Tuesday, May 12, 2015

POLICE ON ARRESTED PAK FISHERMEN - `8 on heroin boat not smugglers'

Mateen Hafeez I TNN


The Yellow Gate police station, where the seizure of 232 kg of heroine worth Rs 600 crore in the international market from a Pakistani boat was investigated, has said that the eight occupants of the boat were not smugglers.
“They were not smugglers but fishermen who didn't know about the contents of the containers in which the heroin was hidden,“ a police officer said on Monday . The finding may weaken the police case against the eight Pakistanis, who have been slapped with various sections of the IPC, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and maritime laws and are lodged in Arthur Road Jail.
“The accused are fishermen,“ the police officer said.“They were paid Rs 10,000 each for delivering small containers to another boat in the Arabian Sea. They never opened the containers and didn't even know the names of the people who were to take delivery .“

A security establishment insider said the boat which was supposed to receive the con signment, Al-Yasir, did not turn up after the fishermen's boat was intercepted. The coast guard and the navy had intercepted the Pakistani boat on April 20. The heroin packets were hidden in plastic cans. Three satellite phones and GPS were also found. The latest communication system was used to facilitate transshipment of the contraband to another boat, said coast guard sources. The apprehended boat was brought to Porbandar.

“A fisherman, Shaukat Ali, had given them the consign ment,“ the officer said. “ Ali is in-charge of two fishing boats in Pakistan. The eight fishermen left the Ibrahim Hyderi port near Karachi with 11 containers, all with heroin. Ali had given three satellite phones to the eight fishermen. Ali had made several calls to them and told them they would receive a call from the other party and some people will come on the boat to take the delivery.“
The arrested are Alibakhsh Allahbakhsh (30), G Siddique (40), Bakhsh Natho (40), Gulshan Maulabakhsh (30), Yunus Sutar (35), Mohmmad Yusuf (40), Mohmmad Ahmed (28), Maqsood Akhtar.


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