Friday, April 3, 2015

Solar power delivers hot water to prisoners


Authorities at the Byculla women's prison have tied up with a solar power firm to provide hot water baths for ill prisoners.
“Earlier, if doctors would advice warm water for certain prisoners, the jail kitchen would be used to heat water.Now, a private firm has installed a solar electricity system, with which a water tank is heated,“ said a jail officer.Inspector general of prisons (south region) Bipin Kumar Singh made it clear that the facility is only for “prisoners who are patients“.

Around 190 women are lodged in the prison. Some are pregnant and many have children aged below six years. Expecting women and children often require hot water. An official said the facility has been extended to children as well.

The facility follows the in stallation of CCTV cameras and jammers to make prisons safer.
No long ago, 97 CCTV cam eras were installed at Arthur Road Jail. Before this, the only time CCTV coverage was provided in a jail in recent memory was in the case of executed 2611 convict Ajmal Kasab. Also, 72 cameras have been installed in Taloja jail.

The CCTV initiative is part of an overall `e-prison' concept. This includes the provision of over 200 laptops and desktops, and 100 display screens to various courts, the home department and jails, to enable court hearings and trials through video conferencing.

“The video conferencing facility is already sparing us the burden of prisoners' escorts,“ said Singh.

The Times of India, April 3, 2015

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