Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Police arrest 3 for duping chalk board firm of Rs 1.5cr

  Mumbai: The MRA Marg police recently arrested three persons, who had duped a private green chalk board manufacturing firm of Rs 1.5 crore.The accused posed as government officials from the department of education in Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh, took delivery of the chalk boards and vanished.

 Police identified the accused as Adesh Tiwari (38), Indraket Singh (45) and Virendra Kushuwah (28). The complainant firm, Ms Milan Sales Corporation, told police the fake government orders had come to them through their employee, Adesh Tiwari. “Tiwari used to work with the complainant. He said he knew government officials, who would place an order for green chalk boards. Later, the two other accused, posing as government officials approached the firm and finalized the deal. During the deal, Tiwari acted as the negotiator and did not give much chance to the complainant to crosscheck facts,“ said sub-inspector Sharad Dhole.

Tiwari further took several lakhs from his employers, saying he will have to give it to the government officials for a fast bill clearance. The boards were delivered to Bihar but despite several reminders, the Mumbai firm did not get its money . When the complainant approached the department for getting his bills cleared, he was told departments did not place any orders. The firm then approached police.“It was Tiwari who had masterminded the entire case.The boards were hidden in Bihar, Indore and Tamil Nadu.We first detained Tiwari and during interrogation, he spilled the beans,“ said the officer.- 

Mateen Hafeez


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