, Varanasi blast Dec, 2010 and Hyderabad blast Feb, 2013
White Uncle@Ismail Resident of Bhatkal age- 50 years Father-in- law of Sajid Salfi, active member of USABA. Having similar ideology of Jehad active participation in Darsh and other  Islamicmeetings in Bhatkal.
Yasin Latif Salafi -Resident of Sharur and brother of Abdul Latif Salafi andStudent of Anjooman Engineering College Bhatkal
Yasin- Name given to Ahmed sidibapa  by Riyaz Bhatkal. When he was in Udupi.
Younus Bhai – neighbor of Chiranjeev, met with Yasin Bhatkal @ Dr. Yousuf  for his treatment in January, 2013 and introduced to Chiranjeev for hiring rented accommodation in Pokhra. He was introduced to me by Bal Bahadur Thapa

Executive Summary:
Indian Mujjahdeedin is a banned terrorist organization.

[1]Abdul Samad, was arrested by the Mumbai ATS upon his arrival from Dubai on the suspicion of being part of the German Bakery blast in Pune. He was subsequently released by the Police. He holds an Indian passport and continues to stay in Bhatkal.
[2] Tablighi Jamaat came forth as an offshoot of the Deobandi movement. Its inception is believed to be a response to the deteriorating values and negligence of fundamental aspects of Islam, which were considered a threat to Muslims. It gradually expanded from local to national to an international movement and now has over 10 Million followers in over 200 countries. The organization's activities are coordinated through centers and headquarters called Markaz. Tablighi Jamaat maintains its international headquarters, called Nizamuddin Markaz, in the Nizamuddin West district of South Delhi, India, from where it originally started
[3]Jasim Iqbal Sayyeedi was one of key personalities who had deeply influenced the subject on jihad and salafi school of thought other than Mulana Shis. The subject was in touch with him till 2008.Jasim holds an Indian passport, and reportedly worked in Kuwait at Malaqtul Baqur Perfume Company, for sometime. Recently he had come to India.
[4] Now Salim is in Pakistan.He is married to one lady known as Ayesa who was earlier a hindu known as Radha.His marriage had created a lot of prolems in Bhatkal.Ayesa continues to stay in Bhatkal.
[5]This part of our house is on rent. As I know a travel agency by the name Zakti is located there. The owner of the travel agency is Riyaz Zakti Bhatkal. He does most of the ticketing for Bhatkal villagers going to Gulf countries.
[6]Maulana Shish in days to come pioneered the thought of radical global salafi jihad to in the minds of the subject. It is his influence which brought the subject close to Ahl-e-hadis .
[7]Abdul Sammad’s father is from Chennai and mother is from Mumbai. He had plans to marry in Bhatkal. I do not know his present whereabouts.

[8]Anjuman Engineering College played a very important role in the life of the subject. People in Bhatkal used to frequent the college to offer their namaz in the mosque. The college was a major activity point for the youths of Bhatkal as they get to associate with students from different parts of the country. The subject had knowledge of surreptitious activities of SIMI in the campus of the college, where one Touqeer used to participate in such actions. The principal of the college used to vehemently oppose radicalistion endeavor of SIMI and was very harsh on elements like Touqeer. The subject could use the College lab for learning casting, melting points of metal and related subjects.  
[9]Maal-e-ghanimat: literally means war booty. Spoils (Maal-e-Ghanimat) is considered Halaal under particular circumstances, but the skewed interpretation of this Islamic concept allows even the money earned through criminal and un-Islamic means to be used for the so called ‘Jihad’.
[10]Ref Sura Yusuf chapter 12 ver 14 of Quran. Usaba is a group of more than ten and less than forty. Iqbal termed this meeting as Usaba.
[11] He is reportedly in Pakistan along with his family since 2008. He is also known as “Mota Bhai”. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai.
[12]Nasir Bhai is brother-in-law of Shabbir. The present whereabouts of Nasir is not known.
[13]The subject was arrested in Mumbai by the ATS Maharashtra in the year 2002.
[14] Dawatul-Qaran is an organisation in Pakistan. The founder is one Ashrar Ahmed. It has supports of jammat-e-islami. Anwar Hussain (age 34-35) from Bhatkal used to be also present there.Razzak@Razzak555 (his father works with 555 cigarette company in Saudi)r/o Uchilla was also one of our associates motivated for jihad. One Samir K.M.r/o Uchilla, (son of a defeated MLA) who used to come to this place became friendly and financially assisted us. Abdul Rehman Bery is based in Dubai, originally from Udupi. I met him in Dubai. He provided financial assistance to me.
[15]Khalil Ibrahim r/o Nezar had undergone arms training under me at Kupa farm house. Ahmed Bawa is aware of it. Khalil Ibrahim left India towards end of 2009 along with him some new boys from Bhatkal left for Dubai. Iqbal played a very important role in this.
[16]Hidayat had a cycle repairing shop. Last I had met him was 2008.I had gone to his house before Batla house encounter. He had declined to come with us as he got suspicious about our activities.
[17] He is a Muslim shopkeeper. I can lead you to the shop.
[18]This property belongs to one Fakir Bhai, who was in Dubai and subsequently on his return he was arrested. We had invested Rs 5-6 lacs in this property. I had contacted Fakir Bhai after he was released from the jail.  Mohd Ali’s wife had given me the contact number of Fakir.
[19] Akbar used to be a driver in Hidayat’s place.He got motivated and joined us.Presently he is in jail.His wife Mariyam is a convert.She was teacher in a school and known as Dibya.In 2011 when the subject had gone to Mohd Ali’s place he also went to Mariyam’s place and given her some money. 
[20]I had added rupees 5000/- for the purchase of the vehicle. I do not know the current status of the vehicle.
[21]Both of them were arrested after the Batla House encounter and now in jail.
[22]All of them are different jails other than some of the absconding accused like Riyaz, Mohsin etc. 
[23]Azamgargh group which includes Bada Sajid,Chota Sajid ,Saif,Atif etc were present.
[24]Originally hails from Azamgargh, known auto lifter.Listed in Mumbai police records.I had never met Afzal, however I used to hear about him from Riyaz.

[25]Ahmed Bawa@Abu Bhai, age 38yrs,r/o Udapi.I met him in Dubai.I motivated him.He was subsequently arrested.
[26]Mohd Khalid@Kodi from Azamgarh did training with Salam in Pakistan and now reportedly he is in Pakistan with Sadab Beigh in Karachi.
[27] Sattar is in jail.His son-in-law got killed in Kashmir.T.Nasir had motivated him to go to Kashmir and get trained with LeT.
[28] He was working as engineer with some Nertherland based company in Gurgaon.
[29]He was from Darbhanga and working as a plumber.
[30] The number was with his wife which was taken by Riyaz.From the chat of the subject it is understood that the family of Mohsin Choudhary are making attempts to reach Pakistan via Nepal.Tashin, the younger brother of Mohsin was in contact with Riyaz.
[31]He was with Tabliqi jammat.
[32] Mohsin Choudhary relations exist in Rantanagri and the jamat had started from Rantanagri.The subject had also stayed in Belgam when he was involved in the perfume business.Riyaz Bhatkal is also believed to have stayed in Belgam.Before Pune blast attempt in the year 2012, Waqas and Asadullah had also stayed in Belgam.The hide out is yet not identified.
[33] He used to be  good errand for taking care of the local needs
[34] Al-hira library is known Maqtaba Markjul Islamia.It was started by Khalil,Shaqib. One Shakeel who used to frequently visit this library, subsequently got influenced by Tahsin@Monu. In fact Shakeel had informed Monu that Police had been searching for him.Gowhar was also an active member of the library.Iqbal had also met these people in the year 2009.
[35]As the subject understands they had crossed border from Jaynagar side.
[36]Gayur Jamali was also arrested with Qateel.
[37]He had given us shelter after Batla house encounter.Akbar Choudhary had also stayed in his house.  He was introduced to Riyaz by Nawusad.He was arrested as some boys of Pune had visited his place.He had been released from jail. Riyaz is in contact with him. He was a contractor in Manglore.He had work in Zakir Nayak’s institute.His son Javed was also arrested.I gave the money to his wife in July 2009 for household expenditure.My marriage proposal was under consideration with eldest daughter of Mohd Ali,which could not materialized. I obtained Fakir’s number from his wife.
[38]He is an accused in NIA case FIR 06/2012 pertaining to Indian Mujahideen.
[39]This house was subsequently raided by the Karnataka police.
[40]I am not able to place Ibrahim @ Amir. Asadullah had also met him in three to four occasions.  I had met him three times. They were (a) before Pune blast, (b) before Bengaluru blast and (c) before Mumbai blast. On the last occasion, I received some fake ID papers from him.
[41]He is an alim from Jamia-Salfia, Madina.(Age-45)He stays at Darabhanga.
[42] The subject has further revealed that Azmal had told him that he had contacts with Jais-e-mohmmed outfit in Pakistan.During his stay with the subject, Azmal used to regularily make telephone calls to Pakistan.
[43] Qaiser’s original name is Alafaz .He is cousin of Khali.Reportedly he is in Dubai.He along with Mohmmad Raees @ Saeed,Mobbeen,who all hail from the same village used to attend lectures of Molvi Sabir(since arrested).Yasin used to also meet them there.After escape from Chennai and UP, Yasin had come to Goa and stayed in the house of Mohmmad Raees@Saeed for two days.Before this Yasin had tried to motivate him to join him which he had declined. Saeed was identified during investigation.
[44] One of the resons for the land lady’s eviction notice could be the invitation to join jihad given by Azmal to his son.
[45] The subject did not have any plan to take him to Varanasi.It was a sheer concidence that the subject met him before peroceeding   to Varanasi.
[46] Sometime in the month of August-September 2009, the subject had gone to Jamia Salfia Darbhanga and stayed there with Gauyer Jamali.At this place he had met Naqvi for the first time.Naqui was friend of one Nazummuddin, who used study at the Jamia Salfia.Nazummuddin and Gauyer were not in good terms.The subject developed contacts with Naqui.The subject stated that he had also tried to motivate Nazummuddin for jihad.In the old phone book of the subject Nazummuddin number is saved as “Nazam”.
[47] They used this house for preparation of Mumbai attack.Subsequently Mumbai ATS raided this house.The name of the house owner was Tabrez and landlady was Rubeena.One Nadim who was a friend of Naqui used to stay nearby.He was also arrested alongwith Naqui in the 13/7 Mumbai blast case.
[48] Kafil is arrested and in jail.He had a cycle shop in Darbhanga.His son was studying in Mumbai.Monu had stayed in his place. 
[49] Waqas and Tabrez continued to stay in Mumbai and I went to their rented accommodation located at Byculla, Mumbai and stayed there for sometime in the month of Oct, 2011 .
[50] Before this the subject had gone and met Saeed, who had a shoe shop at Panjim Bus stand.Also he had stayed in his house for a couple of days.Saeed hails from Hoode and the subject had met him with Molvi Sabir(since arrested).They had also met in Dubai in the year 2006.Saeed identified another associates of the subject  i.e.Alfaz who was known as Qaiser to the subject.The house where the subject had stayed with Waqas and Asadullah in Goa was identified.The house owner was Mr Chari.From the house the motor cycle of Asadullah,Suplfuric and Nitric acids,and few documents were recovered.The father of the subject had built a mosque known as Majsidi Shafai at Binna Beach at Vasoco.He is regular visitor to this place.
[51] Black beauty had figured in my Chat.He is from SIMI.I had met him in Darbhanga.He used to never carry any mobile phone.One boy form Sidoli village whose house is very close to the mosque in Sidoli had brought Blackbeauty to our place.He can tell more about Blackbeauty. 
[52] Hyderabad blast was dicussed by Riyaz with the subject before the blast.In pursuance of the conspiracy of Hyderabad blast Riyaz had revealed the subject, roles of Tasheen@Monu,Waqas and Asadullah@Daniel.The subject had wished him luck.As per the practice,they stopped chatting for few days after the blast.Since photographs were published of the suspects in the blast,Riyaz chose to send Asadullah to Nepal.This was done with the consent of the subject.The subject thus remained a co-conspiratator in the said blast as (a)Raised the module for blast in India in the name global salafi jihad (b)Trained the planters in the bomb making(c)involved in the conspiracy as had threadbear discussion with Riyaz(the other co-conspirator) about the prepreation of the blast and(d) arranged safe stay of co-accused Asadullah in his hide-out in Nepal.  
[53] Abdul Wahid@Khan s/o Waldo Apa Bhaw,Alray, Dera, Dubai.  He has an Indian passport.He is the son-in-law of Riyaz.He has been the main hawala operator in Dubai for IM.His address in Bhatkal is ;Maqdoom Colony,Behind Jama Majid,Bhatkal.

 [n1]Touqeer visited college.sajid bihari was present.tariq’s room was used.2005 we had met in banglore.SaMir’s house in banglore who hails from dabangiri.
 [n2]Gokul chat ,hyderaad.
 [n3]Hyderabad last and related topics.
 [n4]Correct amount?
 [n5]Qateel was in touch with Iqbal.Qateel was in Kolkata.He received me.
 [n7]where in Nasik?
 [n8]Shaqib’s account money had come.Gowhar’s brother was Shaqib.anking channelss9
 [n9]If any details?
 [n10]Liberary.Civil Engineering.(ist year)We met at darbahnga.Mirza Danish beigh.?enginnering.hyderabad.
 [n11]It took three to four months to influence him.books arriqul maktun,life of prophet shield nector,maluna safiul cafe.
 [n12]Chandi chowk,2010
 [n13]Shastri park house
 [n15]Khali@ibrahim,hude works al-kuber,damn,north,riyad and madina,Saudi Arabia.Udupi,neazar,tounshehudi,ahmed knows,left was sent by him.Funding role was there.2008 I had met.sadiq,was his brother.

Training was imparted;Rezaq 555(sauidi) and SaMir;Udupi,kapu,uchila

SaMir,uchilla son of a politician 907 room
 [n16]Nor masjid
 [n17]mode of communication
 [n18]a new house was taken on rent.i can take you that place.1500.
 [n19]how did you do it?
 [n20]Identification of shop.helmet purchase
 [n22]where did you prepare this key?
 [n24]bada bazaar,bleeching.nov.2010.dhillion travel.fruitmandi.muzafarpur.dillion travel.
 [n27]role of tara babu
 [n28]did naqui know about it?
 [n30]why was he arrested?
 [n31]More details
 [n32]When stolen and details
 [n33]Introduction of Kamal and subsequent arrest
 [n34]More details
 [n35]More details
 [n37]details ;for identification and investigation
 [n38]description of the area
 [n39]where do the knowledge come from?
 [n41]important issues to be covered?

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