Friday, May 15, 2015

E-fraudster's ac frozen in a day after CM aide loses Rs 64K

Investigators Show Alacrity In VIP Case 


 Mumbai: Perhaps it helps to be the chief minister's personal secretary if you are the victim of a cyber fraud.Mumbai police, in a rare display of alacrity , traced a bank where Rs 64,000 siphoned off from Maharashtra CM's personal secretary Vivek Bhimanwar's account was transferred. Within a day, the police managed to get the account in Kolkata bank frozen.

Bhimanwar, who stays in Worli, complained to the police about a cyber fraud. He told the Worli police that some unidentified caller had taken his bank account details from him and one-time password (OTP) and used it to transfer Rs 64,000 from his ICICI bank account to another account.
A police officer said, “Soon after beginning the probe, we found the money had been transferred to an account in Axis bank in Kolkata or Bihar. A police officer with the copies of the FIR met the nodal office of Axis Bank in Mumbai and requested them to freeze the account of the accused person. It was done within hours.“ A police team is preparing to leave for Kolkata to trace the accused. While speaking over the phone on the night of May 12, the accused told Bhimanwar that they were confirming information of all customers and updating the Know Your Customer (KYC) data.For this, the accused sought the bank account details of Bhimanwar and even asked him to share his one-time password. Bhimanwar was initially reluctant to share his bank account details but the accused allegedly threatened to close the account.“We have begun the process to get the call data record (CDR) of the suspected mobile number from where Bhimanwar received the call to find out if its location was in Mumbai on that day. The number belongs to some other state but it's also possible that the accused was in Mumbai at that time. We are waiting for some reports before taking the next step,“ the officer said.

Unaware of the suspected fraud, Bhimanwar shared his password with the caller.Later, he received a message on his cellphone, stating that Rs 64,000 had been debited to his bank account.

“This was the time when he realized that someone had cheated him. Bhimanwar approached the police. The cops immediately registered an FIR under sections of the Information Technology Act and are probing the case. No arrest has been made yet,“ said the officer.
Banks often appeal to customers not to share their bank account details with unidentified callers.


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