Sunday, August 7, 2016

Kuwaiti held for aiding Kalyan youths

Kuwait Cops Arrest Man Who Wired $1000 In 2014 

Mumbai: A Kuwaiti national who provided finan cial aid to four Kaly an youths to reach Syria and join ISIS in 2014, was arrested earlier this week. Kuwait police arrested Abdullah Hadi Al-Enezi (32), on charges of financing the proscribed terror outfit and providing $1,000 to four Indians who ran out of money in Baghdad to travel to Syria. Enezi is the first foreigner arrested abroad on information provided by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which had sent a Mutual Legal Assistance request to Kuwait with details of the money transfer. The money was provided to the first batch of Indian youths who joined the IS in May-June 2014. The youths, Areeb Majeed, Fahad Shaikh, Aman Tandel and Shaheem Tanki, all residents of Kalyan, had left India under the pretext of going for a pilgrimage to Iraq.
Majeed briefly fought for IS before returning to India in November 2014, while the rest of his associates are still in Syria.There were unconfirmed reports that Tanki died in an attacks on an IS camp last year.
Majeed, who was arrested on returning to Mumbai, told the NIA that in Baghdad they bought five Iraqi SIM cards.“Tanki told us he knew Abdul Rehman Daulati, an Afghan national, who had assured him help on reaching Baghdad. Tanki called up Daulati and informed him that we had reached Baghdad. Daulati said he was trying to arrange for a person who could help us go to Syria.Tanki gave him my mobile number,“ Majeed told cops.
who also asked them to wait.“On May 27, 2014, when I contacted Daulati, he gave us the mobile number of a person who he said was a Kuwaiti national and told us to contact him. I then messaged the Kuwaiti via Whatsapp and asked if Daulati had told him about money , to which he replied in the affirma tive. He informed us he will send it through Western Union Money Transfer and we could collect it next day. We contacted Enezi next day and he sent me the money transfer code via Whatsapp. Using my passport as ID and the transfer code, we got $1,000. We paid $500 to the hotel to extend our stay by a week,“ said Majeed. The rest of the money was used to travel to Syria via Mosul.
After his arrest in Kuwait early this week, Enezi admitted he sent money to the Kalyan youths in Baghdad, said media reports. He also admitted to financing several other terror recruits after his return from Pakistan in 2013. Kuwait shared the information on Enezi with In dia after Indian agencies provided them information on Majeed and the others. Letter rogatories (requests from courts in one country to those in another) to probe Majeed's social networking sites, bank transactions, emails and phone networks were sent to many countries including the US, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Turkey and China.

 The Times of India, August 7, 2016

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