Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Charas-tainted police officer ratted on meow meow cop

Mateen Hafeez


A suspended police inspector who had been caught for possession of charas was the one to provide information on the possession of mephedrone by constable Dharma Kalokhe of the Marine Drive police station. The officer also gave information on Kalokhe's lover Baby Patankar, who is a drug dealer, to the police.
Investigators suspect that the informant inspector himself had been caught because of a tip-off by Patankar and so, wanted to settle scores. The police had seized 12 kg of mephedrone worth Rs 2.4 crore from Kalokhe's almirah at the Marine Drive police station.

“While going through the call data records of Baby, the police found a number that emerged in the CDR frequently and when the officers inquired about the number it turned out to be of a suspended inspector's,“ an officer said. “When he was summoned for inquiry , he admitted that he had befriended Baby and would also take her for Vipassana programmes.“
Investigators found that Kalokhe would act as a liaison person for Patankar during her deals, said officers.

The Satara police had arrested Kalokhe on March 9, from his hometown in that district and recovered 110 kg of the banned narcotic from his home. He was later handed over to the city police.
Kalokhe told his interrogators that he had known Patankar since 1996, and in the recent past had helped her get drugs.

The Times of India, April 7, 2015

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