Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bomb chat: 6 Kerala youths released

Mateen Hafeez

Mumbai: Six Kerala youths, who were questioned by three government agencies over the last two days after a commuter in local train heard them talking about `bomb', were given clean chit and released on Tuesday.The youths, including a minor, got down at Panvel and took atrain for CST on Monday . While in the train, a co-passenger heard them using the word `bomb' repeatedly over the phone and alerted the police.
Niket Kaushik, police commissioner (Railways), said, “The ATS, RPF and GRP questioned them and nothing adverse was found. They were released."

“Due to network problem the person on the other side was unable to hear so they were repeating the word bomb (for Bombay). We checked their mobile phones and other belongings and found that they were telling the truth,“ said an officer. The complainant passenger had also told police that the youths were chatting through WhatsApp on anumber with country code +97.Later, it transpired that fathers of three youths work in the middle east and the message was for one of them.

The Times of India, May 25, 2017

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