Wednesday, May 10, 2017

`Tawde', three aides booked for cheating

Mateen Hafeez


Mumbai:  Four men--one of them impersonating education minister Vinod Tawde--have been booked for allegedly cheating a Mankhurd homemaker and another victim of a total Rs 3.72 lakh. The Kalachowkie police are looking for Chinchpokli resident Abhijit Surve, his aides Satyavan and Baljit Singh and an unidentified accused. “Surve's phone is switched off, we are trying to retrieve his call data records,“ said senior inspector Dilip Ugale.

 “In her complaint, Rashi Rane (36) said she came in contact with Surve on Facebook. During a chat, she asked Surve's help to earn some money ,“ said a police officer. Surve told her that he would buy cellphones and SIM cards in her name that would be used by his employees to make calls to his clients and in return she would get 5-10% commission. “Surve used her ID proof and money to buy two phones,“ said the officer. “Surve would make excuses whenever she called to ask about the commission.On one occasion, Surve claimed he was with minister Tawde who spoke to Rane and assured her that she will get her commission.“ After waiting for four months, Rane approached the police.

The Times of India, May 10, 2017

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