Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PAK FISHERMEN HELD WITH HEROIN - `Accused had spoken to people in Pak 6 times'

Mateen Hafeez

Mumbai: The Yellow Gate police, probing the seizure of 232 kg heroin worth Rs 6.93 crore from a Pakistani boat, said the occupants had spoken to some people on Pakistani numbers over half a dozen times. The eight crew members were caught by the navy and coast guard for smuggling heroin.

 All the accused are in the custody of the Yellow Gate police. “They were to deliver the consignment to another boat in the sea and were heading towards Mumbai. However, the boat which was supposed to receive the consignment didn't come, since this boat was intercepted much earlier,“ said a source in the security establishment. The cops refused to divulge more details about the receivers. “We are probing it,“ said the cops.

The coast guard and navy had intercepted the Pakistani boat ferrying a huge quantity of heroin on April 20.
The heroin packets were hidden in plastic cans. Besides heroin, three satellite phones and global positioning systems were also recovered. The apprehended boat was brought to Porbandar on Tuesday .

“The cops are trying to establish the source of a seized Thurya phone used in the conversation of the fishermen with the suspected owners of the heroin. The fishermen have told us they were paid Rs 10,000 to deliver the consignment.They were promised Rs 10,000 more once it was delivered,“ said a police officer.

 The Times of India, April 29, 2015

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